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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly…

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

Not only an epic film in which Clint Eastwood smokes every man who reaches for a sidearm, but a great title to describe a tight spiral thrown by journeyman, a way to recognize a stingy Defense, and ultimately the way to make fun of a guy who’s only responsibility is to kick a ball made of pigskin through an oversized bracket on the field. I would like nothing more than to write a column that made fun of all kickers, but I see a few tremendous opportunities. So I almost recognize kickers as real players. Lets get started…

The Good:


1. Drew Brees– This guy is good. San Diego may not regret having Phillip Rivers, but they regret thinking this guy was done. With limited talent at receiver Brees was able to explode on the scene in The Big Easy.  I would expect 22-26 td’s this year and 3800 yards. He has good patience, and will stand in, even when he knows he will get creamed. He is extremely accurate, and makes good decisions. He is a poor mans Peyton Manning.

2. David Garrard– Everyone laughed when I picked up the ECU product. Now look at him, leading the Jags into battle every week. No more Byron Sandwich, Garrard has good speed and he can shake you. He can throw a finese pass on the run or drill it into your chest. He has a cannon and it isn’t a loose one. He manages the game very well. His run first system opens up the deep ball. The team acquired former Raider Jerry Porter, and former Viking Troy Williamson to bolster a week receiving corp. I think Garrard throws 19 td’s this season and only 5 picks. His yardage wont be spectacular but he will be in the 2800 to 3000 yard range. Garrard will score an additional 2 td’s on the ground. He is a great value pick.


1. Minnesota D– Grab them as the first Defensive pick. They will be awesome with the addition of Jared Allen. They are turnover and scoring specialists. You will have close to the league lead of sacks as well. They are a must have because they face newbee Aaron Rodgers, John Kitna, and Kyle Orton twice each. Expect lots of turnovers in those six games alone.

2. San Diego D- They are stingy. I credit the San Diego D for showing the NY football Giants how to rattle Tom Brady. In two games against the most prolific offense in football last season, they had 4 interceptions, and held the Pats 7 points below their season average. Also Cromartie gives you an opportunity to score six on any interception.


1. Mason Crosby– Packers rookie who had 141pts in his first year will have more attempts at FG’s since Rodgers will be in a learning scenario. Expect tight reigns on Rodgers, and lots of carries for backs. Field Goals will be plentiful in GB.

2. Rob Bironas– Fisher always takes the points. Bironas has a great accuracy rate at .897. He benefits from the run first mentality in the redzone this year. I expect 130+ points again.

The Bad:


1. Travaris Jackson– Is he even an NFL caliber QB? What makes anyone think he will improve with time? He is plain awful. I said it. Do yourself a favor Vikes… Trade one of those Defense ends for a QB. Better yet call up Culpepper and have him work out. Culpepper isn’t the long term solution but how long before teams start stacking 8 in the box against Peterson? The answer is from day 1.

Culpepper would be an upgrade. Here’s another idea… Get a cagey veteran and by seasons end get John David Booty on the field.

2. John Kitna– Don’t fool yourself. This guy is plain awful. With the Martz system long gone, so are the Td’s. You are left with picks. Pray Kevin Smith is every thing that coaches think he is. He will take pressure off of the lackluster Kitna. Yeah he can have one good game every now and then. The sun shines on a dog’s ass one day a season. I used to think Roy Williams was the best as a rookie because he made all these acrobatic catches. The more I watch Kitna, I realize Roy had to make that kind of grab because of an airmailed pass. How do you think Calvin Johnson hurt his back? Going up for one of Kitna’s lousy passes and getting lit up by a defender. I see Scott Mitchell every time I see Kitna throw. He will continue on pace. 17 Td’s 24Ints. Stay away.


1. Detroit D– Last in points and yards allowed in 2007. They showed some signs of life in two games when S. Rogers decided to bring it. Expect the same 350+ yards given up and 25 points a game. They aren’t good.


1. Olindo Mare– posted a .588 last year making 10 of 17 FG. Now in Seattle expect him to be shown the door if he repeats what he did in the big easy last season. Last season’s 64 points was a joke.

The Ugly:


1. Kyle Orton– How is this guy an NFL QB? What a Joke. He can’t make any of the throws. Bears fans are used to Mediocrity, but come on. The last Bears QB who was worth a crap was Jim Mcmahon. Let’s recap the last 15 years. Peter Tom Willis, Will Furrer, Rick Mirer, Steve Stenstrom, Moses Moreno, The Shane Matthews Band, Cade McFrown, Jim Miller, Crystal Chandelier, Happy Hank Burris, Slash (not the guitarist), Jonathon Quinn medicine woman, Craig Krenzel, Chad Hutchinson, Rex Grossman with his 67.1 passer rating, and Brian “I’m not Bob” Griese. Griese is better but not by much. This team can’t draft a good QB to save their lives. Add Caleb Hanie, and Nick Hill to the list this year. Who? Exactly my point!


1. Hotlanta D– Should change it’s name to Mylanta. My stomach churns when I think of the poor Defense they played last year. In addition to letting Deangelo Hall go, they really only addressed offense with their first two picks. Puzzling why you’d take a QB with a team that was in the bottom 4 in sacks, points, yards, and Td’s. Defense wins Championships, but MyLanta is so anxious to forget about Vick and get a new franchise face that they compromised their values.


1. Sebastian Janikowski– The guy that wasn’t aware that Ectasy was on the banned substance list. SeaBass is back again for another subpar season. He hasn’t broken 100 points since 2004. Despite making 6 from 50 plus, the polish porkchop is a poor option at very best. He may be off searching for the party. I’m not sure even with an improved offense that he will break 100 points again.


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