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The Great Debate

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Tony Romo? That is the question. The difference between them is not only experience, but playoff situations. Brady, who is a 3 time Super Bowl winner and Manning, who led his team to promise land in 2007, but what about Romo, who has YET to win a playoff game. 

Tony Romo the guy some called, the next Brett Favre, is a patient and well maintained quarterback under pressure. Last season he reached new heights and threw for over 4,000 yards in is first whole season as a starter. This year the Cowboys will rely on his awareness and now, his experience. Would you consider drafting Romo as the first overall QB for your fantasy team? I think the answer should be determined on what he accomplished last year. 

Another quarterback who will need to answer questions of, what happen last year? And what can you do without Marvin Harrison, assuming he will be suspended. I couldn’t sit here and tell you that I wouldn’t take a “risk” on Peyton Manning, if that is your definition of a risk. If Manning dropped to my team I would draft him as quick as I would draft Brady. Peyton is ready to dominate the talk of greatness and by the end of his career this man from Louisiana will own every quarterback record in the NFL. But the questions still linger around the Colts offense. Will Manning have more than one deep threat? Will the Colts be able to use Anthony Gonzales as they did with Reggie Wayne? So my reflection to you will be Manning or Brady?

Tom Brady, the one they call Darth Brady (reference to his black glove on his throwing hand, Star Wars fans). Could you image Brady NOT having a good season, I can’t. With the Patriots loss and the attention on Spygate, who is even talking good season/bad season for Tom Brady? Everybody knows that he will come out and perform at a level only known to the likes of Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, and Troy Aikman. But what if Brady goes down due to injury? The thought has to play in back of your mind, isn’t he owed for a BIG injury? 

So in conclusion on the Great Debate, if I was a gambling man, and I am, I would probably draft Peyton Manning and here are my reasons. First, he had a marginal 2007-2008 season, watch for him to rebound; this was his first season without his right hand man catching balls. Second, his brother has an updated Super Bowl ring, oh yea you know how sibling rivalry fuels the greater sportsman. And finally, which situation would you rather have? Down 6 points, 1:05 remaining on the clock, Manning has the ball, or Romo holding a snap? 

Draft Wisely!!

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