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The Hive – 2007 Mock Draft2

Well, now that the combine is over it seems like a good time to do a mock draft. Here ya go, enjoy!

1 Oakland Raiders – Calvin Johnson WR – I think my boys stay put here and take the best player in this draft. Al Davis has enough bad press right now, he doesnt want to be known as the guy who passed on Jerry Rice II for a chubby QB with a big arm. Plus rumor has it Kiffin would rather go with Walter or a veteran this year and if Walter doesnt work out they will look at what should be a superior QB class in 2008. There might not be another WR prospect like Calvin EVER.

2 Arizona Cardinals (from Detroit) – Joe Thomas OT – I think this is the one trade that makes complete sense, the Cards covet Thomas more than any other team in the top 10 and the Lions can still get one of their targets at 5 without question. Thomas will immediately be Matt Leinart’s best friend.

3 Cleveland Browns – Adrian Peterson RB – Jamal Lewis is a fat felon who smokes menthol cigarettes like they are going out of style. No way in hades should the Browns pass on the only back who compares favorably to Bo Jackson that we have seen in the last 10 years because they signed a fat guy to a 1 year deal.

4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Alan Branch DT -Gruden has love for Brady Quinn, but I think logic wins out and they try to replace Booger McFarland with this pick. Branch is a Marcus Stroud clone who might have the biggest immediate impact of any top 5 pick.

5 Detroit Lions (from Arizona) – Gaines Adams DE – Marinelli gets his man. Adams will be his Simeon Rice, and is the last piece to what should be a dominant DL.

6 Washington Redskins – Jamal Anderson DE – This kid could become the next Julius Peppers, or he could go the route of current Redskin and former 49’er bust Andre Carter. Time will tell, but I am betting on the former. Anderson is a physical freak who hasnt reached his full potential yet, which is scary.

7 Minnesota Vikings – Jamarcus Russell QB – I dont think the organization is sold enough on Tavaris Jackson to pass up on Russell this late in the 1st. I wouldnt be.

8 Houston Texans – Brady Quinn QB – Yahtzee! The Texans win bigtime here, Quinn might be the better QB than Russell and he definitely has the more impressive work ethic. Kubiak will be dancing a jig if this kid falls to him here.

9 Miami Dolphins – Amobi Okoye DT/DE – The Fins have to take this kid. He is 19 and already one of the most versatile DL’s in this draft. This kid has freakish skills and the sky is the limit for him. To top it off he is smart enough to get into Harvard (who he turned down to go play for Bobby Petrino at Louisville). A rare prospect indeed.

10 Atlanta Falcons – Laron Landry S – Lawyer Milloy. `Nuff said.

11 San Francisco 49ers – Adam Carriker DE – This kid is the perfect fit as a 3-4 end. He is a hard worker and will immediately endear himself to Mike Nolan and the Niners faithful.

12 Buffalo Bills – Marshawn Lynch RB – This is a no brainer after trading McGahee. Lynch compares favorably coming out of Cal with Ladanian Tomilinson coming out of TCU. I’m not saying he will be LT, but he is a hell of a prospect, and the Bills have a brand new offensive line for him to run behind.

13 St. Louis Rams- Leon Hall CB – If the Niners hadnt just paid a stupid amount of money for Clements i wouldnt think that Hall would even be on the board at this point, so the Rams will be stoked to see Hall here. He is the best corner in the draft, and an absolute steal at 13. Hall will combine with 2006 1st round pick Tye Hill to (hopefully) give the Rams the best corner duo in the NFC West.

14 Carolina Panthers- Patrick Willis LB – another no-brainer pick, the Panthers must take Willis here. Ridiculously athletic with fantastic instincts, Willis and Thomas Davis will be the heart of the Panther’s LB corp for many many moons.

15 Chicago Bears (from Pittsburgh) Lawrence Timmons OLB – As Hussy 1st pointed out, teams rarely stockpile end of the 1st/beginning of the 2nd round picks without the intention to move up. I think the Bears will be more concerned with team chemistry than losing Lance Briggs, so he will be shipped off and the Bears trade up to get the massively athletic Timmons, who in my opinion is a better prospect coming out than fellow FSU alum Ernie Sims was last season. He’s probably better than Briggs too, and with that DL in front of him and Urlacher next to him, look out.

16 Green Bay Packers – Ted Ginn WR – Might as well give Favre a target that can do something after the catch. They certainly dont have anyone else on the roster who is as explosive as Ginn, and his kick returning abilities will help out as well. Not a great value here, but with no RB worth taking this high available i think they go this route.

17 Jacksonville Jaguars – Darrelle Revis CB – When you play the Colts twice a year, you can always use secondary help. The Jaguars dont have anyone special opposite Rashean Mathis, and Revis is a nice pickup here.

18 Cincinnati Bengals – Reggie Nelson S – Bounced back from a sub-par combine with a nice pro day, which should keep him in the top 20. The Bengals are talking about moving Madieu Williams to CB, and Kevin Kaswhateverhisnameis is a free agent. Reggie has been called a poor man’s Ed Reed, he might as well get to face him twice a season.

19 Tennessee Titans- Dwayne Bowe WR- Shouldnt even be on the board at this point talent wise, but he will be and I cant see the Titans passing on this kid. If Bowe is gone I think Norm Chow’s boy Dwayne Jarrett will be the pick, but as is I see the T.O.-like Bowe falling right into their laps. Vince Young (and his fantasy owners) rejoices mightily.

20 New York Giants – Daymeion Hughes CB – I dont think he is the best corner on the board here, but the Giants apparently really like this kid. I’d take Marcus McCauley if it were me, but its not me.

Very Happy

21 Denver Broncos – Demarcus Tyler DT – The NC State defensive line factory has put out another good one, and just in time for the Donkeys to revitalize an aging line. This kid can play circles around all of Denver’s former Browns DL’s combined and is a solid value here.

22 Dallas Cowboys – Justin Blalock G – This beast of a guard put up 225 pounds a ridiculous 42 times at the combine, and is just the type of mean, nasty road grader that the Cowboys need.

23 Kansas City Chiefs – Levi Brown T – Probably the biggest free fall we will see on draft day, Brown at one time was projected to be a top 10 pick. But his percieved lack of passion and the ridiculous OL depth in this draft will cause all the teams above KC to pass on Brown, who I think is getting a bad rap unfairly. He is explosive, and still has room to improve. I think the Cheifs have to go offensive line here whether Brown is on the board or not, but this is a really nice fit.

24 New England Patriots (from Seattle) – Dwayne Jarrett WR – Wes Welker and Randy Moss be damned, Jarrett is a winner and a fantastic red zone threat, and while Meachem is faster I dont think 40 times are as big of a deal to the Pats as the rest of the package.

25 New York Jets – Jarvis Moss DE – The Jets will look to replace John Abraham here. I dont think Moss is quite on that level, but he is very talented and might be able to play standing up when the Jets run 3-4 packages.

26 Philadelphia Eagles Robert Meachem WR – Donovan McNabb will be a very happy man if Meachem falls to this spot, and I think it is very possible. If Meachem makes it past the Chiefs I think this will play out, which would be great for Philly.

27 New Orleans Saints- Paul Posluszny LB – Will bring energy and leadership to the Saints, in addition to much needed help on the field. The Saints LB’s were a joke last season, so adding Puz and recent FA acquisition Brian Simmons has to help things out.

28 New England Patriots- Marcus McCauley CB – the Fresno State to New England pipeline continues, McCauley really is a perfect fit here. The Pats need a bigger corner to play opposite Samuel, and McCauley is not only big, but he runs a sub 4.4 40. Will be one of the steals of the 1st round when it is all said and done, like most New England draft picks.

29 Baltimore Ravens – Tony Ugoh T – Either Ugoh or Joe Staley has to be the pick here in my mind, especially after losing both Pashos and Mulitalo. Ugoh is more suited to play RT, so hopefully Ogden decides to play for another year or two.

30 San Diego Chargers – Sidney Rice WR – People’s opinions of this kid are all over the board, but I think he would be a good value here. Rice would be a nice compliment to the taller, slower WR’s that they already have on the roster.

31 Pittsburgh Steelers (from Chicago)- Ryan Kalil C – Jeff Hartings is gone, and the Steelers need a center more than anyone else does right now. 15 was far too high for Kalil, so the trade down makes sense in my opinion. Kalil is a future pro bowler, and is better in my mind than last years’ top center prospect, Nick Mangold. Kalil is a beast and will be Big Ben’s new pal.

32 Indianapolis Colts – Aaron Ross CB – With Nick Harper on the way out I think Ross makes sense here. They could go OLB to replace Cato June, but they should be able to nab say Quincy Black or Justin Durant later in the draft, and the CB pool gets very, very thin after Ross.

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