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The Hive (IDP) – Week 2

As always players will be broken up into studs, solid starts, gut checks and the stay away list.

Buffalo @ Miami Sunday 10am PST


Studs- London Fletcher – will have a great day

Aaron Schobel – Daunte should eat turf at least once on Sunday

Solid starts- Angelo Crowell – with Spikes hurting Crowell should pick up the slack

Nate Clements/Terrance McGee – Both are great options in CB required leagues, if Ike Taylor could catch Daunte would have had at least 4 picks last week

Gut Check – Donte Whitner/Ko Simpson – the Bills coaches certainly know the meaning of “gut check”, as they are starting not one, but two rookie safeties. But these two are no ordinary rookies. Whitner is expected to be the ball hawk, Simpson is expected to hit, hit, and hit some more. Both could go nuts or put up 2 tackles. Thats why we call them gut checks baby! I like Simpson a little more this week, as i think he will get to lay some wood on Brown and McMichael.

Stay away – Takeo Spikes – out with a hammy

Troy Vincent – props to Mr Vincent on a long and excellent career. It may be over as he was just put on season ending I.R.



Studs -Zach Thomas – will be all over McGahee

Jason Taylor – if you own him tell me your eyes didnt light up when you saw Losman eat it for that safety last week. Run Losman, run!

Solid starts – Channing Crowder – I think he comes back from last week’s subpar performance

Gut check – Reynaldo Hill – Losman is due for a pick, who gets it?

Stay away -Kevin Carter – needs to provide production for a few weeks before he gets serious consideration

Jason Allen – I know some of you IDP dynasty owners are waiting to bust this kid out. Keep waiting, his time will come


Carolina @ Minnesota Sunday 10am PST


Studs -Julius Peppers – yeah I know he got 2 solos and zero sacks last week. Welcome to the world of IDP defensive lineman. Keep Peppers in there.

Strong starts -Thomas Davis – no Morgan and a limited Diggs should allow Davis a bigger piece of the IDP pie.

Chris Gamble/Ken Lucas – The MNF crew went on and on (and on) about Brad Johnson always making great decisions. To me it looked like Sean Taylor knocked 2 picks out of his own teammates hands with his reckless play, and I saw at least 2 other balls that should have been picked, and probably would have been if Springs had been out there. I really like these 2 this week.

Gut Check -Adam Seward – Who? The guy that took over for captain concussion had 6 tackles after Morgan left with little birdies flying around his dome. Check him out if you need LB help.

Stay away- Mike Rucker – he goes against left side of the Vikings line. `Nuff said.

Dan Morgan – possibly done with yet another concussion. If he comes back it will be under the last name Lindros.



Studs – Antoine Winfield – should have a great day

Strong starts – Fred Smoot – only if Steve Smith plays, if not bump him down to gut check. If Smith is in there Smoot is almost a lock for 6-10 tackles.

Erasmus James – the season ending injury to Wharton means James is facing a makeshift left side of the line. I like him this week.

Gut check- EJ Henderson – getting there, but not a strong start yet. I think the Panthers will show a dedication to the run this week, which will help Henderson’s numbers

Darren Sharper – could have some pick opportunities this week

Stay away – Greg Blue/Dwight Smith – see who starts, Blue could turn into a waiver wire gem if he plays well enough to keep the job. For now, stay away.

Kenechi Udeze – Ray Edwards is starting to take his snaps. Will be a bit player soon.


Cleveland @ Cincinnati Sunday 10am PST


Studs – Andra Davis – the only stud on this D

Strong starts – Leigh Bodden – in a cb required league give him some thought, will be matched up with CJ all day long

Gut check – Orpheous Roye – has apparently been moved to DE from DT on MFL, making him useless is DT required leagues. Could get to Palmer though, we will leave him here for now.

Stay away – The rest of the Browns D – Jackson and Pool could be true IDP studs one day. That day is not this Sunday.



Studs – Deltha O’Neal – I love him vs Frye in CB required leagues this week.

Strong starts – Brian Simmons – I think the Browns will be forced to abandon the run early again, but Simmons is still a strong start

Madieu Williams – 5 solos and a pick last week, very nice. A game vs a 2nd year QB who should be passing a ton could be just what the stat doctor ordered

Justin Smith – you have to like how Smith started 2006. He knows the Bengals will eventually transition to a 3-4 and in my opinion this whole season will be an audition for Smith to get a huge payday from a 4-3 team next year.

Gut check – Dexter Jackson – I like Williams better due to his ball hawk skills, but Jackson should be good for a few tackles.

Stay away

David Pollack – needs to get it going to help this D while Thurman is suspended

Robert Geathers – knocking out Trent Green is the only thing he has ever accomplished


Detroit @ Chicago Sunday 10am PST


Studs – Ernie Sims – the rook brought it last week, I expect more vs Da Bears run attack.

Strong starts – Kenoy Kennedy – I like him this week, should be big in run support as well as vs the pass.

James Hall – 2 sacks last week, and he will be facing the same side of the Bears line that allowed a sack to my boy Aaron Kampman last week.

Dre Bly – should be a fine matchup between Bly and Moose. Everyone who thinks Grossman can go two games without a pick stand up. Now Mrs Grossman, we know you love your son, but please sit down. Anyone else? Didnt think so.

Gut check – Shaun Rogers – I know he had a great game last week, but this guy has never put up more than 5.5 sacks in a year. Are his week one numbers an aberration or a sign of things to come? I am thinking the former til he shows me more

Stay away – Daniel Bullocks – can anyone tell me why Torry Holts little brother is still starting over this future stud? Watching the lesser Holt try to “tackle” really makes you wonder



Studs – Urlacher and Briggs – DUH!

Charles Tillman – I think he picks Kitna this week, and at a minimum you would think he will get more opportunities, as I think Martz’ head will explode if the Lions dont pass more this week

Strong starts -Adewale Ogunleye – That’s right, I’ve spelled his name right two weeks in a row. And I didnt even have to look it up. What now?

Gut check – Mike Brown – as streaky as they come

Stay away – Hunter Hillenmeyer/Tommie Harris – Hunter is off with Trent Green and Dan Morgan learning how to potty again, Harris is recovering from a cheap shot. Stay away.

Chris Harris – Danieal Manning has begun the process of taking Mr Harris’ job. Harris didnt help himself last week by hurting his ankle and watching Manning immediately come in and get a pick.


Houston @ Indianapolis Sunday 10am PST


Studs- Demeco Ryans – the rookie sure didnt play like one last week with twelve solos. Wow! Keep him in your lineup!

Dunta Robinson – top corner vs top QB should at least equal quite a few tackles for Dunta

Strong starts – Morlon Greenwood – will get what Ryans leaves behind, but still a solid start out of his OLB spot

Gut check – Mario Williams – I wouldnt, but that doesnt necissarily mean you shouldnt

Stay away

Phillip Buchanon – sucks



Studs – Bob Sanders – picking up where he left off in 2005. IF he can stay healthy could be a top 10 DB this year

Robert Mathis/Dwight Freeney – vs the Texans O line? You betcha.

Gary Brackett – one of 3 slow RB’s will be attempting to plod through that same stellar Texans line, Brackett wont have a very hard time knocking any of them silly. Repeatedly.

Strong starts – none

Gut checks – Cato June – I expected more vs NY, the Texans O doesnt make me think it will be better this week

Nick Harper – could have some stats covering AJ

Marlin Jackson – might move up the list if he nails down a starting gig

Stay away – Mike Doss -not a reliable option even when healthy


New Orleans @ Green Bay Sunday 10am PST

New Orleans

Studs – Will Smith/Charles Grant – in DL required leagues you have to like this matchup.

Strong starts – Josh Bullocks – if old man Favre doesnt know Bullocks yet he will by Sunday afternoon

Gut check – New Orleans LB’s – who knows who gets the numbers? Not me, and i wouldnt bet on Simoneau starting for much longer with Danny Clark in town

Roman Harper – the rook had a nice start in week one, I would like him more this week if the Pack had a better run game

Stay away – Brian Young – the 2006 Frisman Jackson of IDP’s, dont bother


Green Bay

Studs – Nick Barnett/AJ Hawk – the guys in charge of chasing Bush & McCallister all over the field. Should be huge this week.

Aaron Kampman – one of my favorite DL’s this year started off right with a sack last week

Solid starts – Nick Collins – will the Saints throw more this week? My gut says yes.

Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila – a solid start in DL required leagues

Gut check – Charles Woodson – only if you think Horn gets more involved this week.

Stay away – Brady Poppinga – just keeping Abdul Hodges seat warm, I wouldnt expect a repeat of last week


New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles Sunday 10am PST

New York

Studs – Antonio Pierce – Should be HUGE this week

Michael Strahan/Osi Umenyiora – Osi owners should read what I wrote above about Peppers and apply it to Osi as well. These two will both be top 10 DL’s when its all said and done, but no DL kills it every single week

Gibril Wilson – might not pick McNabb, but will get plenty of tackle chances

Strong starts – Will Demps – should get some chances to lay wood vs this potent offense

Gut checks – Sam Madison – actually led the Giants in solos last week. I wouldnt bet on that again. 

Stay away – Carlos Emmons – even against his old team, he just isnt very good.



Studs – Jeremiah Trotter – should have a fine game

Michael Lewis – ditto

Strong starts -Brian Dawkins – will bounce back from last week

Gut checks – Darren Howard/Jevon Kearse – Mathis and Freeney got zero sacks last week vs this line, so I will leave these 2 here this week

Matt McCoy – is he finally getting it? I lean yes, as this kid was just as good at SDSU as Kirk Morrison, but he needs to do it for a couple more weeks before i tell you to start him

Rod Hood – takes over for Sheppard and will likely be on Plex this week. Could be a nice play in a CB required league

Stay away – Dhani Jones – I promise to make fun of this tool weekly here at the Hive. Say it with me “Dhani Jones sucks. His bowties suck. I will never have this castoff from Fame on my fantasy team.” Rinse and repeat.

Lito Sheppard – out 4-6 weeks according to ESPN 


Oakland @ Baltimore Sunday 10am PST


Studs- Kirk Morrison/Thomas Howard – Thank God for the Raiders IDP’s or I’d have nothing to be happy about in the world of football. Morrison is going to be a steady producer all year long and the rookie Howard earns his way here with his 8 solos and an assist on MNF

Strong starts- Derrick Burgess – Simeon Rice got zip last week, but Burgess is still a strong start in DL required leagues

Gut checks- Stuart Scweigart/Michael Huff – I dont know if McNair will have to throw any more than Rivers had to, so these two will have to get involved in run support to be a factor.

Terdell Sands – came in and really cleaned up the run D in the 2nd half vs SD, an option in DT required leagues

Stay away- Raiders CB’s – Asomugua is hurt and might not play, and he is the only Raider corner that seems to know what run support is.



Studs – Ray Ray/Adalius Thomas/Terrell Suggs – will try to give Jerry Porter more to cheer about, could equal the San Diego sack total of 9 on MNF.

Ed Reed – Doesnt matter who the QB is, should be good for a pick

Strong starts

Bart Scott – Had a great week last week, should get in on the game of smear the Human Turnover

Gut Checks- McCallister/Rolle – McCallister had the TD last week, and my view is that the defensive TD is by far the most overrated IDP statistic. Every year we have a non IDP stud who scores a TD and has inflated numbers causing IDP newbs to pick him up and the player tanks. McCallister faced a young QB last week and he faces a QB whose offensive coordinator reminds me of former VP canidate Admiral James Stockdale, so you might get a good start out of him (or Rolle) this week, but smart QB’s dont throw at this guy, so dont expect it to last.

Stay away – Haloti Ngata -the pick was a fluke. That being said – GO DUCKS!


Tampa Bay @ Atlanta Sunday 10am PST

Tampa Bay

Studs – Derrick Brooks – should be real busy

Ronde Barber – Its going to be another great year for the Barber family

Simeon Rice – Has always done well vs Vick, so keep him in that DL slot this week

Strong starts -Jermaine Phillips – should have a good game in run support

Gut checks – Shelton Quarles/Barrett Ruud – keep your eyes on the injury reports. If Ruud starts I bump him up to strong start, if Quarles goes he could have a real nice game, but I’d personally give him a week to see where he is at health-wise

Stay away -Booger McFarland – Just wanted to type the word Booger



Studs – Deangelo Hall – Simms doesnt know enough to not throw at Chris McCallister, could be a massive day for Hall

Keith Brooking – I think the Caddy will be out a little more this week

Strong starts – Demorrio Williams – If Hartwell is out (I think he will be for at least 2 more weeks), Williams is a starter

Gut Checks – Pat Kerney – Kerney did nothing last week, but could have a nice game vs Simms.

Stay away – Michael Boley – not an IDP option at SAM

John Abraham – The latest reports have him possibly out til WEEK FIVE. His owners need to get him out of their lineups and plan accordingly.


Arizona @ Seattle Sunday 1:05pm PST


Studs – Adrian Wilson – Will be big in run support vs SA

Antrel Rolle – Another fine call by Seadog, Rolle really looks like he is going to live up to his promise this year.

Strong starts – Bert Berry – The Lions dont have a D lineman as good as Berry, yet they brought Hass to the turf a few times last week. Berry is a strong start at DL.

Gut check – Karlos Dansby – Listed as probable, but I am not big on starting guys their first week off injury. A stud LB vs a great RB, but in his 1st game back you have to call this a gut check

Stay away – David Macklin/Eric Green – I dont think even Dennis Green knows who will play more between the two



Studs – Lofa Tatupu – Medocre start for the 2nd year stud last week (5 solos) but that should improve vs Edge

Strong starts – Julian Peterson – Still healthy after a week! Keep him in your lineup.

Marcus Trufant – you KNOW Warner will be tossing the rock this week

Michael Boulware – see above

Gut checks – Bryce Fisher/Darryl Tapp – I’ll wager you have more consistant options if you play in a DL required league, that being said Fisher isnt a bad start

Kelly Herndon – Will begin to lose snaps to 1st round pick Kelly Jennings, but could have a good game vs the Cards

Stay away – Leroy Hill – coming off an injury, looks to play but I wouldnt put him in an IDP lineup just yet


St Louis @ San Francisco Sunday 1:05pm PST

St Louis

Studs – Will Witherspoon – Start him vs the fantasy darling of the moment, Frank Gore

Leonard Little – Almost killed Mike Bell and Jake Plummer on the same play. An anonymous Rams fan has sent multiple copies of the play on DVD to Alex Smith for his viewing pleasure

Strong starts – Pino Tinoisamoa – Spelled that one right too, I am ON FIRE!! Did I mention the Rams are facing fantasy darling Frank Gore? I did? Okiedokie then……

O.J. Atogwe – Whats with these names?? Can I use the Rams defense in Scrabble?? Could get a pick, may also tackle fantasy darling Frank Gore

Gut checks – Corey Chavous – Had a pick last week, but to me he looked old, I’d rather start Atogwe.

Stay away – Fakhir Brown – Fluke-hir Brown is his new name. He wont repeat last week.


San Francisco

Studs – none

Strong starts – Derek Smith – should put up solid numbers vs SJax

Tony Parrish – I think the Rams passing game will get on track this week, so there should be plenty of mop up work for Parrish

Gut checks – Shawnte Spencer – looked good last week coming off injury, and I would think he will be on Holt this week. I trust Parrish more as far as SF db’s go though

Brandon Moore – Too bad he doesnt play for the Rams. He’d make fantasy darling Frank Gore eat his shoes.

Stay away – Bryant Young – Is 76 years old. Seriously.


Kansas City @ Denver Sunday 1:15pm PST

Kansas City

Studs – Derrick Johnson – the KC IDP’s are even more attractive as long as Damon Huard is the QB. Johnson will kill it vs the Denver run game

Jared Allen – Looks like last year might have just been a preview of what Allen can do

Kawika Mitchell – Gets a bump up from strong start vs Denver

Strong starts

Greg Wesley – Gets involved in run support

Ty Law – ditto

Gut checks – Tamba Hali – This might be the week for his 1st sack, as he didnt get one in week one. I’m thinking the Denver O line will play better, but it sure doesnt hurt to have the emerging stud Allen on the other side of Hali

Stay away – Pat Surtain – Wont see much action



Studs – Al Wilson – MLB’s vs LJ = IDP fun!

Champ Bailey – DAMON HUARD. Do I need to say anything else to get you to start Bailey?

Strong starts – Ian Gold – Should get his vs one of the top 5 RB’s in football

John Lynch – Should have a fine game

Darrent Williams – Just for fun, watch the look on Herm’s face right after Darrent picks Huard… will be hilarious!

Gut checks – DJ Williams – against a top 5 RB like LJ, maybe

Stay away – Dominique Foxworth – Do the Chiefs even have a 3rd WR for Foxworth to cover? Oh, they signed Rod Gardner? I meant a NFL WR!


New England @ New York Jets Sunday 1:15pm PST

New England

Studs – Rodney Harrison – Looks healthy to me, which means he is a must start til further notice

Strong starts -Mike Vrabel – Might actually kill Kevan Barlow, much less tackle him

Eugene Wilson – The Jets will have to pass a lot this week.

Gut checks – Junior Seau – The ancient one actually had a pretty good game last week. Your LB corp would have to be pretty thin to be starting this guy

Stay away – Ty Warren -The 2nd most overrated stat in IDP next to the defensive TD? A safety. Dont start this guy


New York

Studs- Jonathan Vilma – Cartoon fast rookie RB meets cartoon fast MLB. Should be fun.

Strong starts – Eric Barton – Where has this guy been? Solid game last week, should do equally well this week vs the suddenly run happy Pats

Kerry Rhodes – Is a stud, no doubt, but is questionable on the injury report. I think he will play, but keep your eyes on the injury report

Gut checks – Andre Dyson – Yawn.

Stay Away – Shawn Ellis – Misses having Abraham on the other side of him already


Tennessee @ San Diego Sunday 1:15pm PST


Studs – Keith Bulluck – Massive numbers. Massive.

Strong starts – Kyle Vanden Bosch – I dont think Rivers will have to pass much vs these guys either, but Vanden Bosch is still a strong DL start

Peter Sirmon – A starter in IDP when he is facing the best RB in football, fantasy or otherwise

Gut checks -Pacman Jones – Would have to get involved in run support to be a serious factor

Stay away – Antwan Peek – Will be held in check


San Diego

Studs – Shawne Merriman – Ride the hot hand

Donnie Edwards – Is the trade talk in his head? His owners need a stud game from this stud LB

Strong starts – Shaun Phillips – Looks to put together 2 solid weeks in a row

Luis Castillo – Looks to become a factor in the realm of IDP DL’s

Gut checks – Quentin Jammer – Yeah the Titans will have to throw, but will Collins (or Young) be any more successful in getting their passes off? What’s that? Norm Chow isnt a senile old man who thinks he is only allowed to call The Bomb from Tecmo Bowl? Oh ok. (Can you tell I’m a bitter bitter Raiders fan? Didnt think so.)

Stay away – Igor Olshansky – Gimpy. GO DUCKS!

Randall Godfrey – Old and terrible.


Washington @ Dallas Sunday 5:15pm PST


Studs – Lemar Marshall – Didja like that 9 and 4 last week? I know I did!

Strong starts – Marcus Washington – Should be big vs JJ

Sean Taylor/Adam Archuleta – Both should have good games, however Archuleta seems to be less inclined to wipe out his own nice plays with late hit penalties

Gut checks – Andre Carter – Will live up to his massive promise. One day. Maybe? Hey can i use that Tedford excuse on Cal defensive players? No? Damn!

Stay away – Shawn Springs – Not ready yet



Studs – Roy Williams – Will be busy vs Portis and Santana and Cooley

Strong starts – Bradie James – This guy could end up in the stud category before too long. I smell a big game here.

Terrance Newman – Will want to make everyone forget what Brunell and Moss did to him in primetime last season.

Akin Ayodele – Had a nice game last week, i think he follows it up with another

Gut checks -Demarcus Ware – I’ll move him up when he has a game like Merriman’s last one

Stay away – Greg Ellis – Not an option even in deep leagues


Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville Monday Night 5:30pm PST


Studs – Troy Polamalu – I know, I know, he’s questionable. But he has a long time to get ready, and he is a flippin warrior. He’ll play.

Strong starts – Joey Porter – I still say he is a gut check in the world of IDP, but out of respect for last week I’ll put him here. Just know that Porter is the type that will give you 2 fantastic games then an absolute turd or two as far as IDP stats go. I prefer more stable options myself

Ike Taylor – This guy would be an IDP GOD if he could catch. If if if, as former Texas coach Darrel Royal once said “If worms carried pistols birds wouldnt eat em.” Start Ike anyways and take the tackles

Gut checks – Ryan Clark – If the Jags get down early Clark could have a real nice game.

Clark Haggans – I dont see him doing much this week, but could always blow up for a sack or two

Stay away – Steelers DL’s – not fantasy options



Studs – Mike Peterson – Looked great last week, and should have a big game vs FWP and Heath Miller.

Rashean Mathis – Whether its Batch or a rusty Big Ben, you have to like Mathis this week

Strong starts -Darryl Smith – Will be a solid option as well

Gut checks -Donovan Darius – Could have one of his big games on the big stage of MNF

Stay away – Reggie Hayward – The talented DE ruptured his achilles last week and is out for the year.


Well thats all from The Hive for week 2! Good luck to all of you in your IDP matchups this week!


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