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The Hive -special edition

The Hive – special edition – DB surprises and disappointments


Welcome back for the 2nd installment of the surprises and disappointments thus far in the world of IDP’s. This time around we will discuss defensive backs. Some of you play in DB leagues and some of you play in leagues that require CB’s and safeties, but no matter how you slice it the right DB’s can put you over the top week to week. Let’s examine who has stepped up and who has fallen off, as well as what that player’s outlook is for the rest of 2007!


Rankings used are from an IDP league with 1 point per assist/pass defended, 2 points per solo, 3 points per forced fumble, 4 points per sack/interception/fumble recovery and 5 points per blocked kick/safety.




1. Marlin Jackson CB Indy (#1 DB, #1 CB)

– while he was a hot mid round sleeper in CB required league drafts, Jackson was largely ignored in most DB required or IDP flex league drafts. His ability to get involved in run defense sets him apart from the average corner.


Will he keep it up?

For the most part, yes. I don’t expect


to finish the year as the #1 IDP DB, but he should easily finish in the top 5-10, barring injury.


2. Jermaine Phillips S


Bay (#2 DB, #1 S)

– He’s baaaaack! Phillips was written off by many, including yours truly, who envisioned the hard hitting rookie duo of Sabby Piscatelli and Tanard Jackson playing in front of Phillips and Will Allen. While Tanard Jackson is making waves at FS, Piscatelli landed on IR and Phillips is once again one of the most consistent IDP DB’s in the game. No blow up games, no clunkers, just steady production every week.


Will he keep it up?

Yes. I’ve written this guy off before, and he is an incredible liability in coverage, but that doesn’t change the fact that


has NO ONE behind him, nor does it change his ability to produce solid tackle numbers in run support. Ride him if you have him.


3. Chris Harris S Carolina (#3 DB, #2 S)

– This guy went undrafted in almost every IDP league, especially those that drafted when he was still riding pine in


. Since being sent to the Panthers, Harris has put up solid numbers week in and week out and has no competition for his job. Another guy with no massive blow up games, just consistency, which is gold in the world of IDP’s.


Will he keep it up?

Looks good at this point, as long as he stays healthy the opportunities should be plentiful and the schedule is IDP friendly.


4. Atari Bigby S Green Bay (#7 DB, #5 S)

– I own Bigby in both my IDP only leagues, and I started his bandwagon, so I am a little biased here, but the numbers don’t lie. Bigby not only looks cool and has a sweet name, but he delivers IDP goodness on a weekly basis to his believers.


Will he keep it up?

In a division where he gets to face the aerial show put on by the Lions as well as the aerial ineptitude of the Bears and Vikings you have to think Bigby will keep it rolling. I say not just yes, but HELL YES! He looks like Predator! Are you new???


5. Fernando Bryant CB


(#11 DB #4 CB)

– Bryant gets picked on a lot, because he isn’t very good. He’s like Ike Taylor without the website. Getting picked on results in tackle numbers for turds like Bryant.


Will he keep it up?

No. Him being in the top 5 CB’s right now is just one of those “sun shines on a dogs ***” kind of moments in life. I’d roll with Bryant in a CB required league unless I had 2 studs in front of him, but he would not be on my radar at all in a regular DB required league.







Polamalu S Pittsburgh (#129 DB, #65 S)

– Normally I don’t pick on hurt guys, but Polamalu is always hurt, and when he is somewhat healthy he is flying around the field in an effort to get hurt again.


Will he step it up?

No. Polamalu is just a better real life player than an IDP. End of story. The injury issues don’t make it any better. Find the Steelers homer in your league and trade him off!


2. Chris Hope S Tennessee (#126 DB, #63 S)

– This one blows me away. He is healthy, the Titans D is #3 in the league against the run, and yet Hope is still tanking.


Will he step it up?

I think so. A fine buy low candidate, he might even be on your league’s wire. Don’t go nuts trying to get him, but if he can be had cheaply do so and sit on him for a few weeks. Big tackle number guys like him usually don’t just fall off the face of the earth.


3. LaRon Landry S Washington (#110 DB, #54 S)

– The rookie isn’t the most productive Redskin DB (that would be Sean Taylor), he isn’t the most productive rookie safety (that would be Gerald Alexander of


), hell he isn’t even the most productive DB named Landry (that would be his brother, Baltimore SS Dawan Landry).


Will he step it up?

Yes indeed. Safety is not the easiest position to learn, and his big games surrounded by clunkers hint at his potential. I think he picks it up as the season wears on.


4. Rashean Mathis CB Jacksonville (#105 DB, #52 CB)

– Mathis usually puts up excellent tackle numbers along with picks, but this season thus far he has a whopping total of 14 tackles, 1 pick and 1 pass defended in 4 games.


Will he step it up?

Reply hazy. Try again later. Are these numbers an anomaly, or are we looking at a situation where the rest of the league finally figured out it’s not very smart to throw at this guy? I’m betting the latter, but I’d still ride it out in a CB required league. I guarantee there isn’t anyone with his talent on your wire in a format like that, but in a regular DB required league I would most certainly cut bait.


5. Ed Reed S Baltimore (#69 DB, #35 S)

– Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me four consecutive seasons? Shoot me. I avoided Reed in my IDP only leagues for the first time ever, but I kept this guy on my dynasty roster for some unknown reason until recently. He has now been replaced by Cedric Griffin, both on my roster, and in my heart. Farewell Ed Reed, we’ll always have that Sunday night game versus Cleveland back in the day where you returned a pick over 100 yard for a TD and I got to rub it in my sales managers face the following day at work. Cheers to you!


Will he step it up?

NO!! AND DON’T EVER CALL ME AGAIN!! Wow. Sorry bout that. I hold grudges.


Well that about wraps it up. Tune in Friday for the regular game by game analysis that you know and love, and thanks for once again checking out The Hive!

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