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The Hive – Special Edition

The Hive – Special Edition


Welcome to a special edition of The Hive. Unbelievable as it may seem, we are ¼ through the fantasy football season, so what better time to take a look at some early season surprises and disappointments? We will break it down by position over the next 3 weeks, and tell you whether to buy low or sell high, ride `em or cut bait! First up are the defensive linemen! DLs are an interesting beast. Ask the Osi Umenyiora owner in your league how he felt about the guy prior to this past Sunday and his 6 sack performance. The honest truth is that a lot of owners were probably ready to dump the guy, then he goes nuts. Such is the world of the defensive lineman. The rankings I used are from an IDP only league with scoring of 2pts per solo, 1 pt per assist, 4 points per sack/fumble recovery/int and 3 point per forced fumble. Let’s get to it!


Defensive Lineman (DT & DE)




Darnell Dockett DT Arizona – #1 DL, #1 DT

– who saw this coming? Dockett has been surprisingly consistent through 4 weeks, with only one so-so game. If you are starting this guy in a DT spot in a DT required league, fuggedabbouddit, that’s a Gates like advantage on any other DT right now.


Outlook: Ride `em in a DT required league. In a DL league I am usually a little hesitant to start a DT over a DE. Dockett is the only DT in the top 15 DL’s right now. (OK technically Tommy Kelly is #11 and listed as a DT on MFL, but he is actually a DE) That being said, Dockett certainly shouldn’t be on your waiver wire right now.





San Francisco

– #2 DL, #1 DE


showed flashes last season, and he seems to have blossomed big time by the Bay. Throw out week one, this guy has been a force for the last three weeks. What I really like about


is the tackle numbers. 5, 7, and 8 solos in the last 3 weeks, respectively. Wow. I’ve watched the Niners play a couple of times and


plays like a LB at times and a DE at times. He is a beast, and with Dilfer in there the SF defense will be on the field even more than they were in September.


Outlook: Ride `em. Looks like a sure-fire top 5 DL if he stays healthy.


Kenyon Coleman DE NYJ – #3 DL, #2 DE

– Another shot out of nowhere. The impressive thing is he is doing it with just tackles. 23 solos and 5 assists in 4 weeks. If he could start getting a sack here or there his numbers become unreal.


Outlook: I am not sold. In IDP leagues I would be looking to trade this guy for an underperforming DE. I may end up eating my hat on this one, but I am not down for the long haul with Coleman. Sell high if possible.


Elvis Dumervil   DE Denver – #7 DL, #6 DE

– I love this kid. He is like a talented version of Dwight Freeney. His motor never quits, and the rest of the Broncos DLs don’t exactly threaten his playing time.


Outlook: Excellent. He faces a lot of mediocre offensive lines over the next few weeks. Dumervil has been studly 3 of the 4 weeks this season, and those who have a clue benched him against the outstanding OL of the Colts.


Dewayne White DE Detroit -#8 DL, #7

DE – Starting to look like a one week wonder, but I haven’t given up on him. Crap games happen to even the best DLs. White has basically taken over the role Simeon Rice used to play for Rod Marinelli in


, and I think White will end up producing some very similar numbers to what Rice did in the Bucs’ glory years.


Outlook: If he doesn’t do well this week vs the Redskins depleted line expect him to hit some waiver wires. I still really like White for the rest of this season, and honestly I think he turns it back on this week.




Julius Peppers DE Carolina – #96 DL, #58 DE

– What in the blue hell? Peppers owners, don’t fret. Yet. Julius has taken the first few weeks of a season off in the past, and come back to haunt the impatient owners who dropped him. He sure isn’t going to be the #1 DL this year, but cutting a man of his talent at a position as up and down as DL is just plain silly.


Outlook: A fantastic buy low candidate, that is if he isn’t already on your waiver wire. He will have one of his massive blow up games in the next couple of weeks, and then it is on.


Terrell Suggs DE Baltimore – #60 DL #41 DE

– I have to admit, I even cut this guy in one league, for the returning Jared Allen. I don’t know what Suggs’ deal is, but I’m sure countless numbers of his fantasy owners would really like a sack or two. He usually kills


and he did jack last week.


Outlook: Another buy low cadidate. Suggs has to turn it on at some point. This week versus Dilfer and the Niners looks like the perfect opportunity.


Leonard Little DE St Louis – #65 DL, # 44 DE

– The DUI bandit usually makes his fantasy owners forget about what a rotten human being he is with his on field performance. Not so this year! Now he is gimpy. Run for your lives.


Outlook: Cut bait on Little, and every single Rams player not named Will Witherspoon. Seriously.


Dwight Freeney DE


– #53 DL, #39 DE

– Why do people draft him? Why did the Colts give him that much money? Freeney had a good game vs the Broncos last week, but has been otherwise his usual invisible self.


Outlook: if you drafted him you are either a Colts homer or this is your first season in IDP. Just throw in the towel and try again in 08. He is a name player, and everyone knows him, but that doesn’t make him an IDP stud. Give me the relatively unknown Aaron Schobel over a turd like Freeney any day of the week.


Bert Berry



– #100 DL, #61 DE

– A lot of sites had this guy as a potential stud DL this season, and he was drafted in all of my IDP leagues. He has done nothing to this point, and will probably never be the player he was a few years ago prior to his massive string of injuries.


Outlook: Stick a fork in ol’ Bert, he’s done.


Well, that wraps it up for the DLs. Next week we will take a look at the surprises and disappointments in the defensive backfield! Hope to see you then!

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