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The Hive – Week 10

The Hive – Week 10 Edition





Welcome back to The Hive everyone! Can you believe we are already in week 10 of the fantasy season? All the draft planning, all the early season waiver moves, all the trade activity leads to this: the stretch run. By now most of you know you are either in it to win it or out of it completely, but either way the show must go on. Nothing worse than a poor sport owner who starts neglecting their teams when they aren’t competitive. Don’t be that owner this season! Fight it out to the very end, even if you only have one or two wins thus far. Your leaguemates deserve that level of respect. I played a team in one of my keeper leagues this past week that started Leftwich, Boldin, and Santana Moss, and it really took the fun out of starting LJ and SJax (and Colston) against him, so I am a little bitter. OK, fantasy football lecture over, let’s get to the action!





Baltimore @ Tennessee Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Ray Ray – A little banged up, but still an every week starter.


Strong starts – Ed Reed – keep your eyes on the injury reports, as Ed is listed as questionable, but all reports from Baltimore indicate that Easy Ed will play this week. He has been up and down, but I like the matchup vs a rookie QB.


Adalius Thomas/Bart Scott – these 2 have dropped off quite a bit in recent weeks  (Scott more than Thomas) after dominating early in the year. I think this is a good matchup for both of them this week, and I think they will both get into the sack column vs VY.


Terrell Suggs – I like this matchup. The Titans O line is terrible.


Gut checks – The rest of the Ravens secondary – Landry, Rolle and McCallister have all had solid weeks recently, but they are far too unpredictable to use in IDP. The CB’s are especially dicey against a QB who doesn’t throw to the outside that much.


Stay away – Haloti Ngata – not even in a DT required league





Studs – Bulluck/Hope – absolute no brainers.


Strong starts – Kyle Vanden Bosch – Will likely draw big Jonathan Ogden this week, but still pretty much a must start in DL required leagues unless you are just flat out stacked at the position.


Gut checks – Titans LB’s not named Bulluck – Thornton was limited to passing downs last week due to a bad shoulder, which left Peter Sirmon to play the outside and rookie Stephen Tulloch tp play the middle. Tulloch got one whole solo tackle in his 1st start! Go Stephen! I wouldn’t mess with any of these guys.


Stay away – Antwan Odom – Likely out again this week





Buffalo @ Indianapolis Sunday 10am PST






Studs – London Fletcher-Baker – Imagine how much better the Rams “defense” would be if they hadn’t decided London was done a few years back. Idiots!


Strong starts – Aaron Schobel – has been hot recently, but recognize that the Colts don’t allow many sacks.


Terrance McGee – should be busy vs Manning


Nate Clements – him too


Gut checks – Spikes/Crowell – ugh. I hate Takeo more than ever, he is putting up turd numbers and the younger, more talented Crowell got moved to SAM to accomidate the old fart. And that, ladies and gents, is why they are the Buffalo Bills.


Stay away – Ko Simpson – nice pick last week, but still not start-worthy.






Studs – Bob Sanders – welcome back Bob! 8 solos and a pick is a fine way to let the IDP world know you are firing on all cylinders. I don’t know if he is 100% yet, but if not I pity his opponents when he does get to 100%.


Cato June – Muy caliente. Has gone from the low 20’s to the top 10 LB’s (in most formats) in a few short weeks. Keep him in your lineup if you have him.


Robert Mathis – Losman is no Andrew Walter when it comes to getting sacked, but give the kid a chance!


Strong starts – Dwight Freeney – Only one sack all year, so this is a “huevos grandes” play, but the Bills give up sacks like the bag boy at the grocery store, so Freeney has a good shot at a couple this week


Gut checks – Colts LB’s not named Cato June – Brackett is probably toast for this week at a minimum with a bad hammy, and while rookie LB Freddy Keiaho performed very well in relief of Brackett, word from Indy is that Rob Morris is going to be wheeled out of a local nursing home and onto the field to split snaps with Keiaho. Why? Because they are stupid.


Stay away – Gary Brackett – see above, he has a hammy issue and will be out at least a week.




Cleveland @ Atlanta Sunday 10am PST






Studs – Sean Jones – About the only thing that is reliable on this D as far as IDP’s go.


Strong starts – Andra Davis – 2 flippin tackles last week?? Vs LT??? That made me very angry. Andra has been inconsistent this season, so he gets a bump down out of the stud file. He still gets this slot as he should produce against the potent Falcons run attack. If he turds out again this week he will be banished to the land of the gut check.


Gut checks – Jackson/Wimbley – these 2 were far better than some of the vets (like Davis) that you normally expect production from. If Wimbley is listed as a DL in your league he could possibly be considered a strong start. Jackson is still a little too inconsistent for my taste, but this rookie is going to be special.


Stay away – Orpheous Roye – Has been terrible this year, and now is questionable with a bad hammy.





Studs – Keith Brooking – inside, outside, it just doesn’t matter where you line the man up he produces. 7 solos and a sack last week were a nice boost for his owners.


Strong starts – Michael Boley – I like him this week. Boley is getting snaps at DE on some downs as well due to all the injuries on the Atlanta DL, so he has the chance to add some sacks to his usual tackle numbers.


Demorrio Williams – with Hartwell out, Demorrio is a viable fantasy starter once more.


Gut checks – Pat Kerney – I was reading a Jay Glazer piece about how Kerney is trying to get a long term deal from the Falcons, and apparently some Falcons insiders think he might be trying to “not get hurt” so he doesn’t depreciate himself before the end of the season. An interesting theory, and I don’t know if it is true or not, but it could explain his drop in production this season. Of course you would think if he wants the team to invest in him that he would go balls to the wall in order to get that payday. Regardless, he is a gut check, use with caution.


Deangelo Hall – you’d like to think he would be good for at least a pick vs Frye, but no guarantees here.


Stay away – Edgerton Hartwell – seems like he is having more knee issues. Doesn’t look good.





Green Bay @ Minnesota Sunday 10am PST



Green Bay


Studs – Aaron Kampman – this guy has been damn good this season. Start him, even against a studly Minnesota line.


Strong starts – Barnett/Hawk – both should be solid as Minny rarely abandons the run, even when they are losing.


Gut checks – Nick Collins – if the injury reports are golden at the end of the week bump him up a level.


Charles Woodson – Also need to keep your eyes on the injury reports with Woodson, but even if he is a go I’d call him a gut check.


Stay away – KGB – you can put a guy like Kampman out there vs this line, but not a streaky guy like KGB.





Studs – E.J. Henderson – 8 total tackles last week, just keeps on producing.


Antoine Winfield – vs Favre? Yes please.


Strong starts – Dontarrius Thomas – a possible waiver LB this week, Thomas is taking over for Napoleon Harris, who has a dislocated wrist. He did well in his 1st start last week with 8 total tackles (4 solo).


Kevin Williams – too hot to sit him in a DL required league.


Gut checks – Darren Sharper – had a sack last week, and really only merits consideration this week because he is playing his old team and should be fired up.


Stay away – Vikings DE’s – shouldn’t be in your lineup.





Houston @ Jacksonville Sunday 10am PST






Studs – Demeco Ryans – The clear cut rookie of the year is also a top 5 LB in most formats. Congrats to those smart enough to draft him.


Strong starts – Glen Earl – seems to be healthy again, and worthy of a start.


Morlon Greenwood – up and down, but the Jags run. A lot.


Gut checks – Dunta Robinson – will Garrard throw enough to make him relevant this week? Considering 200 yards seems to be his ceiling I don’t feel too great about starting Dunta this week.


Mario Williams – if he keeps it up he might get a strong start one of these days. But Garrard doesnt just stand there like Fatwich did, so I am not seeing a ton of sacks for the Texans this week.


Stay away – Lewis Sanders – and it would really make me nervous to start the corner who cant tackle.





Studs – Daryl Smith – word out of Jacksonville is that they are so impressed with young Mr. Smith that Mike Peterson may be moved to OLB next season. High praise indeed.


Strong starts – Rashean Mathis – I like him this week. You know AJ is going to catch 7-10 balls, so Mathis should be busy.


Gut checks – Clint Ingram – the rookie had 9 total tackles last week, and could be a nice waiver wire LB if you need help.


Stay away – Stroud/Henderson – both have injury issues. Don’t bother this week.





Kansas City @ Miami Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Jared Allen – the only KC IDP that is worthy of this level right now.


Strong starts – Kawicka Mitchell – has been really up and down, but someone has to pick up the slack with Johnson out.


Gut checks – Tamba Hali – Has been hot lately, but the Dolphins have been giving up less sacks with Harrington in there.


Kawicka Mitchell – Up and down.


Stay away – Greg Wesley – if he can somehow play then bump him up, but it is looking like he will miss at least one game with a shoulder injury.


Derrick Johnson – ruled OUT on Thursday





Studs – Zach Thomas – dream matchup vs LJ.


Jayson Taylor – on fire. If you are the guy who dropped him in the 1st 3 weeks of the season, allow me to take this moment to laugh at you. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! Ok I am done now, that was fun………


Strong starts – Channing Crowder – hot lately, and has a great matchup.


Gut checks – Vonnie Holiday – has had some good games this year, and the Chiefs OL isn’t what it used to be.


Stay away – Dolphins DB’s – Jason Allen might be an IDP factor one day, but none of them are IDP factors right now.





New Orleans @ Pittsburgh Sunday 10am PST



New Orleans


Studs – none – no one really jumps out at me in this game.


Strong starts – Fujita/Shanle – both of these guys would be solid though.


Smith/Grant – the Steelers OL is tough, but these 2 are studs.


Gut checks – Josh Bullocks – up and down, but the way Ben has been chucking it around the field he could be a factor.


Fred Thomas – should be on Hines, which could mean a solid day.


Stay away – Jason Craft – knocked out with a concussion last week.





Studs – Polamalu/Clark – I love both of these 2 this week, as Brees has been going hog wild. These two will be busy chasing after Colston and Henderson (and maybe Horn).


James Farrior – the lack of a running game out of the Saints doesn’t make me shy away from Farrior, he is a flat out stud.


Strong starts – Clark Haggans – the Saints OL is nothing special, Haggans might get some sacks this week to go with a handful of tackles.


Gut checks – Ike Taylor – as much as Javon burnt him last week, Colston owners have to be salivating. Taylor could have a great IDP week off of his own ineptitude.


Stay away – Bryant McFadden – Washington gets his job back, and the youngster goes back to the bench. Audition over, YOU LOSE!!





New York Jets @ New England Sunday 10am PST




New York


Studs – Vilma – usually blows up vs the Pats.


Kerry Rhodes – a slight decrease from his ridiculous early season numbers should not scare you off from starting him. Rhodes will have a good week.


Strong starts – Bryan Thomas – Brady has been surprisingly sackable this season, so Thomas gets his usual consideration.


Gut checks – Erik Coleman – this could go either way. He has been playing well, but I see Rhodes having the bigger week of the two safeties.


Stay away – Jets DL’s – yeah yeah, Thomas is listed above, but he is really an OLB that people are able to use at DL in IDP leagues this season. The actual Jets DL’s are worthless.




New England


Studs – none – no Rodney means there are no must starts on this D. Period.


Strong starts – none – I really don’t like this group at all from an IDP perspective


Gut checks – most of the team – Vrabel maybe, Warren maybe, Eugene Wilson maybe if he is back from injury. I really wouldn’t consider anyone else on this D.


Stay away – Rodney Harrison – Fractured shoulder blade. Ouch.





San Diego @ Cincinnati Sunday 10am PST



San Diego


Studs – Donnie Edwards – is really being counted on with Phillips out and Cheaty McRoids on suspension.


Strong starts – Quentin Jammer – makes a rare appearance here, I think he will be busy chasing after Bengals WR’s this week


Gut checks – Luis Castillo – questionable, if he is a go bump him up to strong start as the Bengals line is not playing well.


Stay away – Shaun Phillips – not quite ready to return yet.






Studs – Justin Smith – the only stud on this D as far as IDP’s go.


Strong starts – Ahmad Brooks – against LT he should have a big week. Of course I thought the same thing last week and he busted a whopping one solo tackle. I have faith, for one more week at least.


Gut checks – Jonathan Joseph – took over for the struggling Deltha O’Neal last week, but the Chargers may not throw enough to the outside to make him relevant.


Robert Geathers – possible DL required starter.


Stay away – Brian Simmons – injury issues will keep him out again this week.





San Francisco @ Detroit Sunday 10am PST



San Fran


Studs – none


Strong starts – Brandon Moore – took over for Ulbrich and is a definite waiver wire target for those of you with a weakness at LB. 14 total tackles last week is certainly eye popping.


Walt Harris – should be busy vs Air Kitna.


Gut checks – Derek Smith – struggling with an eye issue, this guy is a flippin warrior for even playing through this all season. But he is a shaky IDP start because of it.


Manny Lawson – could be huge the last half of the season, but as you all know LB’s who rely on sacks for their production are not favorites of mine.


Stay away – the rest of the Niners D. If they aren’t listed above they don’t belong on a fantasy team.






Studs – Ernie Sims – should be a sweet week as the Niners are another team that will stick with the run even when they are down 20-30 points.


Strong starts – Teddy Lehman – I may have been a week early on Teddy, as his snaps were limited last week. He will be worked back into the D more and more, and I like him both for this week and as a solid contributor down the stretch.


Gut checks – James Hall – listed as questionable, if he starts bump him up a level here, as the Niners OL is nothing special.


Stay away – Daniel Bullocks- with Kennedy back they are splitting snaps. Ungood for all concerned as far as IDP numbers go.





Washington @ Philadelphia Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Lemar Marshall – back and seems to be healthy.


Strong starts – Sean Taylor – the only Redskins safety that should be on IDP rosters right now.


Gut checks – Shawn Springs – could be huge in CB required leagues


Marcus Washington – had a sweet game last week, but has been waaay to streaky for me to feel good about telling you to start him.


Stay away – Adam Archuleta – if you haven’t heard, Adam was benched for having the coverage skills of a loaf of bread. At best he will split snaps with the ancient Troy Vincent. Nice signing Snyder!!





Studs – Jeremiah Trotter – One thing you know about the Skins, they are going to run the ball. Should be a solid week for Trotter.


Brian Dawkins – Brunell is horrible, and I am calling a pick for Dawkins right now.


Strong starts – Trent Cole – The Skins line is solid, but Cole has been too good this season to sit him in DL required leagues.


Gut checks – Mike Patterson – hasn’t done much since the TD vs San Fran, but in DT required leagues he is a solid option.


Lito Sheppard – if Santana can go I like Sheppard a little more. If Santana cant go the rest of the Skins WR’s are far too pathetic to make Lito a relevant IDP option.


Stay away – Michael Lewis – benched, but hold onto him in dynasty leagues. He is just too talented to not get a starting gig next season.



Denver @ Oakland Sunday 1:05pm PST





Studs – Champ Bailey – is going to PWN my sorry arse team this week. I am glad it wont be on TV where I live. That’s how bad it will be.


Strong starts – Al Wilson – will slap around any sorry RB that comes near him.


Donkeys DL’s – I’d feel fine and dandy about starting any of them this week. Hell, Dumervil might get 5 sacks himself.


Gut checks – Darrent Williams – separated shoulder could keep him out. Foxworth would be a decent start if Darrent cant go.


DJ Williams – I think Gold will sit this week, so that could mean DJ will either shift to WILL or he will just produce more from the SAM spot.


Stay away – Nick Ferguson – normally I’d give him a go this week, but not with a concussion.






Studs – Kirk Morrison – studly. About the only truly bright spot on the team right now.


Strong starts – Thomas Howard – the rookie has been solid, but a forced fumble or a pick or a sack would be really swell at this point.


Derrick Burgess – has been studly, but the Donkey OL is pretty stout. I’m of the opinion it will be a down week for Burgess.


Gut checks – Huff/Schweigart – Huff has been playing better of late, but is still inconsistent. I like Stuart a little more this week from an IDP perspective, but I also don’t think the Donkeys will have to pass much this week.


Stay away – Warren Sapp – he wont repeat last weeks numbers on this line.






Dallas @ Arizona Sunday 1:15pm PST






Studs – Roy Williams – finally started playing like Roy last week. I like him to do it again this week


Strong starts – James/Ware – James is the safer of the two, Ware is for the gamblin’ type, but I like them both this week.


Newman/Henry – if Fitz and Boldin are both out there I like both of these guys this week.


Gut checks – Greg Ellis – too up and down for my taste, but has done better this season than I would have thought he could.


Stay away – Davis/Watkins/Coleman – it’s a FSBC! Run for your lives!!





Studs – Adrian Wilson – Superman!


Strong starts – Gerald Hayes – has done so well this year he got a fatty extension from the Cards. Dynasty owners rejoice, he is going to be the starter next year too!


Bert Berry – has been hot, but I’m not as excited about this matchup as I would be if ol lead foot Bledsoe was still in there.


Gut checks – Karlos Dansby – man I hope this guy can get to 100% by next season. When totally healthy he is one of my favorite LB’s in the game.


Stay away – James Darling – placed on IR this week.






St Louis @ Seattle Sunday 1:15pm PST



St Louis


Studs – Will Witherspoon – ASYS


Strong starts – Leonard Little – even the Raiders were getting sacks on this line last week. Its on.


Gut checks – Pino Tinoisamoa – keep your eyes on the injury reports. I think he will play this week.


Stay away – Rams DB’s – nothing to see here.





Studs – Lofa Tatupu – start him because he is a stud, or start him because he owns the Rams. Either way, start the guy.


Julian Peterson – playing like its 2002!


Strong starts – Ken Hamlin – this turdburglar cost me a key game in my work league with that big fat ZERO last week. As much as I hate me some Ken Hamlin right now, he is going to bounce back this week.


Gut checks – Trufant/Herndon – even against potent pass attacks these two tend to disappear. Keep that in mind.


Stay away – Grant Wistrom – he will find that Orlando Pace is just a tiny step up from those Raiders OL’s he was dominating last week.





Chicago @ New York Giants Sunday 5:15pm PST






Studs – Lance Briggs – Da Man.


Strong starts – Urlacher – if he is a go you have to play him this week, but keep your eyes on that injury report.


Bears DL’s : in this order this week: Harris, Brown, Anderson, Ogunleye


Gut checks –Tillman/Vasher – Vasher has shown signs of life recently, I personally wouldn’t be starting either one unless it’s a CB required league.


Stay away – Ricky Manning Jr –just doesn’t get enough looks to be efficient in IDP



New York


Studs – Antonio Pierce – rebounding nicely after a so-so start to the season.


Strong starts – Matthias Kiwanuka – is suddenly in the spotlight with injuries to the big dogs. I like him this week.


Gibril Wilson – with Rex playing like the old erratic Rex this could be a good week for Gibril to get himself a pick.


Gut checks – All Giants LB’s except Pierce – Short and Arrington are hurt, Claiborne hasn’t been good in years, and if Wilkinson was ready Brandon flippin Short would have never gotten a start. Stay away.


Stay away – Osi and Strahan – I think Osi will be back next week, but Strahan is gone for at least 2 more games. I personally think Strahan is going to be out a month.





Tampa Bay @ Carolina Monday 5:30pm PST






Studs – Ronde Barber – vs Steve Smith. Enjoy.


Strong starts – Derrick Brooks – old reliable


Jermaine Phillips – I think he will have a solid week


Gut checks – Quarles/Ruud – if Quarles is definitely out then bump Ruud up to strong start.


Juran Bolden – could have a good IDP week on Keyshawn.


Stay away – Bucs DL’s – Rice and Wyms are both playing through injuries, so I am not liking them






Studs – Julius Peppers – thank God the bye weeks are over! Playing without Peppers on a couple of my teams just plain sucked last week.


Strong starts – Thomas Davis – should be good to go after the bye week.


Chris Gamble – even if Gradkowski doesn’t throw much I think Gamble will have a good game.


Gut checks – Marshall/Lucas – Lucas will be back this week, so they might be splitting snaps.


Stay away – Mike Rucker – not what he used to be.

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