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The Hive Week 13 edition- Part One

The Hive Week 13 Edition – Part One



Greetings all, and welcome back to The Hive! We will be doing things a little bit differently from here on out, thanks in part to the NFL’s creative scheduling. On Thursdays you will get part one of The Hive, with your Thursday and early Sunday matchups (as well as the Saturday games in upcoming weeks), and part two will come out Friday mornings with the rest of your IDP matchups for the week. Without further ado, let’s check out some games!





Baltimore @ Cincinnati Thursday 5pm PST






Studs – Adalius Thomas – I think he will have a big week, the Cincy line is a mess right now.


Terrell Suggs – see above, Terrell had 6 tackles and 2 sacks last week. I think he will come very close to duplicating those numbers tonight.


Strong starts – Dawan Landry – a strong start in a DB required league, the rookie has been a little up and down, but he should see plenty of action vs this offense.


Kelly Gregg – great matchup in a DT required league, the Bengals will be without their starting center.


Gut checks – Bart Scott – had a solid game last week, but was invisible for about a month prior to that. I need another good game out of him before I can give him a solid recommendation.


Ray Lewis – According to reports out of Ravens camp, Ray Ray was “gimpy” after last weeks game. I think he will play tonight, as it is a key divisional matchup, but he may be limited.


Ed Reed – the matchup is right, but Ed just hasn’t been a reliable start this season.


Stay away – Ravens CB’s – they just aren’t solid IDP options.






Studs – Madieu Williams – finally has put together a solid stretch of games. Unfortunately for a lot of the people who drafted him, he is putting these numbers up for someone else in your league, as a lot of people cut him after his sorry first month of the season.


Justin Smith – a top 10 DL option every week.


Strong starts – Caleb Miller/Landon Johnson – both have been hot lately, but with Jamal questionable I am not as excited about these two as I was before.


Kevin Kaesviharn – smokin’ hot lately, a fine DB required pickup.


Gut checks – Robert Geathers – actually is leading the Bengals in sacks with 8.5, but hasn’t been a reliable IDP starter.


Jonathan Joseph – an interesting matchup with Mark Clayton this week, but I don’t think he warrants a start.


Tory James – 2 picks last week, but McNair isn’t lobbing ducks into the air like Frye does. James has been awful up until last week, and he may get benched for Joseph when Deltha is able to come back from his shoulder injury.


Stay away – Deltha O’Neal – out this week.





Arizona @ St Louis Sunday 10am PST






Studs – Adrian Wilson – not one, but two 99 yard touchdowns this season. Thank you Adrian!


Gerald Hayes – quietly has emerged as a top 10 LB this season.


Strong starts – Antrel Rolle – I think Torry Holt will have a huge bounce back week, so Rolle should be the beneficiary of such a development.


Gut checks – Karlos Dansby – this guy has been a massive headache to his owners recently. From 3 solos week 11 to 7 solos and 2 sacks last week. Cant get more hit and miss than that. I’d start him if I had him, as he is an explosive player, but he is not for people with weak stomachs.


Stay away – Cardinals DL’s – Berry was the only one who should have ever been on your team at any point this season.




St Louis


Studs – Will Witherspoon – shouldn’t have much of a problem getting studly tackle numbers considering Edge cant seem to get more than 3 yards past the line of scrimmage.


Leonard Little – should be able to get to Leinart.


Strong starts – O.J. Atogwe – was huge last week, I wouldn’t expect the exact same numbers this week though, as some of O.J.’s stats came in run support last week, and the Cards can’t run the ball to save their collective lives.


Gut checks – Tye Hill – leads all rookies with 3 interceptions, but left last weeks game with a strained quad. Check your injury reports on this kid.


Stay away – Victor Adeyanju – hope you didn’t drop anyone good for this kid after that TD a couple weeks back, as he now has a fractured forearm and is likely done for the rest of the fantasy football season.






Atlanta @ Washington Sunday 10am PST






Studs – Keith Brooking – will slap Ladell Betts so hard his next crap will come out with Brooking’s handprint on it.


Strong starts – John Abraham – good to see this guy back on the field.


Gut checks – Deangelo Hall – The new Randy Moss? Claims he could have “tried harder” on the Brees bomb to Copper last week. What a moron!


Edgerton Hartwell – came back last week and had 4 solos and a sack. But the last time he came back he only made it out for a week or two before the knee flared up. Use with caution.


Stay away – Jason Webster – inactive last week with a torn groin, likely out for a while.


Demorrio Williams – deservedly or not, Demorrio gets sent back to the bench when Harwell is around.






Studs – Sean Taylor – has been hot lately, I’d play him against Atlanta.


Strong starts Lemar Marshall – if he is going to bust out of his recent funk, the Atlanta run attack should facilitate that.


Gut checks – Marcus Washington – I am surprised at the number of leagues where this guy is actually on IDP rosters out there. He shouldn’t be. One 20 point game a season does not an IDP make. That is from the book of Joey Porter.


Phillip Daniels – had a sack and 4 solos last week, and Vick is prone to getting sacked.


Stay away – Adam Archuleta – not only passed on the depth chart by the ancient Troy Vincent, but with Vincent out with an injury last week journeyman Vernon Fox got the nod over the highest paid safety in football. God Daniel Snyder is stupid.






Detroit @ New England Sunday 10am PST






Studs – Ernie Sims – Sims and AJ Hawk are both apparently sick of all the Demeco Ryans for R.O.Y. talk. Huge game last week with 10 solos and ½ a sack.


Strong starts –  none. Well maybe one, see below.


Gut checks – Kenoy Kennedy/Daniel Bullocks – peep the injury report and the Friday practice reports here, as whoever starts should be huge vs the Pats. Kennedy was unexpectedly inactive last week and Bullocks came up big with 11 solos and a forced fumble. Bump whoever starts up to a strong start.


Lions CB’s – New England might very well go back to pounding the rock this week in the cold winter weather vs a dome team. I don’t think they will have to pass much to beat these guys.


Stay away – The rest of the Lions LB’s – 2 LBBC’s? On the same team? Jesus! Bailey and Lewis splitting time at the already unproductive SAM position and Lenon and Lehman doing diddly in the middle. Not a recipe for success.




New England


Studs – none – I don’t think the Lions offense will be on the field enough to make any of this already spotty group leap up to stud status.


Strong starts – Asante Samuel – had a massive game last week, and is setting himself up for a huge offseason payday.


Gut checks – Mike Vrabel – takes over for Seau at MLB, so he should be able to replicate Seau’s recent tackle numbers.


Stay away – Junior Seau – as much as I hate this jerk from his days in San Diego I truly hope that nasty break last week wasn’t the way that Seau leaves the game. That would be a shame.





Indianapolis @ Tennessee Sunday 10am PST






Studs – Robert Mathis – this should be a huge week for Mathis.


Strong starts – June/Brackett – good to see Brackett out there again, my only concern here is the recent ineffectiveness of the Titans run game.


Dwight Freeney – has played a little better recently than his pathetic start to the season, and I like him vs this OL.


Gut checks – Colts’ DB’s – Bob Sanders would be a definite strong start if he could go, but its not looking good as of right now. The rest of this group is highly unpredictable. Rookie Antoine Bethea has played really well, but left last weeks game with a bum shoulder.


Stay away – Gilbert Gardner – out last week with a rib injury, even if he plays this week I wouldn’t start him.





Studs – Keith Bulluck – like you’d sit him.


Chris Hope – him too.


Strong starts – Pacman Jones – Was huge last week, I think you can easily replace the picks with a nice slice of tackle numbers vs Peyton Manning this week. Last week was the Addai show, I kind of have a feeling Peyton and Marvin will go off this week.


Gut checks – Kyle Vanden Bosch – don’t expect a huge game vs the best pass protection group in football.


Stay away – The rest of the Titans LB’s – Sirmon and Thornton are splitting snaps and Stephen Tulloch is unpredictable at this point in his career, as evidenced in the massive difference between his week 11 and week 12 numbers.





Kansas City @ Cleveland Sunday 10am PST



Kansas City


Studs – Jared Allen – pity Charlie Frye this week. Seriously.


Strong starts – Tamba Hali – I think he will get in on the fun as well.


Gut checks – Derrick Johnson – what makes me even more skeptical than the fact that he is coming back from injury is the fact that the Browns seem to have the worst run “attack” in the game. I wouldn’t expect much here.


Kawicka Mitchell – or here.


Stay away – James Reed – likely out this week with an injured groin.






Studs – Sean Jones – as much as he gets involved in run support he should be huge this week.


Strong starts – D’Qwell Jackson – has been hot lately, and should thrive with LJ running at him all day. 11 solo tackles last week is just a sign of what is coming from this youngster.


Andra Davis – 7 solos last week, and should be even more productive in this matchup.


Gut checks – Kamerion Wimbley – I wouldn’t start him if your league lists him as a LB, but if he has DL eligibility he should get consideration in DL required leagues.


Stay away – Leigh Bodden – has been out with the dreaded high ankle sprain


Orpheous Roye – has been a massive disappointment this year and now has an injured knee.





Minnesota @ Chicago Sunday 10am PST






Studs- Antoine Winfield – the way Grossman has been playing I think Winfield is in for a huge game this week.


Strong starts – Kevin Williams – in a DT required league.


Gut checks – Vikings LB’s – EJ Henderson has cooled big time after a hot start, and Dontarrious Thomas has been hit and miss as well.


Ray Edwards – Got his 3rd sack last week. Edwards is about the only other DL on this team outside of Kevin Williams who should even get moderate consideration.


Stay away – Cedric Griffin/ Fred Smoot – Griffin played well last week, but I wouldn’t want to rely on either of these two.





Studs – Lance Briggs – You have to figure as bad as the Vikings pass game is they are going to bring a steady dose of Chester. This bodes well for Briggs.


Brian Urlacher – as it does for the 2nd best LB on the team.


Strong starts – Charles Tillman – had 2 picks last week, I think he will be a big factor again this week.


Danieal Manning – had 4 solos, two forced fumbles and one fumble recovered this week. This kid is going to be one of the hottest IDP DB’s on our planet next season, just watch.


Gut checks – Bears DL’s – the Vikes have a great OL, so I would temper your expectations for Alex Brown and his crew if I were you.


Stay away – Todd Johnson – sprained his ankle this past week, and is splitting snaps with Chris Harris





NY Jets @ Green Bay Sunday 10am PST




New York


Studs – Kerry Rhodes – huge last week, I expect more of the same.


Strong starts – Jonathan Vilma – I hate this guy right now. That’s all I am going to say.


Erik Coleman – The Pack should throw a lot, which usually bodes well for Coleman.


Bryan Thomas – should be able to get after Favre this week.


Gut checks – Andre Dyson – should be busy with Driver and Jennings, but is down here due to his neck injury.


Stay away – Victor Hobson – out produced Vilma last week, but still not an IDP starter.




Green Bay


Studs – Aaron Kampman – I think this is the week he gets out of his recent funk. I expect a massive explosion from Kampman this week.


A.J. Hawk – holy moly! 15 total tackles from the rook last week. Now that is the type of production his owners have been waiting for.


Strong starts – Charles Woodson – Cwood vs Coles will be a fun matchup to watch.


Gut checks – Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila –up to 5 sacks on the season, but not very reliable.


Nick Barnett/Abdul Hodge- check the injury/practice reports, whoever starts here should be bumped to strong start.


Stay away – Nick Collins – is questionable this week with a bad hammy, I don’t think he will play 100% of the snaps this week even if he does go. Sit him for a week unless you don’t have any other viable options.





San Diego @ Buffalo Sunday 10am PST



San Diego


Studs – Shaun Phillips – leading the AFC in sacks, and really isn’t even 100% yet after the hammy injury. Losman will be running for his life this week.


Donnie Edwards – should be busy with McGahee.


Strong starts – Marlon McCree – should be back this week from a calf injury, and has a solid matchup. Remember this guy was really coming into his own before he hurt the calf. I expect him to do well this week.


Gut checks – The Cheater – is back from his suspension. Lets see how strong of a pass rush he can muster without steroids in his system. Take note that the Dolts went 4-0 without the cheater, maybe he isn’t as important as the media makes him out to be.


Stay away – Luis Castillo – likely out again this week. Thanks to Luis for telling the media he would play vs the Raiders last week. Do steroids make you lie?





Studs – London Fletcher-Baker – Vs Ladanian? He might hit 20 tackles this week!


Strong starts – Angelo Crowell – up and down, but I love starting LB’s vs LT.


Terrance McGee – a fine weekly DB option.


Gut checks – Whitner/Simpson – I like Simpson better this week, as he will get involved in run support.


Aaron Schobel – the Dolts keep Rivers upright for the most part, so this could be a down week for Schobel.


Stay away – Takeo Spikes – not even vs LT would I start this fossil. He and Tedi Bruschi should start a reality TV show about NFL washouts who think they are studs.




San Francisco @ New Orleans Sunday 10am PST




San Francisco


Studs – Brandon Moore – not out of this world numbers last week, but that is the 1st week of the last 3 that he didn’t blow up. I think he gets back to stud level numbers this week.


Keith Lewis – won me an IDP matchup last week, so I gotta show some love. The kid is playing very well right now, and is a fantastic pickup if you need DB help.


Strong starts – Walt Harris – even if Colston and Horn both sit I would still start Harris. Brees has proven that he can throw all day long to Henderson and Copper just as well as he can to the starters.


Derek Smith – should be productive vs Deuce.


Gut checks – Shawnte Spencer – most thought it would be Spencer, and not Harris, that would be the dominant IDP DB out of the two, but it hasn’t panned out like that.


Stay away –49ers DL’s – useless in real life and in IDP.



New Orleans


Studs- Will Smith – dominant last week. I think he will have another great game this week.


Strong starts – Charles Grant – there should be plenty for him as well.


Fujita/Shanle – I’m not a fan of either of these two, but they should be productive vs Gore.


Gut checks – Saints DB’s – Fred Thomas should be back with a cast on his hand this week, so he isn’t getting you anything but tackles, and considering how few balls the 49ers WR’s have seen recently I don’t think he will get many of those. If I had to start one of this group it would be Josh Bullocks.


Stay away – Brian Young – completely fell off from his hot start. There is a guy in my work league who is still starting this turd at DL. Get a clue!




See you back here tomorrow for part 2 of The Hive!

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