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The Hive – Week 13 edition

The Hive – Week 13 edition

Welcome back to The Hive!! Its Thanksgiving, so I am going to be brief again this week. I’ve got multiple birds to cook and time’s a-wastin’!!

How we rank `em!

Giddyup! – YEEEHAW!!

SINS! – solid if not spectacular

Hellno! – Get it? Got it? Good.


Tennessee @ Detroit Thursday 9:30am PT


Giddyup! – Keith Bulluck, Michael Griffin, Cortland Finnegan, Albert Haynesworth

SINS! – Chris Hope, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Stephen Tulloch

Hellno! – Chris Carr


Giddyup! – Ernie Sims, Paris Lenon, Daniel Bullucks

SINS! – Kalvin Pearson

Hellno! – Dewayne White


Seattle @ Dallas Thursday 1:15pm PT


Giddyup! – Seattle LB’s, Josh Wilson

SINS! – Darryl Tapp

Hellno! – no one you would normally roll with


Giddyup! – Demarcus Ware, Ken Hamlin

SINS! – Zach Thomas

Hellno! – Cowboys CB’s


Arizona @ Philadelphia Thursday 5:15pm PT


Giddyup! – Karlos Dansby, Adrian Wilson (“Questionable” – check gameday inactives!)

SINS! – Darnell Dockett, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Hellno! – no one you would normally roll with


Giddyup! – Stew Bradley, Trent Cole, Mikell/Dawkins

SINS! – Akeem Jordan (Hello!), Juqua Parker

Hellno! – Omar Gaither (Goodbye!)


San Francisco @ Buffalo Sunday 10am PT


Giddyup! – Patrick Willis, Justin Smith, Nate Clements

SINS! – Michael Lewis, Walt Harris, Manny Lawson, Takeo Spikes

Hellno! – no one you would normally roll with


Giddyup! – Paul Posluszny, Terrence McGee

SINS! – Kawicka Mitchell

Hellno! – no one you would normally roll with



Baltimore @ Cincinnati Sunday 10am PT


Giddyup! – Terrell Suggs, Ray Lewis

SINS! – Ravens DB’s

Hellno! – Bart Scott


Giddyup! – Chris Crocker, Dhani Jones, Marvin White

SINS! – Rashad Jeanty

Hellno! – Nedu Ndukwe



New Orleans @ Tampa Bay Sunday 10am PT


Giddyup! – Jonathan Vilma, Scott Fujita

SINS! – Will Smith, Roman Harper

Hellno! – no one you would normally roll with


Giddyup! – Barrett Ruud, Bucs DB’s

SINS! – Gaines Adams, Derrick Brooks

Hellno! – no one you would normally roll with



New York Giants @ Washington Sunday 10am PT


Giddyup! – Antonio Pierce, Justin Tuck

SINS! – Aaron Ross, Matthias Kiwanuka, Fred Robbins

Hellno! – Giants safeties


Giddyup! – Rocky McIntosh, Fletcher/Blades (whoever goes is a strong start, Fletcher has an injured foot, check the injury reports later in the week)

SINS! – Carlos Rogers, Chris Horton, LaRon Landry

Hellno! – Andre Carter



Miami @ St Louis Sunday 10am PT


Giddyup! – Joey Porter, Yeremiah Bell

SINS! – Channing Crowder, Matt Roth

Hellno! – Dolphins CB’s


Giddyup! – OJ Atogwe

SINS! – Rams LB’s

Hellno! – Leonard Little



Indianapolis @ Cleveland Sunday 10am PT


Giddyup! – Melvin Bullitt, Robert Mathis, Keiaho/Brackett

SINS! – Colts CB’s, Dwight Freeney

Hellno! – Bob Sanders


Giddyup! – D`Qwell Jackson, Sean Jones (if he goes, check the late week practice/injury reports here), Eric Wright

SINS! – Brodney Pool, Shaun Rogers

Hellno! – no one you would normally roll with



Carolina @ Green Bay Sunday 10am PT


Giddyup! – Chris Gamble, Thomas Davis, Jon Beason

SINS! – Chris Harris, Julius Peppers, Charles Godfrey

Hellno! – Charles Johnson


Giddyup! – AJ Hawk, Brandon Chillar, Aaron Kampman

SINS! – Nick Collins

Hellno! – Atari Bigby


Atlanta @ San Diego Sunday 1:05pm PT


Giddyup! – Falcons LB’s, Erik Coleman, John Abraham

SINS! – Chris Houston

Hellno! – no one you would normally roll with


Giddyup! – Eric Weddle, Stephen Cooper

SINS! – Shaun Phillips, Cromartie/Jammer

Hellno! – Chargers DL’s

Denver @ New York Jets Sunday 1:15pm PT


Giddyup! – Denver LB’s (check injury reports to see if Williams/Webster go this week)

SINS! – Marquand Manuel

Hellno! – Calvin Lowery


Giddyup! – Abram Elam, Kerry Rhodes

SINS! – Jets LB’s, Darrelle Revis

Hellno! – David Harris (out at least one more week)



Pittsburgh @ New England Sunday 1:15pm PT


Giddyup! – Steelers LB’s

SINS! – Troy Polamalu

Hellno! – no one you would normally roll with


Giddyup! – Jerod Mayo, Brandon Merriweather

SINS! – Tedy Bruschi, Ellis Hobbs, Seymour/Warren

Hellno! – Deltha O’Neal


Kansas City @ Oakland


Giddyup! – Bernard Pollard, Derrick Johnson

SINS! – Rocky Boiman

Hellno! – no one you would normally roll with


Giddyup! – Gibril Wilson, Thomas Howard, Kirk Morrison, Chris Johnson

SINS! – Jay Richardson

Hellno! – Derrick Burgess



Chicago @ Minnesota Sunday 5:15pm PT


Giddyup! – Briggs/Urlacher, Charles Tillman

SINS! – Kevin Payne

Hellno! – Adewale Ogunleye


Giddyup! – Chad Greenway, Jared Allen, Antoine Winfield

SINS! – Ced Griffin, Nap Harris

Hellno! – no one you would normally roll with



Jacksonville @ Houston Monday 5:30pm PT


Giddyup! – Daryl Smith, Rashean Mathis, Justin Durant

SINS! – Gerald Sensabaugh, Brian Williams

Hellno! – Jags DE’s


Giddyup! – DeMeco Ryans, Xavier Adibi, Mario Williams

SINS! – Texans DB’s

Hellno! – Amobi Okoye

That’s it for me this week! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I know I will! See you here for week 14!

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