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The Hive – Week 14 edition – **Part II**

The Hive – Week 14 edition – Part II





Welcome back to The Hive everyone! Wow, what a snoozer last night huh? NFL Network sure got some garbage matchups for Thursday Night Football. NBC pretty much killed it with the flex scheduling, they are getting far better games than what we see on NFL Network or on Monday Night Football. Oh well, at least I had Fast Willie going in a playoff game last night! Lets take a look at the rest of the week 14 IDP action.





Philadelphia @ Washington Sunday 10am PST






Studs – Jeremiah Trotter – should be good for nice tackle numbers as usual


Brian Dawkins – gotta like the veteran ball hawk vs a first year starting QB


Strong starts – Trent Cole – when he isn’t getting sacks he is usually at least putting up respectable tackle numbers


Gut checks – Lito Sheppard – should have a nice battle between himself and Santana Moss


Omar Gaither – if McCoy cant go or is limited I like this kid. Frankly I think the Philly D looked better with Gaither out there.


Stay away – Matt McCoy – even if he plays he hasn’t been putting up good IDP numbers.





Studs – Sean Taylor Has been performing at a studly level all season in DB required leagues.


Strong starts – Lemar Marshall – hasn’t been putting up huge numbers, but will get you a solid 5-8 solos each week.


Carlos Rogers – should be busy if Garcia keeps throwing like he did last week.


Gut checks – Shawn Springs – claims he will play this week, but I don’t trust his hammy.


Stay away – Andre Carter – if Jon Runyan can handle Julius Peppers then Carter has no chance.





Tennessee @ Houston Sunday 10am PST






Studs – Chris Hope – still putting up the numbers


Keith Bulluck – the best IDP LB in the business


Kyle Vanden Bosch – yup, it’s the Texans


Strong starts – Pacman Jones – will be on AJ all day long. Added bonus if you get special teams points.


Gut checks – David Thornton – I don’t trust his shoulder, play him at your own risk.


Stay away – Stephen Tulloch/Peter Sirmon – both are getting snaps with Thornton back at WILL, killing both of their values.





Studs – Demeco Ryans – Thanks for last week, best friend.


Strong starts – Morlon Greenwood – I think VY and Henry will run a lot this week, so there should be plenty for Morlon too.


Glen Earl – Should get plenty of cheap downfield tackles on Vince.


Dunta Robinson – figures to be on Drew Bennett, and VY still throws some picks here and there.


Gut checks – Mario Williams – Zero sacks last week vs the Raiders? Come on rook!


Stay away – Dexter McCleon – doesn’t face Aaron Brooks this week, so wont put up the same type of stat line.




Green Bay @ San Francisco Sunday 1:05pm PST



Green Bay


Studs – A.J. Hawk – should have his hands full with Frank Gore


Aaron Kampman – due for a big game


Strong starts – Nick Barnett – gets a slight downgrade as he isn’t as much of a threat to get picks with a club for a hand


Gut checks – Nick Collins – gimpy


KGB – wimpy


Charles Woodson – simpy


Stay away – Abdul Hodge – thanks for the TD and for exposing yourself as a liability in the run game Abdul, now go sit on the bench. See you in 07!



San Francisco


Studs – Keith Lewis – why wasn’t he starting sooner?


Brandon Moore – him too!


Strong starts – Walt Harris – should be busy with Donald Driver. Favre throws picks, Harris is the best bet to get one this week.


Gut checks – Jeff Ulbrich – merits some consideration with the resurgence of Ahman Green and the injury to Derek Smith which will allow Ulbrich a start at MLB.


Manny Lawson – too streaky for my tastes


Stay away – Derek Smith –OUT this week




Seattle @ Arizona Sunday 1:05pm PST






Studs – Ken Hamlin – gotta start him at DB vs Leinart. Hamlin is rotten vs running teams and spectacular vs passing offenses.


Strong starts – Lofa Tatupu – as sorry as the Cards run game has been, and as up and down as Lofa has been, he isn’t the no brainer he would normally be. Start him depending on depth. He did put up 6 solos and 6 assists in their last meeting.


Julian Peterson – has been invisible lately, but should be good for a sack or two this week.


Gut checks – Trufant/Herndon – logic says these two should score plenty as they will be matched up with Fitz and Boldin, respectively. But every time I think these two are set to blow up one or both of them disappoints. Use with caution.


Stay away – Hawks DL – Wistrom maybe if you are in a pinch, but these guys haven’t been putting up the numbers.






Studs – Gerald Hayes – fantastic matchup vs SA


Adrian Wilson – ditto


Strong starts – Karlos Dansby – only 4 solos last week, expect more vs Alexander.


Antrel Rolle – Djax owns this kid, Rolle should get plenty of tackles.


Gut checks – Chike Okeafor- 2.5 sacks last week, and he could have something extra in the tank facing his old team. That being said, I don’t expect a repeat.


Stay away – Calvin Pace – doing NADA in Bert Berry’s spot amd in fact is sharing time with scrub Antonio Smith.





Buffalo @ New York Jets Sunday 1:15pm PST






Studs – London Fletcher-Baker – a no brainer start.


Strong starts – Nate Clements – will be busy with Coles and/or Cotchery.


Aaron Schobel – has played well recently, but Ferguson is stout vs the pass rush.


Gut checks – Terrance McGee – I don’t trust him this week even if he goes with that bum ankle.


Donte Whitner – 6 solos last week.


Takeo Spikes – logic would dictate he should see an upswing in production with the playmaking Crowell not on the field.


Stay away – Angelo Crowell – out for the year.




New York


Studs – Kerry Rhodes – the only Jets IDP that should be started every week.


Strong starts – Bryan Thomas – Losman takes his fair share of sacks, and Thomas has been hot.


Erik Coleman – 9 total tackles last week, has put together a very solid 2nd half.


Gut checks – Vilma/Barton – Vilma hasn’t had more than 4 solos since week 7. I hate Eric Mangini.


Andre Dyson – I think he will put up better numbers than last week, but that isn’t saying a whole lot.


Stay away – Victor Hobson – wont repeat last week’s 9 solo performance.





Denver @ San Diego Sunday 1:15pm PST






Studs – Champ Bailey – just keeps putting up the points week after week.


Strong starts – Ian Gold – will have to make up for Al Wilson not being at 100%


Darrent Williams – one of the best young corners in the game, has also been a consistent IDP performer this season.


Gut checks – Al Wilson – looks like he intends on playing, but neck injuries are no joke.


D.J. Williams – too up and down for my taste, but a game vs LT could be just what the doctor ordered.


Stay away – Broncos DL’s – no one worth playing here.



San Diego


Studs – Donnie Edwards – If it wasn’t for Demeco Ryans old man Edwards would have had the stat line of the week in week 13 with his 12 solo 6 assist performance. Very impressive.


Strong starts – Quentin Jammer – will be on Javon and I wouldn’t doubt that he can get himself a pick off the rookie QB Cutler this week.


Gut checks – The Cheater – the Donkeys are pretty darn good at pass protection. The Cheater might not be able to use his steroid fueled rage to get you fantasy points this week. And by the way, you might actually go to hell for having him on your team, that is still unclear at this time.


Shaun Phillips – gimpy again, if he is a go for sure bump him up to strong start.


Stay away – Chargers DL’s – even if Castillo is back this week I would sit him in the IDP world until he proves he is good to go. The rest are worthless as far as IDP’s are concerned.





New Orleans @ Dallas Sunday 5:15pm PST




New Orleans


Studs – Charles Grant – taking turns having huge games with Will Smith, it was Grants turn last week with 6 solos and a sack. With Smith gimpy, Grant will be relied upon to put some heat on Romo


Strong starts – Josh Bullocks – I like the youngster this week, he should have plenty of mop up tackles vs the Cowboys passing attack.


Gut checks – Will Smith – questionable with a bum knee. If he is a go bump him to strong start.


Fujita/Shanle – these two were popular waiver pickups at the beginning of the season, but both have fallen off. I like Fujita a little more last week as he will probably bring a little extra for the matchup with the team that dumped him.


Stay away – Hollis Thomas – `roids are bad!





Studs – Bradie James – has been piling up the solos lately, and the Saints will try to run a lot, at least in the first half.


Roy Williams – overrated, but you have to like the matchup with Brees and his random assortment of productive WR’s.


Strong starts – Terrance Newman – should at least be good for plenty of tackles this week.


Gut checks – Akin Ayodele – 7 solos last week, and has been coming on in the 2nd half.


Demarcus Ware – the Saints don’t give up a lot of sacks.


Stay away – Singleton/Burnett/Carpenter – none of the 3 put up reliable IDP numbers.




Chicago @ St Louis Monday 5:30pm PST






Studs – Briggs/Urlacher – Should be busy with Sjax. Briggs should do a little better, as he is the best IDP on the Bears. I’ll say it one more time just for a special reader out there – Lance Briggs is a superior IDP LB to Brian Urlacher. Live with it.


Strong starts – Charles Tillman – has come on recently, and has a sweet matchup with Torry Holt.


Danieal Manning – the rookie has come on strong lately, and his speed should be a big asset on the carpet in St. Louis.


Gut checks – Ricky Manning Jr – normally I shy away from guys who scored a TD the previous week, but Manning looks to start with Vasher gimpy. He merits consideration if he is in that role as opposed to nickel corner.


Stay away – Tommie Harris – OUT this week, and maybe for the season with a hammy injury.



St Louis


Studs – Will Witherspoon – will be very busy, especially if Grossman is horrid again and the Bears have to rely on the run.


Strong starts – Leonard Little – The Bears have done very well at keeping Rex upright, not that it helps his performance much. Little still merits a start at DL unless you are stacked.


O.J. Atogwe – has been pretty darn consistent this season, and ol Rex has been chucking up picks like they are going out of style.


Gut checks – Tye Hill – has been playing really well, but I don’t think the Bears will have to throw to the outside much.


Stay away – Pino Tinoisamoa – very disappointing season for Pino, I expected a lot more from him.






Well that about wraps up week 14! Good luck to all of you in your playoff matchups, and good luck to those of you wrapping up the fantasy regular season. Hope to see you back here next week!

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