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The Hive – Week 15 edition – Part 1

The Hive – Week 15 edition – Part 1




Welcome back to The Hive everyone! If you are reading this you are probably in the playoffs, so congrats! I made the playoffs in 9 of my 11 leagues this year, and in 6 or my 7 IDP leagues, so this week is huge for me too. Should be fun! Lots of good IDP matchups this week, so lets get to it!





San Francisco @ Seattle Thursday 5pm PST



San Francisco


Studs – Keith Lewis – one of the hottest DB’s on the planet right now. Has played so well that the Niners cut Tony Parrish. Nice work by the former Duck.


Strong starts – Brandon Moore – should be a bounce back week vs Alexander in the rain and slop in Seattle.


Gut checks – Harris/Spencer – I don’t think there will be a lot of passing from the Seattle offense this week, so downgrade the corners.


Stay away – Niners MLB’s – Smith is out, Ulbrich is questionable and will likely split reps with recently signed journeyman Jay Foreman. Avoid.






Studs – Ken Hamlin – this game is right up his alley. Had 7 solos last time they played the Niners.


Strong starts – Julian Peterson – should get to double digit sacks this week, which would be a career best.


Lofa Tatupu – has been unreliable for most of the 2nd half of the season. If Gore gets going tonight Lofa should have a big game. Emphasize should.


Gut checks – Trufant/Herndon – Trufant came up big with 8 solos last week, but I woulndnt expect a repeat.


Stay away – Rocky Bernard – has missed practice all week but will try to play tonight. Doesn’t sound good to me.






Dallas @ Atlanta Saturday 5pm PST





Studs – Bradie James – should have a big tackle day regardless of who is running the ball for Atlanta.


Strong starts – Roy Williams – has been a disappointment to most who drafted him, but he should come through this week vs the run-first, run-second offense of the Falcons.


Akin Ayodele – nice matchup play here if you need LB help.


Gut checks – Newman/Henry – if I were Vick I wouldn’t be throwing to anyone but Crump and Griffith. The rest of these jokers cant catch. I don’t expect much from the `Boys CB’s this week.


Demarcus Ware – a permanent resident of the gut check section.


Stay away – Dallas FS’ – first it was Watkins, then Keith Davis took his job, now they have signed 49’ers castoff Tony Parrish. Avoid.






Studs – Keith Brooking – I know a lot of you are hoping he can duplicate his 11 solo performance of last week for your playoff matchups this week. I don’t know about 11 solos, but he will get damn close.


Strong starts – John Abraham – looked beastly last week, but Dallas has protected Romo pretty well. Start him unless you have a super stud in front of him at DL.


Demorrio Williams – when will Mora realize that this D plays about 10x better with Demorrio on the field and Hartwell on the sidelines? Demorrio should start again this week and should be solid. Don’t expect another TD though.


Gut checks – Michael Boley – went from early season waiver gem to IDP oblivion in a matter of weeks. But did bust out with 8 solos last week. You could do worse.


Deangelo Hall – every time I predict a nice tackle performance for this kid he tanks. He seems to just let the WR run past him and into the endzone instead of tackling him. This seems to be a bad thing. T.O. will abuse this poor kid. Glenn might shame Hall a bit too.


Stay away – Jason Webster – torn groin. Doesn’t that sound pleasant?





Cleveland @ Baltimore Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Andra Davis – without rookie upstart D’Qwell Jackson hawking his tackles I think Davis is in for a huge week vs Fat Jamal and the resurgent Ravens offense.


Strong starts – Sean Jones – has been a top 10 DB in most IDP formats all season long.


Gut checks – Brodney Pool – took over for Brian Russell last week and looks to start again this week.


Stay away – D’Qwell Jackson – doesn’t sound like he will be able to do much til 2007, as the Browns wont rush their prized rookie back from his toe injury for meaningless games. Feel free to drop him in redraft leagues.


Orpheous Roye – placed on I.R. this week






Studs – Ray Ray/Adaluis/Bart Scott – enjoy this Ravens fans, as these 3 likely wont be together next season. They will run roughshod over the Browns. And will someone please come up with a sweet nickname for Bart Scott? I think he has earned it at this point.


Strong starts – Terrell Suggs – has traditionally killed the Browns


Gut checks – Ed Reed – he has traditionally killed the Browns too, but he hasn’t been consistent enough this season to get a solid start.


Dawan Landry – up and down.


Trevor Pryce – quietly up to 9.5 sacks on the season.


Stay away – none – all of the usual suspects are startable this week, depending on your situation.






Detroit @ Green Bay Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Ernie Sims – if Demeco Ryans wasn’t a Golden God Sims would be your defensive R.O.Y.


Strong starts – Cory Redding – has been hot lately and should be one of the few bright spots for the Lions on Sunday.


Kenoy Kennedy – has been productive since his return from injury.


Gut checks – Dre Bly – normally not much of an option, but vs Driver he merits some consideration.


Stay away –Fernando Bryant– wont play this week



Green Bay


Studs – Aaron Kampman – should be a huge week for Kampman.


Strong starts – Barnett/Hawk – downgrade them both a notch due to the suddenly non-existent Lions run game


Charles Woodson – should be busy with Roy.


Gut checks – Nick Collins – a little gimpy, but I’d start him if I had him vs this O.


Stay away – KGB – all I really need this guy to do is distract the opposition from Kampman a few times. That would be swell.





Houston @ New England Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Demeco Ryans – R.O.Y.


Strong starts – Dunta Robinson – the Pats are due to air it out.


Glen Earl – he should benefit too.


Morlon Greenwood – has been better recently.


Gut checks – Mario Williams – not even the best defensive rookie on his own team.


Stay away – CC Brown – not looking like he will suit up this week.




New England


Studs – none


Strong starts – Ty Warren – should be able to notch a sack or two easy


Gut checks – Richard Seymour – doesn’t normally deserve consideration, but with Wilfork out and them playing the Texans he could have a solid game.


All Pats LB’s – play at your own risk


Stay away – Vince Wilfork – too bad the Texans have no run game, they could exploit the middle with Vince not in there.




Jacksonville @ Tennessee Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Daryl Smith – should see a lot of Christina Brown and Vince Young on Sunday.


Rashean Mathis – if your league has big INT bonuses he is almost a must start at this point


Strong starts – Clint Ingram – LB’s have scored well vs the Titans since VY took over.


Gut checks – Gerald Sensabaugh – nice pick on Manning last week, but you cant count on a repeat. Worth consideration if you need DB help, but I’d rather swoop Keith Lewis.


Stay away – Jags DE’s – when you cant even produce vs the Texans you are truly worthless.





Studs – Keith Bulluck – top 5 in every IDP format known to man. Play him as always.


Chris Hope – has cooled a bit, but should pile up the tackles vs this offense.


Strong starts – Pacman Jones – has been hot lately, and is an even better start in leagues where you get additional points for return yards.


Gut checks – Kyle Vanden Bosch – I keep waiting for him to do something. He hasn’t done it. 5 sacks so far is about half what he should have at this point.


Stay away – Peter Sirmon – I’d like to know what the Titans are smoking. Playing this turd over Stephen Tulloch is just plain retarded.





Miami @ Buffalo Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Jason Taylor – traditionally owns him some Buffalo, Losman will feel his wrath this week.


Zach Thomas – should be busy with McGahee


Strong starts – Channing Crowder – isn’t putting up huge numbers, but is usually good for 5-8 total tackles a week


Gut checks – Vonnie Holliday – has had a pretty solid year. Miami got a bargain here. Unlike with Kevin Carter, who has been terrible.


Stay away – Miami DB’s – I don’t like this group for fantasy purposes.





Studs – London Fletcher-Baker – ho hum, another Pro Bowl season for London.


Aaron Schobel – The Fins have slowly improved their pass protection this season, but Schobel has been too hot to sit.


Strong starts – Nate Clements – trying to earn a massive offseason payday, I think he is good for a pick on Joey this week.


Gut checks – Terrance McGee – speed DB + any lower leg injury = not a guy I would start.


Stay away – Donte Whitner – looks like he will give it a go this week, but I don’t trust any gimpy DB’s.





New York Jets @ Minnesota Sunday 10am PST



New York


Studs – Kerry Rhodes – will make Brad Johnson miserable.


Strong starts – Bryan Thomas – too hot to sit, hopefully he will get reps on the non-McKinnee/Hutch side of things.


Erik Coleman – solid through most of the 2nd half.


Gut checks – Jonathan Vilma – I will repeat: I hate Eric Mangini. Please, please, please, for the sake of my IDP dynasty team, trade Vilma to a 4-3 team this offseason. He hates Mangini as much as I do and wont re-sign there, might as well trade him. Please?


Stay away – Victor Hobson – his 2 good games this season don’t make up for the 12 crap games.





Studs – Antoine Winfield – should have a good game vs Penny and Coles.


Strong starts – EJ Henderson – welcome back to the stat sheet EJ! Lets see if he can get back to his early season hotness.


Gut checks – Griffin/Smoot – sharing snaps and generally nullifying each other. Griffin is the better play of the two if desperate.


Stay away – Vikings DL’s – nothing to see here. Kevin Williams in a DT required league only.



Well that about wraps up part one! Enjoy tonights game, I know it has a lot of fantasy implications for a lot of you out there. I am going against our very own Doug Gaskell (known to many of you here from his weekly Seadog Report, a Fantasy Sharks staple) in the playoffs of The Wall, the Fantasy Sharks showcase IDP only league. I have Keith Lewis tonight, and I need a big game from him to set the tone, as Doug has a hell of a team. I cant wait! See you all back here tomorrow for part 2 of The Hive!

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