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The Hive – week 15 edition – part 2

The Hive – Week 15 edition – Part 2



Welcome back to The Hive everyone! Last night was a more entertaining game than expected, and I got solid performances from Keith Lewis and Lofa Tatupu in a couple of my IDP leagues, so all is well today. Man, can Keith Lewis bring it or what? Kind of makes you wonder what took the Niners so long to get that kid in the lineup. He was a stud at Oregon and I always thought he deserved a shot. Lets take a look at the rest of the week 15 action!




Pittsburgh @ Carolina Sunday 10am PST





Studs – James Farrior – steady LB’s are a favorite of mine. Farrior and Brooking should really be on more of my teams this season. Less Vilma, more Farrior!


Strong starts – Bryant Mcfadden – Has been highly productive since his promotion, and he will likely line up on Steve Smith many times on Sunday. Nice matchup.


Larry Foote – should get his usual 5-7 tackles with a chance of a sack.


Gut checks – Anthony Smith – fantastic news for his dynasty owners, as Smith is the new FS for the rest of the season. He will likely go into 2007 as half of the baddest safety duo in the AFC, maybe the NFL. For now he is a gut check, but IMO a strong one against this offense.


Stay away – Ryan Clark – go sit on the bench. There is a spot next to Ike Taylor.


Troy Polamalu – probably done for the year. No sense in him doing further damage to the knee.





Studs – Shaun Williams – has been playing lights out since returning from injury. Should be very busy on Sunday, as FWP gets past the front seven regularly and Big Ben has been airing it out.


Julius Peppers – yes I am highly concerned by his recent lack of production, but it is extremely hard to sit this guy. The Steelers have given up 29 sacks on the season.


Strong starts – Chris Draft/Thomas Davis – I think they will both put up solid numbers for you this week.


Richard Marshall – about the only healthy CB they have.


Gut checks – Mike Rucker – has been playing better as everyone is putting 2 or 3 guys on Peppers, freeing up Rucker on the other side.


Stay away – Lucas/Gamble – Gamble is more likely to play than Lucas, but I wouldn’t trust him even if he does play.




Tampa Bay @ Chicago Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Ronde Barber – If Rex plays like Rex then Ronde could have another 2 TD day.


Strong starts – Shelton Quarles – Apparently Gruden hates IDP players like Satanahan hates people who start his RB’s. Quarles is back in full effect and Ruud is on the bench. Thanks Chucky!


Derrick Brooks – should be busy with Benson and Jones.


Jermaine Phillips – and he should give you respectable tackle numbers as well


Gut checks – Juran Bolden – Bears offense is too unpredictable for me to recommend this guy. But if Rex gets the passing game going Bolden will have a good IDP day as he cant cover anyone.


Stay away – Bucs DL’s – White has been getting handfuls of tackles, but no sacks yet. The rest are completely worthless.





Studs – Lance Briggs – should get some votes for defensive P.O.Y.


Brian Urlacher – he feasts on weak teams. That’s because the good ones can shut him down. Its all a part of this whole “Urlacher is overrated” thing. Get on board.


Strong starts – Alex Brown – should be able to get to Gradkowski or Rattay with ease.


Charles Tillman – will be on Galloway.


Gut checks – Danieal Manning – I smell a pick for the rook this week.


Mark Anderson – I’ll be stunned if Ogunleye is still there next season. Anderson has outplayed him every time they have put him on the field. The rook from Alabama is up to 10.5 sacks on the season.


Stay away – Nathan Vasher – the playoff bound Bears wont rush Vasher back. IDP’ers can safely cut him.




Washington @ New Orleans Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Sean Taylor – yeah he is inconsistent, yeah he has had two crap weeks in a row. But don’t let that dissuade you from taking advantage of a sick matchup. The Saints don’t let off the gas til they have 35-49 points, and Brees is good for 40-50 pass attempts even when they are winning. Start Taylor.


Strong starts – Carlos Rogers – he will reap the benefits of the Drew Fouts, I mean Brees tour as well.


Lemar Marshall – due for a good game


Gut checks – Shawn Springs – if he can stay on the field he could have a solid game as well.


Stay away – Washington DL – not that any of them are worth more than your unending scorn, but they are especially worthless this week against a Saints team that doesn’t give up many sacks.



New Orleans


Studs – none – no one really grabs me on this D this week


Strong starts – Will Smith/Charles Grant – Jon Jansen has been amazing this season, and Campbell hasn’t been taking a lot of sacks, so these two aren’t the slam dunk that they normally are.


***UPDATE*** Jon Jansen was just downgraded to doubtful this afternoon, and according to reports will not play. The Skins have horrible OL depth, so upgrade Charles Grant to stud status. Smith is still on the high side of strong starts.


Josh Bullocks – could be busy, especially if the Redskins get down early, which they should.


Gut checks – Fujita/Shanle – yawn.


Stay away – rest of the Saints DB’s – outside of Bullocks, the rest don’t merit attention in the IDP world.




Denver @ Arizona Sunday 1:05pm PST





Studs – Champ Bailey – will be on Fitz, and you know the rookie QB will press his luck at least a few times.


Strong starts – Al Wilson – MLB’s have scored well vs the Cards this year, due in no small part to the pathetic per carry average of Edgerrin James, who has lost his sweet nickname with his suckitude. Wilson is a safe start this week.


Ian Gold – so is Gold.


Gut checks – Darrent Williams – got bumped to questionable yesterday, and as we know a mid week downgrade is rarely good news. If he starts I love the matchup between him and Boldin.


Kenard Lang – has been up and down this year, but the Cards OL is nothing special.


Stay away – Rest of the Donk’s DL – Elvis has left the building, and if you ever even thought about starting Ebenezer Ekuban on your fantasy team you should slap the hell out of yourself right now. Now shout “thank you me, may I have another?” and do it again!





Studs – Adrian Wilson – I am creating a statue in my front yard to commemorate the greatness of Adrian Wilson. It will be crafted out of fine metals and Spam. He and Demeco are my friggin heroes.


Gerald Hayes – is pretty much a lock for 5 solos, and I think he gets close to doubling that number this week.


Strong starts – Karlos Dansby – seems to be good to go injury-wise, so it should be a solid week for Dansby.


Gut checks – Antrel Rolle – I am as good at reading Mr. Rolle’s matchups on a weekly basis as I am at reading Swahili. I’ll leave it at that.


Stay away – Darnell Dockett – don’t expect a repeat of last week.



Philadelphia @ New York Giants Sunday 1:15pm PST





Studs – Jeremiah Trotter – 13 total tackles last week. Niiiiice.


Brian Dawkins – expect Eli to be walking off the field shaking his head and muttering to himself at least once on Sunday over something Dawkins did.


Strong starts – Omar Gaither – another rookie taking somoene’s job. Gaither looked mean last week, I think he will put up another solid week. Another case of “why didn’t you start this guy a month ago dummy?”


Gut checks – Trent Cole/Darren Howard – Cole has fallen off big time, and the Giants have only given up 2 sacks in the last month.


Stay away – Michael Lewis – scored a TD last week, but didn’t win his job back. Let last week serve as a reminder to dynasty leaguers everywhere as to why they should swoop this guy on the cheap.



New York


Studs – Antonio Pierce – 8 solos last time vs Philly, and with Garcia working the short game there is no reason to think it will be much different this time around.


Gibril Wilson – unless you are sitting on Adrian Wilson this man should be in your lineup.


Strong starts – Matthias Kiwanuka – Strahan wont be back, so feel free to start the rook.


Will Demps – Coughlin insults aside, this guy has been a pretty solid IDP performer for the last month or so.


Gut checks – Osi Umenyiora – hasn’t done much since he came back


Stay away – Michael Strahan – still not close to playing according to the Giants




St Louis @ Oakland – Sunday 1:15pm PST



St Louis


Studs – Will Witherspoon – LB’s have scored really, really well vs the Raiders this season.


Leonard Little – so have DL’s, as the Raiders lead the league in sacks allowed.


Strong starts – O.J. Atogwe – he could pick Sport Goofy this week.


Gut checks – Dexter Coakley – takes over for Pino, but I don’t know how much the old guy has in the tank. He looked slow last week.


Stay away – Pino Tinoisamoa – now on I.R., which mercifully saved his IDP owners from starting him again.





Studs – Kirk Morrison – should be one of the top 10 LB’s taken in all IDP formats next year after a fantastic sophomore campaign.


Derrick Burgess – should be huge vs a scrubby OL


Strong starts – Thomas Howard – should be busy chasing Sjax around all day long.


Nnamdi Asomugha – bumped up to probable and has a sweet matchup vs Torry Holt.


Gut checks – Warren Sapp – in a DT required league he merits consideration, as he seems to play better at home and the interior of the Rams line is garbage, especially with Timmerman likely out this week.


Stuart Schweigart – has fallen off after a solid 1st half of the season.


Stay away – Fabian Washington – usually #2 corners put up better IDP numbers, but people seem to be more scared of this 2nd year stud than they are Asomugha, who is a likely Pro Bowler.




Kansas City @ Denver Sunday 5:15pm PST



Kansas City


Studs – Jared Allen – not the best matchup, but you have to start the big redneck this week.


Strong starts – Derrick Johnson/Kawicka Mitchell – lets see if that whole “start your LB’s vs LT” thing works out again. I think it will.


Gut checks – Tamba Hali – notched a sack vs the Chargers last time out, and has been hot in the 2nd half of the season.


Stay away – Chiefs DB’s – the safeties share snaps with each other (Wesley, Page and Knight) and the Chargers don’t throw enough to the outside to make Surtain and Law relevant. Rivers also doesn’t throw many picks at all, which further downgrades this group.



San Diego


Studs – Donnie Edwards – LB’s vs LJ aint too shabby either.


Strong starts – The Cheater – should get to Green at least once using his steroid fueled rage.


Luis Castillo – is healthy again, and should also be able to get to Green with his steroid fueled rage.


Shaun Phillips – look ma, a talented player on the Chargers defense who isn’t a dirty roid filled cheater! This is like finding Bigfoot!!


Gut checks – Charger’s DB’s – McCree and Jammer could have good games, but I wouldn’t want to trust my playoff team to either one.


Stay away – Igor Olshansky – does the least with his steroid fueled rage than anyone else on the Chargers. Very disappointing.




Cincinnati @ Indianapolis Monday 5:30pm PST





Studs – Madieu Williams – beautiful matchup for the ball hawking DB.


Strong starts – Landon Johnson – the only steady producer in the lB corp right now.


Justin Smith – gets a downgrade this week due to the supremacy of the Colts OL.


Jonathan Joseph – might be a good time to plug the rookie in there.


Gut checks – Robert Geathers – has been solid, but not vs this line.


Brian Simmons – ok, so now Simmons is playing, recent IDP stud Caleb Miller is benched, and Brooks is now inactive each week? Wow.


Stay away – Caleb Miller – seems to have lost his job, which is rather confusing given how well he played and how old and slow Simmons looked prior to his neck injury.





Studs – Brackett/June – as sorry as this defense has been vs the run, you know they will get a solid dose of Rudi this week. Lots of tackles for everyone, ho ho ho!!


Robert Mathis – I am really glad I own him this week. Should be fun, as the Bengals give up sacks on the regular.


Strong starts – none – if it isn’t one of the 3 above players they probably shouldn’t be in your lineup.


Gut checks – Nick Harper – about the only other Colt IDP I would think about, and only because he will likely be on CJ.


Stay away – Bob Sanders – good luck trying to figure out when he will play and when he wont. Unless you have Matt Giordano on your roster too (hahaha) you probably shouldn’t wait til the MNF inactive list to come out to take ol Bob out of your lineup.



Well that about wraps it up for week 15. I hope all of you are successful in your playoff matchups this week, unless you are playing me! See you next week!


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