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The Hive – Week 2

The Hive – Week 2 edition


Welcome back to The Hive! To start things off I’d like those of you who own such underachieving IDP stars as Jared Allen, Antonio Pierce, Kerry Rhodes, Kirk Morrison, Nate Clements, etc TO STEP BACK FROM THE LEDGE! In various leagues that people have sent me messages and emails about this week, several gave me examples of players like Pierce and Will Witherspoon being dropped for Zach Diles or Matt Roth. About the only (former?) IDP star I am about ready to throw in the towel on is Keith Bulluck, but we will discuss him more later. As of now, don’t be a knee-jerk! Have faith in the guys you drafted, especially if they are usual studs of previous seasons. Now let’s take a look at some week 2 action!


How we rank `em!

Giddyup! – YEEEHAW!!

SINS! – solid if not spectacular

Hellno! – Get it? Got it? Good.





Sunday 10am PT



Giddyup! – Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs, Charles Tillman

SINS! –   Ogunleye/Brown, Mike Brown

Hellno! – Payne/McGowan, Mark Anderson



Giddyup! – Jon Beason, Chris Harris, Julius Peppers

SINS! – Chris Gamble, Thomas Davis, Na’il Diggs

Hellno! – Charles Johnson, Tyler Brayton


Game notes: For the Bears both O-Gun and Brown were disruptive against the Colts, while Mark Anderson did nothing with his snaps. See if that continues this week, but I would reserve

Anderson until further notice. For the Panthers look for their LB’s and DB’s to continue to be productive, and it’s too early to give up on Julius Peppers. Many of you who owned him last season may feel differently, but I have faith that he will produce.



@ Cincy Sunday 10am PT  



Giddyup! – Finnegan/Harper, Michael Griffin, Kyle VandenBosch, David Thornton

SINS! –   Chris Hope, Keith Bulluck

Hellno! – Albert Haynesworth, Tony Brown (move both up if Haynesworth plays)



Giddyup! – Keith Rivers, Dhani Jones

SINS! – Robert Geathers, Hall/Joseph, Rashad Jeanty

Hellno! – Antwan Odom


Game notes: For the Titans whether or not they keep up their ridiculous week one production very well may depend on whether or not Albert Haynesworth is active or not. He may not be at this point, as he is dealing with a concussion. Don’t expect Tony Brown to do what he did last week without Hayneworth drawing 2 guys next to him. I do like all of the Titans DB’s this week. I am personally benching Keith Bulluck in my dynasty league (for Rocky McIntosh) until he shows me something. Bulluck stunk all last season, and Sunday made me have a flashback. Start him at your own risk. For the Bengals I like Keith Rivers (nine solo tackles last week) and Dhani Jones (six solo). Maybe Geathers or the CB’s, but not much else to play here.


Green Bay




10am PT




Giddyup! –   Aaron Kampman, Atari Bigby, AJ Hawk, Nick Barnett

SINS! –   KGB, Charles Woodson

Hellno! – Al Harris, Nick Collins



Giddyup! – Ernie Sims (check the injury reports, but should be good to go)

SINS! –   DeWayne White, Dwight Smith

Hellno! – Gerald Alexander, Dizon/Lenon


Game notes: For the Packers this week it should be fun for their IDP’s. Aaron Kampman’s owners looked on with delight at John Abraham getting 3 sacks on the Lions last week. This is a big time matchup for Kampman in particular. Charles Woodson has a fractured toe, but is expected to play. For the Lions it was a rough week for their IDP’s, and that may continue. Paris Lenon couldn’t make it through the game last week while battling rib and knee injuries, and Jordan Dizon came in and made 5 tackles in 14 snaps. This could be a full blown LBBC until Dizon eventually takes the job. Hive favorite Gerald Alexander lost his job to Daniel Bullocks this week, keep an eye on Bullocks to see if he is productive. For now, Ernie Sims is the only Lions IDP I would be rushing to get into my lineup.


Buffalo @ Jacksonville Sunday

10am PT



Giddyup! – Paul Posluszny, Aaron Schobel, Stroud/Williams (in DT required leagues), Terrance McGee

SINS! – Kawicka Mitchell, Ryan Denney

Hellno! – Keith Ellison, John McCargo



Giddyup! – Mike Peterson, Brian Williams, John Henderson (in DT required leagues)

SINS! –   Justin Durant, Rashean Mathis

Hellno! – Derrick Harvey


Game notes: OOOOHWEEEE the Bills are gold on defense this season. You really cant go wrong with any of their starting DL’s in DL required leagues, and the Posluszny/Mitchell combo is going to be starting for a lot of IDP teams this year. For the Jags it was nice to see 1st round rookie holdout Derrick Harvey get in on the action last week. He is not startable in IDP leagues yet, but he is a fantastic dynasty target and a guy to watch in redraft leagues. If he claims a full time gig he could be a stud.




Kansas City Sunday 10am PT  



Giddyup! – Kirk Morrison, Gibril Wilson, Deangelo Hall

SINS! – Thomas Howard, Tommy Kelly, Derrick Burgess

Hellno! – Michael Huff




Giddyup! – Bernard Pollard

SINS! – Pat Thomas, Flowers/Surtain, Tamba Hali

Hellno! – Edwards/Williams


Game notes: My boys were an embarrassment on MNF. But one man’s pain is another mans pleasure. As I throw up in my mouth watching Deangelo Hall “cover” the other teams WR’s, you can delight in his IDP goodness. For the Chiefs, Bernard Pollard is my hero. That is all. Oh yeah, and stay away from the Donnie Edwards/Demorrio Williams mess until Herm realizes that Pat Thomas is a terrible football player and moves Donnie to MIKE and Demorrio to WILL. Until then they are useless and Thomas remains a fringe starting LB.


*9/12 UPDATE!! –Oakland will be starting part time OL/part time matador Mario Henderson at LT on Sunday. Bump up Tamba Hali BIG TIME.


Indianapolis @

Minnesota Sunday 10am PT



Giddyup! – Freddy Keiaho, Robert Mathis, Bob Sanders

SINS! –   Antoine Bethea, Marlin Jackson, Dwight Freeney

Hellno! – Raheem Brock




Giddyup! – Jared Allen, Antoine Winfield, EJ Henderson


Chad Greenway, Kevin Williams, Cedric Griffin

Hellno! – Marcus McCauley


Game notes: For the Colts the release of pothead Ed Johnson means more PT for Mathis and Freeney, as Raheem Brock moves inside. Freeney looked fast for the 1st time in a long time, so he might end up being useful this year. I love Mathis’ matchup. For the Vikes Chad Greenway defied low expectations associated with his move to SAM with a big game last week, let’s see if he can duplicate it. Don’t bail on Jared Allen,


Clifton just has his number.


New York

Giants @ St Louis Sunday 10am PT  



Giddyup! – Tuck/Kiwanuka, Aaron Ross, Antonio Pierce

SINS! – James Butler, Brian Kehl

Hellno! – Gerris Wilkinson, Johnson/Phillips



Giddyup! – OJ Atogwe, Will Witherspoon

SINS! – James Hall (DT eligible?), Corey Chaveous, Tye Hill

Hellno! – Leonard Little, Chris Long


Game notes: For the Giants make sure Kiwanuka practices Friday, if so he should be good to go. You really cant go wrong starting Kiwanuka or Tuck against the Rams OL this week. Nice matchup. I also like Brian Kehl to emerge over Gerris Wilkinson, though that is a LBBC right now. For the Rams Tye Hill gets another chance to put up stats this week, but don’t expect him to keep that job for long. Also, for those of you in DT required leagues, some sites have James Hall listed as a DT, and he will be playing DE for the injured Leonard Little. Could be a nice value play there.


New Orleans



Sunday 10am PT  



Giddyup! – Jonathan Vilma, Will Smith, Charles Grant

SINS! – Roman Harper (check the injury reports), Scott Fujita

Hellno! – Bobby McCray




Giddyup! –

London Fletcher, LaRon Landry

SINS! – Carlos Rogers, Fred Smoot (if Springs sits),


Springs (if he goes), Andre Carter, Rocky McIntosh

Hellno! – Jason Taylor


Game notes: For the Saints you have to like the debut of Jonathan Vilma. He almost got a couple sacks too, as the Saints were deploying him on blitzes. Gotta like that. I think Grant and Smith get off this week against a line that was abused by the Giants last week. For the Skins lets see if

London Fletcher can put up 20 tackles this week. That D might be on the field a lot this season and Fletcher is going to be IDP gold this season. Stay away from Jason Taylor until his knee improves, he is not going to help your team right now.


*9/12 UPDATE! – Harper, Fujita and CB Randall Gay are all listed as OUT this week, which means Josh Bullocks starts at safety, special teamer Troy Evans starts for Fujita and old man Aaron Glenn starts for Gay. None are startable, but its a good week for the Bullocks family!


San Francisco


Seattle Sunday

1:05pm PT



Giddyup! –   Michael Lewis, Pat Willis, Nate Clements

SINS! –   Parys Haralson (Giddyup as a DE on ESPN!), Justin Smith

Hellno! – Walt Harris




Giddyup! – Lofa Tatupu, Pat Kerney, Julian Peterson

SINS! – Marcus Trufant

Hellno! – Jackson/Tapp


Game notes: For the Niners I have another bonus for those of you playing on ESPN. OLB Parys Haralson is listed as a DE, where he could put up outstanding numbers. I am not nearly as excited about him if your league lists him as a LB, but if he keeps piling on sacks I might change my mind. For the Hawks as expected Laurence Jackson and Darryl Tapp cancelled each others value out completely, this is a situation to avoid. Check the injury reports on Marcus Trufant if you intend on playing him this week, as he has a hand issue. As of now he is supposed to go.





Bay Sunday

1:05pm PT  



Giddyup! – Curtis Lofton, Michael Boley, John Abraham, Erik Coleman

SINS! –   Houston/Grimes, Lawyer Milloy

Hellno! – Jamaal Anderson




Giddyup! – Barrett Ruud, Phillip Buchanon

SINS! –   Jermaine Phillips, Gaines Adams, Ronde Barber

Hellno! – Derrick Brooks


Game notes: For the Falcons do not be discouraged by the week one performance of Curtis Lofton. The Lions were down big, and Lofton is not on the field in nickel/dime packages. Expect much better numbers against a much better Bucs team this week. For the Bucs, use Jermaine Phillips with caution, he is already losing snaps to Hive favorite Sabby Piscatelli, and after being faked out of his shoes on Reggie Bush’s long TD last week it is only a matter of time until Phillips is on the pine.




Arizona Sunday

1:15pm PT



Giddyup! – Channing Crowder, Yeremiah Bell

SINS! – Kendall Langford (DT eligible?), Akin Ayodele, Matt Roth

Hellno! – Joey Porter



Giddyup! – Adrian Wilson, Karlos Dansby

SINS! – Travis LaBoy, Darnell Dockett, Gerald Hayes

Hellno! – Bert Berry


Game notes: The Dolphins put up more of a fight than many thought they would last week, and you can see the Parcells imprint all over this D. Crowder and Ayodele looked mean in the middle of the 3-4, and Hive favorite Yeremiah Bell lived up to the billing I gave him in the preseason. Also for those of you playing in DT required leagues, see if rookie beast DE Kendall Langford is listed as a DT in your league. Could be a poor mans Darnell Dockett. For the Cards it was good to see a solid return from Adrian Wilson. Karlos Dansby and Darnell Dockett also looked good in week one.


San Diego


Denver Sunday

1:15pm PT



Giddyup! – Eric Weddle,

Clinton Hart

SINS! – Antonio Cromartie (check the injury reports!), Antoine Cason, Jyles Tucker, Matt Wilhelm, Shaun Phillips

Hellno! (and HAHA!) – Shawne “`roids destroyed my ligaments bro” Merriman




Giddyup! – Nate Webster, DJ Williams

SINS! – Champ Bailey, Marquand Manuel

Hellno! – Jarvis Moss


Game notes: NA-NA-NA-NA, NA-NA-NA-NA, HEY HEY HEY, GOOD BYE!! Sing it with me if you hate that cheating loser Shawne Merriman as much as I do! Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you Shawne! WHOOOOOOOO!! And I own Jyles Tucker in 2 leagues, so Merriman going under the knife makes me happy in more ways than one. For the Broncos I love Webster and Williams if LT goes this week. If LT sits, not so much.


New England

@ New York Jets Sunday

1:15pm PT




Giddyup! – Jerod Mayo, Ellis Hobbs, Rodney Harrison

SINS! – Tedy Bruschi, Mike Vrabel, Adalius Thomas, Deltha O’Neal

Hellno! – Pats DL’s



Giddyup! – David Harris, Kerry Rhodes

SINS! –   Swipe Lowery, Bryan Thomas, Calvin Pace, Darrelle Revis, Eric Barton

Hellno! – Kris Jenkins, Shaun Ellis


Game notes: Pats vs Jets, Brady vs Favre, th….WHAT?? Tom Brady is HURT? I quit. I wont even watch the rest of this season without Tom Terrific. Psyche. Good riddance. Have fun with your Gucci knee brace you pansy! See you in 2009! As for the Pats D I like the LB’s, and it will be interesting to see if the surprise resurgence of Rodney Harrison continues. I felt like it was 5 years ago writing the Pats players out, Harrison, Bruschi, Deltha O’Neal…..its my 2003 IDP squad! For the Jets Swipe Lowery officially took Justin Miller’s gig, and he looks to be playable in IDP.






5:15pm PT



Giddyup! – James Harrison, LaMarr Woodley, Ike Taylor,

Troy Polamalu

SINS! – James Farrior

Hellno! – Foote/Simmons




Giddyup! – Mike Adams, D’Qwell Jackson, Eric Wright, Brandon McDonald

SINS! –   Andra Davis

Hellno! – Sean Jones


Game notes: The Steelers OLB’s got off to a huge start last week, look for Harrison and Woodley to keep up the pace. I also like Ike Taylor against Braylon Edwards this week. For the Browns stud safety Sean Jones is out for at least a month, so Mike Adams will start in his place. Bonus for you if you play on ESPN, they have Adams listed as a CB, so you will now have the starting SS for the Browns playing CB for you if you swoop

Adams. You are welcome. I also like Wright and McDonald to continue getting beat and making tackles.






5:30pm PT



Giddyup! – Stewart Bradley, Trent Cole, Quentin Mikell

SINS! – Omar Gaither, Juqua Thomas, Eagles CB’s

Hellno! – Darren Howard




Giddyup! – Demarcus Ware

SINS! –   Bradie James, Zach Thomas, Ken Hamlin

Hellno! – Pacman Jones


Game notes: Huge game on MNF, and its only week 2. While we will hear far too much about McNabb vs T.O., these defenses bring a lot to the table. For the Eagles you have to love the start for Stewart Bradley. He will be a key to a lot of successful IDP teams this season. For the Cowboys Demarcus Ware has resumed terrorizing opposing offenses and you should find that Bradie James, Zach Thomas and Ken Hamlin will all make serviceable starts.






5:30pm PT



Giddyup! – Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs

SINS! – Bart Scott, Dawan Landry, Chris McCalister

Hellno! – Ed Reed




Giddyup! – Demeco Ryans, Mario Williams

SINS! – Zach Diles (HUH?), Morlon Greenwood

Hellno! –

  Xavier Adibi


Game notes: This game is being moved due to Hurricane Ike, and thankfully it wont be shown on television in most markets. For the Ravens I wouldn’t mess with anyone outside of the LB’s. For the Texans it will be interesting to see if 2nd year SAM Zach Diles continues his torrid pace and if WILL Morlon Greenwood continues to be MIA. Odds are that their roles will reverse in upcoming weeks, but it is something to watch.


That wraps it up for week 2. Good luck to all of you in your IDP matchups this week, and we will see you here next Friday!

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