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The Hive Week 6

The Hive – Week 6


Can you believe its week 6 already? Seems like just yesterday I was putting together my IDP rookie rankings for my dynasty league rookie draft, and now we are almost halfway through the fantasy regular season. The past week has had some interesting developments in the world of IDP’s, from demotions to possible demotions to serious injuries, we will get you up to date here in The Hive. For those of you new to The Hive, we break down each game’s IDP players into studs, strong starts, gut checks and the always dreaded stay away list.




Buffalo @ Detroit Sunday 10am PST





Studs  – Angelo Crowell – Still top 10 in all formats, he must be played every week. The loss of Kevin Jones may mean fewer tackles for the average LB, but Crowell is so good against the pass he will usually get his regardless.


London Fletcher-Baker – If the Lions have no running game it could effect London’s numbers somewhat, but you should be starting him regardless.


Strong starts – Terrance McGee – has been getting burned a lot lately, which is fine and dandy for his IDP numbers most of the time. Berrian pretty much owned McGee last week, but the good news for Terrance is that Furrey and Hakim shouldn’t be able to run away from him like Berrian did.


Gut checks – Aaron Schobel – Had his 1st sack since week one last week, and the Lions just put Damien Woody on I.R. Add that to all the other injuries for that line and Schobel could have the perfect game to get things going.


Ko Simpson/Donte Whitner – Simpson had a big day last week, Whitner has out produced him most other weeks. This could be a bigger week for the ball hawk Whitner, as the Lions will be throwing a lot.


Stay away – John McCargo – the rook from N.C. State broke his foot and is out indefinitely.


Takeo Spikes – still hasn’t played. Jauron thinks he will this week, but don’t hold your breath.





Studs – Ernie Sims – The rookie sensation is leading the team in tackles by a lot. He should be starting for you, especially with McGahee coming to town.


Strong starts – none


Gut checks – Shaun Rogers – has been playing well, but the Bills keyed on Tommie Harris last week and shut him out, so don’t be surprised if the use similar tactics to tacke the Lions best DL out of the mix.


Boss Bailey – my hatred for Boss continues. One lousy tackle one week, 12 the next. He may be getting it together, or it may be an aberration. Keep your eyes on this situation, but understand that even if he starts performing he is quite the injury risk.


Daniel Bullocks – Kenoy is still out, and Terrance Holt is still terrible, so Bullocks and Jon McGraw are set to start at safety again for Detroit. I like Bullocks to score more out of the 2.


Stay away – Fernando Bryant – is on the verge of losing his job to Chargers castoff Jamar Fletcher, who had a pikc last week. Apparently Marinelli doesn’t enjoy Fernando getting burnt as much as us IDP guys do.




Carolina @ Baltimore Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Julius Peppers – Defensive P.O.Y.?? Far and away the best IDP DL, really has only had one mediocre game so far this year. We will see if he has #2 vs Jonathan Ogden, who made Merriman look like a little boy last week. An outstanding matchup within the game here. My money is on Peppers.


Strong starts – Thomas Davis – had a huge game last week, could replicate it week 6.


Chris Draft – the starting MLB from here on out unless the Panthers make a trade before next week’s deadline.


Chris Gamble – if McNair will throw at Champ, he will throw at Gamble too.


Gut checks – Richard Marshall/Ken Lucas – Marshall is a hot pickup right now, and deservedly so after his last 2 games. Just keep in mind he and Lucas are splitting time. Lucas is having issues tackling, but he could still be a big factor in pass defense. Marshall is a big play guy, and is a very strong gut check.


Stay away – Dan Morgan – on I.R. and his career is likely over.






Studs – Bart Scott/Ray Ray/Adalius Thomas – All will be fantasy gold this week. Ray Ray is going to have this unit extremely fired up after taking their 1st loss on MNF. Start em if you got em.


Strong starts – Ed Reed – still not up to his former stud status, but has put together a couple of nice games in a row. He needs a pick or two to really get going.


Gut checks – Chris McCallister – normally a guy I stay away from completely, when a CB is facing Steve Smith I take notice. Could have a big tackle game, which is quite rare for McCallister.


Samari Rolle – another possible bye week play here just based on the opponent.


Dawan Landry – should have a better week this week than he did on MNF.


Stay away – Haloti Ngata – I live the kid, but he just isn’t going to be a fantasy factor most weeks.


Trevor Pryce – only one assist against his former team last week, and this after running his mouth. Weak!





Cincinnati @ Tampa Bay Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Madieu Williams – Will be looked to to lead the D this week after the beatdown they took from New England.


Strong starts – Brian Simmons/Landon Johnson – I would be comfortable starting either one this week as it seems we were just a ruptured spleen away from the Caddy getting out of the garage. Amazing what happens when there is a competent QB under center huh?


Justin Smith – in a DL required league he should be in there versus a questionable Bucs OL.


Gut checks Kevin Kaesviharn – Could have some decent tackle numbers, but that’s about it.


Stay away Dexter Jackson – not quite ready to come back yet, but is out of his walking boot.




Tampa Bay


Studs – Ronde Barber – will be bery busy with CJ and Housh.


Derrick Brooks – Will be very busy with Rudi. Anybody see the old man chase Deuce down after a near 60 yard run? Granted Deuce isn’t as fast as he was pre injury, but that was still quite impressive.


Strong starts – Brian Kelly – Had 8 solos last week, and should be busy again against Cincy.

Shelton Quarles – just doesn’t look 100% when I watch him play. Nevertheless he should have a solid game vs Rudi.


Gut checks  – Simeon Rice – had to be helped off the field at one point last week and did NADA vs a team he usually owns. I wouldn’t be counting on him at this point.


Jermaine Phillips – Could be losing his job to special teamer Kalvin Pearson. Or this could be a motivational ploy by Gruden to get Phillips going after a couple of poor outings. Last week they split the work at SS. That’s right, it’s a DBBC. Ungood. Don’t cut Phillips or run out to nab Pearson just yet, but keep an eye on this on Sunday. We should know more by the end of the game.


Stay awayWill Allen – hasn’t been doing much next to Phillips, could be Gruden’s next scapegoat.





Houston @ Dallas Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Demeco Ryans – well rested after the bye, I expect the rookie stud to pick up right where he left off.


Strong starts – Glen Earl – the safety has done very well so far, and could be on your wire.


Dunta Robinson – last week proved Drew Bledsoe could care less about the talent level of the CB’s he throws at, as he made Lito Sheppard actually have a good IDP game. This rarely happens to Sheppard, well, because most QB’s have the sense not to throw at him. Expect Dunta to be very busy on Sunday.


Morlon Greenwood – steady if not spectacular.


Lewis Sanders – Yeah, Bledsoe will throw at the less talented corner too.


Gut checks – Mario Williams – I wouldn’t be quick to think that Mario is going to replicate what the Eagles D Line was doing last week. Mario is no Trent Cole. Chew on that for a while Texans fans, maybe ponder it as you watch replays of Reggie’s 1st TD last week. But I digress……I’d call Mario a weak gut check based on the small number of sacks the `Boys had given up prior to last week.


Stay away – Demarcus Faggins – Should be back soon, and could take Sanders’ job when he does. Keep your eye on that if you are starting Sanders in a CB required league.






Studs – Roy Williams – I swear this is his last week here if he doesn’t do something. It’s the flippin’ TEXANS Roy!! The TEXANS!!


Strong starts – Bradie James – The Texans don’t have much of a running game, but James should be good for a handful of tackles against chocolate pudding in pads (Ron Dayne).


Terrance Newman – vs AJ will be a sweet battle. Could be a big day.


Gut checks – Demarcus Ware – don’t get too excited because of the TD last week, Ware is still a hit and miss IDP player.


Stay away- Pat Watkins – BENCHED! Marcus Coleman got back from his dope suspension just in time to take the rook’s job. In other news, Watkins is now also officially property of Hank Baskett, and has to wear a tag saying so at all times.





N.Y. Giants @ Atlanta Sunday 10am PST



New York


Studs – Antonio Pierce – Will be extremely busy vs this powerful running offense.


Strong starts – Will Demps – not normally this high on the list, but vs a run oriented attack like the Falcons his tackling ability will come into play. A nice bye week filler.


Brandon Short – Played very well in place of Emmons last week, a nice bye week filler that is almost certainly on your wire.


Gibril Wilson – not in his usual stud area due to the lack of a passing game in Atlanta, but still a strong start for you this week. Just don’t expect picks and passes defended.



Gut checks – Strahan/Osi –  haven’t done much yet, especially Osi. But they will get hot and still should probably be starting for you in your DL required leagues.


Stay away – Sam Madison – wont have much to do besides try to shed Michael Jenkins’ blocks.






Studs – Keith Brooking – still don’t know if he is moving back to WILL to accommodate the returning Edgerton Hartwell, but regardless of he plays MLB or WILL he will be productive for you.


Strong starts – John Abraham – normally I preach staying away from a player coming off an injury, but from what I have read it was more Jim Mora’s call to keep him out until after the bye and not Abraham’s, so he should be good to go this week. He is the type that you have to start in a DL required league, and will probably be back on the stud list from here on out if he makes it through this game healthy.


Deangelo Hall – Eli will air it out and Deangelo will be very busy.


Michael Boley – will be playing at the SAM regardless of what they do with Hartwell.


Gut checks – Lawyer Milloy – has been up and down, this could be an “up” week if you like to gamble.


Demorrio Williams – the guy who would be affected most if they decide to move Hartwell into the starting lineup. This group has played so well without him though I’d be surprised if they rocked the boat right away.


Pat Kerney – Was probably cut in a lot of DL required leagues due to a lack of production, so he could be a decent bye week filler for you Mathis and Kampman owners.


Stay away – Edgerton Hartwell – claims to be healthy, but does he still have a starting gig? This might take a couple of weeks to sort itself out.





Philadelphia @ New Orleans Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Trent Cole – the NFL league leader in sacks right now. Those of you who picked him up when Kearse went down can testify that Cole has earned his way up here.


Strong starts – Darren Howard – starting to produce like I thought he would when he shifted over to right DE. Will be looking to destroy his former team. Gotta like revenge matchups.


Brian Dawkins – will be chasing Reggie. And Colston. And maybe Horn. Nice matchup here.


Michael Lewis – always worth a play when healthy.


Jeremiah Trotter – His job will be to make sure Deuce doesn’t replicate last weeks numbers. Good thing Trotter doesn’t play for Tampa, piss poor tackling could be contagious.


Gut checks – Mike Patterson – a fine start in DT required leagues, but if you are starting him over underachieving DE’s (like Schobel, Osi, Burgess, etc) you are going to be sorry sooner or later. I know that TD he had makes his numbers look sexy, but the defensive TD is the most overrated stat in IDP.


Shawn Barber/Matt McCoy – LBBC? Say it aint so! These guys will take turns having IDP-worthy games for the rest of the year.


Stay away – Dhani Jones – Big ups to the announcers on the Philly/Dallas game for not mentioning this waste of sperm and an egg except when absolutely necessary. If I have to hear about this clown’s line of bowties again during a football game ever again I’ll murder Kornheiser with my own two hands.




New Orleans


Studs – none – Roman Harper was on his way to this list, but we will get to him in a hot second.


Strong plays – Josh Bullocks – hopefully he was watching what the Eagles did to the Cowboys safeties last week. Hopefully he learned something from the tapes so he doesn’t get similarly schooled this week.


Fred Thomas – should be back closer to his week 4 numbers this week vs a sick Philly passing attack.


Gut checks – Shanle/Fujita – I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t like these guys. I think they are backups on most other teams and I don’t think either one is very talented. That being said they have both put up some decent numbers this season. But only is some sick bizarro world does Scott Friggin Shanle or Scott Flippin Fujita get a sack on the MVP of the 2006 season so far.


Will Smith – still a starter in DL required leagues, the Eagles line has been very efficient this year. I wouldn’t expect a lot, but unless you are stacked at DL he should probably be in your lineup.


Charles Grant – finally did something last week, but I wouldn’t expect a repeat.


Stay away – Roman Harper – out for the year. A real shame as he was coming into his own. He still merits a roster or an I.R. spot on dynasty IDP teams, as this kid was on his way to being a serious player.





Seattle @ St Louis Sunday 10am PST






Studs _ Lofa Tatupu – its never a bad idea to start MLB’s vs a top 5 RB. Lofa being a stud just adds to the fun.


Strong starts – Michael Boulware – all indications are that he will be starting this week at safety after he knocked himself silly a couple weeks ago.


Ken Hamlin – should have a solid game vs this passing attack. Linehan doesn’t air it out as much as Martz, but Bulger is hot and Hamlin will be busy.


Gut checks – Leroy Hill/Julian Peterson – they seem to be incapable of having really good games at the same time. Could be different this week with SJax in town, but I wouldn’t want my fantasy week to be riding on either of these two.


Darryl Tapp – Better than Mario Williams. That’s not saying a ton right now, but its true.


Stay away – Marcus Tubbs – had knee surgery before the bye, may or may not be back this week.




St Louis


Studs – Will Witherspoon – the ankle seems to be good to go so he should be in your lineup as always.


Strong starts – O.J. Atogwe – With no SA you would think the Rams DB’s would be busy. Atogwe is the best for IDP purposes out of the group.


Leonard Little – already has 4 sacks.


Gut checks – Corey Chavous – the only other Ram DB I would consider starting due to the matchup.


Stay awayJimmy Kennedy – maybe in a DT required league, but I wouldn’t expect 5 solos and a sack out of this guy again anytime soon.


Rams CB’s – they are all taking turns being hurt, and when they do play they wimp out because of cramps. A messy 4 headed CB rotation right now. At least 2 of them will post nice stats, but picking out which 2 is on you if you want to give it a shot.





Tennessee @ Washington Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Keith Bulluck – big game on the horizon


David Thornton – has earned his way up here with some sparkling play of late. I think he will have an excellent game vs Portis and Cooley.


Chris Hope – a top 5 DB so far this year, he should be in your lineup.


Strong starts – none


Gut checks – Pacman Jones – could be busy with Santana, but this guy just doesn’t seem to produce IDP relevant numbers most weeks.


Kyle Vanden Bosch – having old head stompy out on suspension will allow a studly Skins o line to focus on the only other good DL the Titans have.


Stay away – Everyone else on this defense. If they aren’t mentioned above they shouldn’t be anywhere near your fantasy team. Seriously.





Studs – Lemar Marshall – should be able to stuff the Titans run game and could get back into the sack column this week.


Strong starts – Marcus Washington – this should be one of the weeks he decides to show up as well. All the Titans do is run and throw short passes to the 27 TE’s they use.


Gut checks – Sean Taylor – this could be his week for a big pick vs the rookie QB.


Adam Archuleta – What does a run stuffing safety do against a team with no offense at all, much less a running game?? Find out Sunday!


Stay awayAndre Carter – Snyder should ask for a refund. This guy is a joke.





Kansas City @ Pittsburgh Sunday 1:15pm PST



Kansas City


Studs – Derrick Johnson – Pitt cant throw, so the KC run D should be busy.


Strong starts – Kawika Mitchell – starting to come around.


Jared Allen – still no punishment from the league for his DUI, so keep starting him in DL required leagues.


Gut checks – Ty Law – Ben has been lobbing up ducks, so Law could be a nice play this week.


Stay away – Tamba Hali – not yet. But he is starting to get it together and should be on your radar in DL required leagues.






Studs – Troy Polamalu – vs LJ? Oh yes.


James Farrior – See above. Farrior should have 10 tackles easy.


Strong starts – Clark Haggans – streaky, but the Chiefs o line can be beaten in pass defense. Will likely get 5-7 tackles on LJ regardless.


Gut checks – Ike Taylor – I like Ike, but will Huard throw enough to make him relevant?


Stay awayJoey Porter – hurt himself bad enough in practice that they actually signed the cadaver of Chad Brown. Not like Porter has done squat since his TD week one. What was I saying earlier about defensive TD’s being overrated?





Miami @ N.Y. Jets Sunday 1:15pm PST





Studs – Zach Thomas – Always does well vs these guys.


Jason Taylor – you knew he was going to come around. His recent performance is why you don’t bench stud DL’s because of a couple of crappy weeks. They cant all be Julius Peppers.


Strong starts – Channing Crowder – starting to come around, should be good for some tackles this week


Gut checks – Vonnie Holiday – Is likely going to be solid if not studly for the rest of the year, the DE playing opposite Taylor usually will get extra sacks here and there due to the worry of Taylor dominating.


Stay away – Miami DB’s – all pretty much useless in IDP circles.




New York


Studs – Vilma/Barton – expect a lot of Ronnie Brown, which should translate into piles of tackles for these two.


Kerry Rhodes – If Joey doenst throw a ton he will still get involved in run support.


Strong starts – Andre Dyson – will be busy with Chambers, should get at least some nice tackle numbers if not a pick vs Joey.


Gut checks – Erik Coleman – the Jets cut Derrick Strait which clarifies Coleman’s role somewhat (for the moment). But he certainly hasn’t been the IDP stud people thought he would be after last season.


Stay away – Jets DL’s. I don’t see anyone here you should have on your team even against the Fins o line.





San Diego @ San Francisco Sunday 1:15pm PST




San Diego


Studs – none – their defense is fantastic, but there aren’t a ton of IDP superstars here.


Strong starts – Edwards/Phillips/Merriman – that is the order I prefer them in this week. You Merriman owners should get a discount on Pepto, he has to be driving you people nuts with his up and down routine. Should be an up week for him if that helps your ulcers at all.


Gut checks – Chargers DB’s – Kiel and/or McCree could have a good game, but Smith hasn’t been throwing picks like he used to so I wouldn’t expect much from the CB’s in particular here.


Stay away – Jamal Williams – has actually produced some decent IDP numbers for once recently. But I wouldn’t expect that to be a trend, as Williams’ role on this D is to free up the LB’s.




San Fran


Studs – Derek Smith – I’ll put him here because he faces BLT. Any other week and the Niners have no dead solid locks in the IDP world.


Strong starts – Walt Harris – 3 picks last week??? Temper your expectations if you start him this week, its not like he is playing the Raiders again here.


Tony Parrish – will be involved vs the run and vs Gates.


Gut checks – Manny Lawson – the rook has started to come around, but I wouldn’t expect a lot against a very good OL.


Shawnte Spencer – I doubt the Chargers will throw enough to get him involved, as they should be up huge early in this mismatch.


Stay away – Niners DL’s – nothing to see here people, move along.





Oakland @ Denver Sunday 5:15pm PST




Studs – Morrison/Howard – the Donkeys are going to blow out my sorry excuse for a team. This means running, running and more running. Howard and Morrison should be huge, especially with those 2nd half garbage tackles as Denver grinds the clock down.


Strong starts – Stuart Schweigart – cant cover to save his life, but he will get you some tackles this week.


Gut checks – Michael Huff –starting to come around, and Plummer is erratic at times. But I still would exercise caution if you are thinking about starting Huff.


Derrick Burgess – Hasn’t really gotten it going yet, and I don’t think it happens this week either.


Stay away  Fabian Washington – still injured. Stanford Routt will start in his place. He will then be beaten by Javon for multiple long TD’s. Why God, WHY do these network schmucks make me watch the awfulness of my team??? God I might go watch baseball………NOT!




Studs – Al Wilson – yeah I’d say the 12 tackles last week were a fair indication he is healthy now.


Champ Bailey – its TD time for Champ


Darrent Williams – and maybe for Darrent too!


Strong starts – Ian Gold – should be solid


Gut checks – John Lynch – I dont think he will be a factor, but even he could get a pick vs the Raiders.


Stay away – Courtney Brown – done for the year.





Chicago @ Arizona Monday night 5:30pm PST





Studs – Urlacher/Briggs – Urlacher is still due for one of those silly good games of his. What better place for it than MNF. Briggs has been a stud so far this season next to him.


Strong starts – Bears DL’s – O Gun looks like he will play, Alex Brown got hot last week, and rookie Mark Anderson is muy caliente. Tommie Harris did jack squat last week, but this is the Cards we are talking about here. I would not be at all surprised to see all 4 of these guys get multiple sacks.


Nathan Vasher – if Leinart knows whats good for him he will throw at Vasher and not……


Gut checks – Charles Tillman – who hasn’t produced like most thought he would. The potential is there for a big night for him this week though as Leinart just may not know any better than to go after this guy, and you have to think they will line him up on Boldin.


Stay away – None – pretty much every Bears defensive starter could be at least a spot start for you in a deep league. That’s how much of a massacre this is going to be, the Bears offense wont have to do much.






Studs – Adrian Wilson – could be the lone bright spot on the entire Cardinals team this week. I expect a massive game from Wilson.


Strong starts – Karlos Dansby – is getting it together, as evidenced by his 9 solo, 2 sack performance last week. Calvin Pace is worthless so you have to think Dansby will continue to see a majority of the snaps whether he is 100% or not.


Gerald Hayes – should gather a bunch of solos this week, but keep in mind if Dansby continues to play like he did last week we might finally see a decrease in Hayes’ studly early season numbers.


Gut checks – Antrel Rolle – if he can actually get Berrian down he could be a nice play this week. A word of advice, don’t use the face mask this week Einstein.


Stay awayBert Berry – looks old and done. I’d bench him til he shows signs of life, which probably wont be against this OL.





Well that about wraps it up for week 6 everyone, I hope you all dominate your IDP matchups this week. Unless you play me, that is. See you next week!!

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