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The Hive – Week 7 edition

The Hive – Week 7 Edition




Welcome back to The Hive everyone! Last week was an outstanding week for my IDP teams, as I went a perfect 7-0 in my IDP leagues! 2 of the teams were given a huge boost by Brandon Short, who I highlighted here last week. That’s why I love my IDP only league, in that format it allows you to roll the dice on players you might not normally target in the average IDP league with 3-6 starters. If you have never played in an IDP only league, I highly suggest you pick one up next year, it’s a blast! Now let’s take a look at some week 7 action.




Carolina @ Cincinnati Sunday 10am PST






Studs – Julius Peppers – I’d have a hard time not handing him the defensive P.O.Y. award if it were voted on today. Unbelievable year so far, and no reason to think it will stop vs a banged up Cincy line.


Chris Draft – has been playing lights out football since taking over for Dan Morgan, I think he will have a big day vs Rudi.


Strong starts – Lucas/Gamble/Marshall – I’d have a hard time sitting any of these 3 in a CB required league, and Gamble is a strong start in any format. All the talk out of Cincy right now seems to revolve around getting the passing game going, and I think this has the makings of a shootout.


Gut checks – Thomas Davis – Questionable with bruised ribs. This kid is tough, but I would look elsewhere this week even if he does give it a go.


Stay away – James Anderson – took over for Davis last week, but Davis makes up for the normal lack of production from a 4-3 SAM because of his amazing athletic gifts, I highly doubt Anderson will be a producer even if Davis can’t go.


Shaun Williams – looked like he would go last week, then had a late week setback and missed his 4th straight game. Let’s see him on the field before he gets consideration, regardless of what talk comes out of the Panthers this week.






Studs – Justin Smith – definitely in a DL required league, has 5 sacks already and the Panthers’ OL has had its issues this season.


Madieu Williams – should have plenty of scoring chances vs Delhomme and the boys.


Strong starts – Robert Geathers – Also has 5 sacks and merits this spot in DL required leagues only.


Gut checks – Bengal’s LB’s – I’d like to put a couple of these guys in the strong starts category, but we don’t know who will start where. Ahmad Brooks looked fantastic last week in relief of the injured Brian Simmons. If Simmons is out again put Brooks and Landon Johnson in the strong start category. If Simmons is back they may decide Brooks is ready to play MLB and move Simmons to his natural WILL position and move Landon to SAM, killing his value. A very interesting situation that should clear up by the end of the week.


Tory James/Deltha O’Neal – neither have been big fantasy factors this year, but CB’s have seen big point increases when facing the dynamic duo of Steve Smith and Keyshawn Johnson. On or both of these veteran CB’s could have a big IDP day.


Stay away – Brian Simmons – neck injuries are no joke, even if he starts this is the kind of thing that could flare up and cost you points. Give him a week even if he is starting, unless you have no other options.





Detroit @ N.Y. Jets Sunday 10am PST






Studs – None – with Sims hurting there are no must starts on this team.


Strong starts – James Hall – Blew up with 3.5 sacks last week, and with 5.5 on the year he is a strong start in DL required leagues.


Gut checks – Sims/Bailey – they are here for different reasons, Sims is a gut check this week due to his injured elbow, while Boss is here because he is one of the most maddeningly inconsistent players in all of IDP. While Sims is as of now probable you will need to check the Friday afternoon practice reports and see how he is doing if you own him. I personally think he will play, but players with injury issues are gut checks IMO. Boss has been playing well lately at MLB, he should be good for 5-7 tackles.


Daniel Bullocks – as expected with any rookie DB he has had his good moments and his not so good moments. I think this is a fine week to show off his ball hawk skills, but his up and down nature leaves him in the gut check section.


Stay away – Shaun Rogers – D-U-M-B-A-S-S – do you need another supplement to sound that one out fatboy? His owners in DT required leagues are probably almost as irritated as Marinelli is, Rogers was having a good year.



New York


Studs – Barton/Vilma – as much as it pains me to say it, Vilma is not a top 5 LB in any format, and is being outscored in most formats by the resurgent Eric Barton. Vilma is no longer the 8-12 tackle lock he was last season, but he is consistently giving you 5-6 tackles a week. I know, I know, this wasn’t what you were hoping for when you took him as early as you did, but this is what the 3-4 does to a lot of MLB’s. Ray Ray had his worst year in the 3-4, and Vilma is repeating that trend. He’s still top 15, don’t go benching him or anything, but he is the Larry Johnson of LB’s this year. You know you expected more.


Kerry Rhodes – the defensive MVP of the team without question. If the Jets can get into playoff contention he might get some defensive P.O.Y. love as well.


Strong starts – Bryan Thomas – the Lions OL is not as healthy as it could be, and Thomas is about the only DL or LB on the team who seems to be able to get a sack.


Andre Dyson – having a great year in CB required leagues, you have to start this guy vs the pass loco system of Mike Martz.


Gut checks – Justin Miller – has been putting up numbers, but as David Barrett gets better and with Drew Coleman starting opposite Dyson, Miller is going to be a spotty play at best. Give him a slight nudge if your league gives IDP’s kick return points as well, but even then he is risky.


Stay away – Victor Hobson – not an IDP option, don’t let that week with a TD fool you.





Green Bay @ Miami 10am PST



Green Bay


Studs – Nick Barnett – Ronnie Brown should get the rock a ton on Sunday.


Strong starts – Nick Collins – I smell a pick from ol’ Joey. Maybe 2.


Charles Woodson – give him the other one. Will be busy with Chambers.


Aaron Kampman – normally a no brainer must start, but keep in mind Joey has only been sacked once in 2 games. He has no problem chucking it out of bounds, or blindly into the secondary for that matter, rather than taking a sack. Temper your expectations for Aaron this week.


A.J. Hawk – Has been wildly inconsistent, but should have a good game vs Ronnie and McMike.


Gut checks – Kabeer Gbaja-Biamilia – Its not Monday Night Football, so KGB will likely go back to being invisible. Wake him when he plays in prime time again.


Stay away – Abdul Hodge – doubtful with a bum leg. You have to think the way the Pack is giving it up on defense that they might move Barnett outside and give Hodge a crack in the middle at some point, but he has to prove he can stay healthy before that can occur.





Studs – Jason Taylor – vs this line? Oh mama, JT is gonna be HUGE this week.


Zach Thomas. Say it again man, ZACH THOMAS!! The #1 or #2 LB in a lot of formats this season. And a lot of people said he was washed up. Y’all mixed that up, Donnie Edwards is washed up, Zach is a pimp!


Strong starts – Renaldo Hill – 8 tackles last week and you know Favre will be chucking the rock all day long.


Channing Crowder – hey a steady 5 tackles a week is an improvement, I’ll take it!


Vonnie Holiday – Arena League quality line could spell a big day for more than just Jason Taylor.


Gut checks – None


Stay away – The rest of the Fins IDP’s – if they aren’t listed above they aren’t going to do much. If you can figure out who will actually be on the field at CB with Goodman and Daniels both hurting, well, all I can say is your team must suck if you are trying to figure that out for IDP purposes. Just go have a beer and think about next season.




Jacksonville @ Houston Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Rashean Mathis – Mathis vs AJ is going to be one of the best battles all day long. Gotta like that matchup.


Strong starts – Daryl Smith – Takes over for super stud Mike Peterson at MLB. I will reserve stud status for after he blows up this week. I like this kid a lot and he could be a savior for LB weak fantasy teams. If he is available in your league and you need LB help, GO GET HIM NOW!!!

John Henderson – even if Stroud is out, the Texans line will have a hard time holding the big fella back.


Gut checks – Clint Ingram – the 3rd round rookie pick takes over for Smith at WILL.


Stay awayNick Greisen – still Nick Greisen.






Studs – Demeco Ryans – Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew are going to run all over the Texans. The main beneficiaries of this will be super stud rookie Ryans,


Morlon Greenwood – should also be huge, and last but not least,


Glen Earl – Cant really see you sitting any of these three unless you are stacked.


Strong starts – Dunta Robinson – he will get involved in run support even if the Jags don’t have to pass much.


Gut checks – Mario Williams – yawn


Lewis Sanders – maybe in a CB required league


Stay away – Seth Payne – out for the year





New England @ Buffalo Sunday 10am PST



New England


Studs – Rodney Harrison – Will be in McGahee’s face all day long. Willis is in the top 5 in the league in rushing yards, so this is a fine matchup. Rodney is about the only Pats IDP player I allow on any of my teams, as the rest are about as reliable as the Pats WR’s.


Strong starts – Ty Warren – was huge last game vs Losman, and is a solid start in DL required leagues.


Gut checks – Pats LB’s – line their pictures up and throw a dart. That’s the one that will get you 6 tackles. Or is the one that the dart hits the one that will get you one tackle? I forget! Anyways, have fun with this lot……


Eugene Wilson – Should be busy both in run support and vs the pass. But it is his 1st game back after a hammy injury, and that makes me nervous.


Stay away – Richard Seymour – defenses key on him which frees other guys like Wilfork and Warren up to make plays. Seymour will have the occasional blow up game, and this is as good of a candidate as any, but starting him is not for the faint of heart. Or for those who actually want results from their IDP’s.






Studs – London Fletcher-Baker – Dillon and Maroney will get a lot of carries, and London usually does well against these division rivals regardless of the situation.


Angelo Crowell – I don’t buy that the return of Spikes equals a decrease in production for Crowell. If Spikes was even half of the player he used to be, maybe, but I really don’t think he will affect this emerging stud.


Strong starts – Terrance McGee – a beast in CB required leagues, deserves strong consideration in all formats.


Gut checks – Nate Clements – up and down all year, and was even the subject of trade rumors. If Youboty can get his health and his game right we could see more of him as the year progresses.


Whitner/Simpson – again they seem to take turns having good games, I like Whitner a little more this week.


Aaron Schobel – Last week was nice. He goes against five layers of visa protection this week though, so it could be rough sledding.


Stay away – Takeo Spikes – So, you want to start a gimp who is just coming off an injury because he used to be a stud? Go ahead, but don’t tell anyone you read The Hive if you do!





Philadelphia @ Tampa Bay Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Jeremiah Trotter – Will be slammin Cadillac doors.


Trent Cole – 4 tackles and no sacks last week, I think he gets back in the sack column this week.


Strong starts  – None


Gut checks – Lito Sheppard – Eventually someone has to remember that the other Eagles CB’s are gimps (Hood) or turds (Joselio flippin Hanson???) and they should probably not throw at Lito. I’m guessing Gruden would come unglued on Gradkowski if he throws in his direction. Most pundits are saying start the hot hand and start Lito vs a rookie, but I’m not on board. I smell a down week for Lito.


Michael Lewis – will be sharing snaps with Considine. Ungood for those who thought they were drafting a top 10 DB. Hopefully this doesn’t last long, if it does neither player has any IDP value.


Mike Patterson – has leveled off after huge game vs SF, such is the life of the IDP DL…….still a good start in DT required leagues, outside of that use at your own risk.


LB’s outside of Trotter – McCoy and Barber are both banged up, and rookie Omar Gaither got some significant work last week. A mess right now, as McCoy and Barber were already sharing snaps.


Stay away – Darren Howard – gimpy with an injured groin, status uncertain.


Darwin Walker – wont repeat last week.



Tampa Bay


Studs – Shelton Quarles – steady as can be.


Derrick Brooks – should have a huge week.


Ronde Barber – rarely sittable. That’s not a word, but truer gibberish has never been spoken.


Strong starts – Simeon Rice – McNabb has been taking a sack here and there. This could be a nice game for the slumping Rice.


Gut checks – Juran Bolden – not a strong start, but is taking over for Brian Kelly.


Jermaine Phillips – might bounce back. Might not. But DB’s going against the Eagles usually score well, keep that in mind.


Stay away – Brian Kelly – may need surgery, and certainly isn’t playing this week.


Phillip Buchanon – new team, same craptacular player!





Pittsburgh @ Atlanta Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Farrior/Haggans/Foote – Start all LB’s vs the Falcons. Its like starting CB’s vs Steve Smith. There will be enough for all this week.


Troy Polamalu – the shoulder must be getting better, his numbers are getting up to what they should be. Hair pulling punk RB’s or not.


Strong starts – Ryan Clark – has been solid, and should get you tackles vs this lot.


Gut checks – McFadden/Taylor – they could get their fair share of tackles, but IMO the Falcons wont be throwing a lot.


Stay away – Joey Porter- newsflash, Porter is hurt. I know, you are all in stunned silence right now. In other news, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and Yao Ming is considered “tall”.






Studs – Keith Brooking – the move back to WILL should not impair his production one bit.


Strong starts – Deangelo Hall – While Big Ben might not throw a lot, Hall will definitely be able to chase Fast Willie around the Dome, and could easily pick Ben the way he has been throwing.


Lawyer Milloy – as we all know he is better against the run, and that’s one thing the world champs do pretty damn well.


Gut checks – Ed Hartwell – the Falcons have had enough of RB’s tearing them apart, so Ed Hartwell will take his MLB spot back this week. He is coming off a bad knee, so that’s why he is down here. If you are a gambler, this could pay off big.


John Abraham – the Steelers have a great O line, that combined with the fact that Abraham will likely be limited to 20 or so plays again, and you have the definition of a gut check.


Stay awayRod Coleman – battling a toe problem. Ungood for a d lineman.


Demorrio Williams – with Hartwell returning Demorrio looks like he will lose all value. I wouldn’t cast him aside just yet if you have the room to keep him, as Hartwell is coming back from a knee injury, so you never know how he will progress.





San Diego @ Kansas City Sunday 10am PST



San Diego


Studs – Shaun Phillips – has been playing lights out lately. Hey maybe Merriman will learn something from him!


Strong starts – Donnie Edwards – if he cant get 10 tackles vs LJ he is flippin DONE. I’m getting all the Chargers’ fans on my Christmas list a “Free Stephen Cooper” T Shirt. Lets just take the old guy out back and put him down……


Gut checks – Shawne Merriman – how are all of you Merriman owners enjoying getting owned by guys who are starting waiver wire LB’s like Fujita and Barton? I cant stand Merriman, and I would never have him on my fantasy team. He is going to be just like Joey Porter as far as IDP’s go, hopefully for Shawne’s sake he will be less injury prone.


Luis Castillo – probably isn’t going to nail the sack/interception combo too often for ya, but is a decent candidate in DL required leagues.


Stay away –  Igor Olsahansky – looks to be out at least a month.



Kansas City


Studs – Derrick Johnson – LB’s vs BLT are fantasy GOLD.


Kawicka Mitchell – GOLD I TELLS YA!!


Strong starts – Jared Allen – lets see if Drunky here can get you a sack this week! Yee haw!!


Gut checks – Greg Wesley – just doesn’t produce like he used to, but if he were going to have an “up” week I would think going against BLT and Gates is about as good of a shot as he will get.


Ty Law – has been warming up lately, but this all depends on who he gets. If he is on Parker I can see him having a nice tackle total, if he is on McCardell I see a 2-4 tackle game.


Tamba Hali – the rookie is heating up.


Stay away – Pat Surtain – teams throw at Ty flippin Law to avoid this guy. Isnt going to have many good IDP weeks.




Denver @ Cleveland Sunday 1:05pm PST





Studs – Al Wilson – what a difference a healed hammy can make. Isnt going to get you sacks or forced fumbles, but I’ll take a guaranteed 6-8 tackles with the occasional 10 tackle game out of my MLB all day long.


Strong starts – Ian Gold – will assist in slapping former Donkey Reuben Droughns around the field.


Champ Bailey – one bad week this season, he is pretty much a must start in a CB required league.


Gut checks – Elvis Dumervil – A lot of people, myself included, have hated on this kid for his size coming out of college. But in his 1st significant action of the season he got 2 sacks and looked every bit as explosive as he did in conference USA. Could be a Freeney-type pass rusher, as similar things were said about Dwight coming out of Syracuse. He will be a situational pass rusher for now, but as we have all seen Mark Anderson has become a fantasy factor in the same role, no reason Dumervil cant as well.


Darrent Williams – gets a big boost if your league gives you return points.


DJ Williams – up and down, but at least there have been some ups, unlike last season.


Stay away – Courtney Brown – out for the year, and may need microfracture surgery. Ungood.





Studs – Andra Davis – Will be very busy with the suddenly vanilla offense of the Broncos. I’d wager they wont have to open up the playbook much more against Cleveland than they did against Oakland, which should mean lots of Andra Davis tackling Tatum Bell.


Strong starts – Sean Jones – should have a nice week.


D’Qwell Jackson – up and down, I cant see him posting less than 6 tackles vs Denver.


Gut checks – All Cleveland DB’s not named Sean Jones – Brian Russell, Gary Baxter and Leigh Bodden should all be back this week. That doesn’t mean you should start any of them yet.


Stay away – Cleveland DL’s – I don’t see any of them doing much.




Arizona @ Oakland Sunday 1:15pm PST





Studs – Adrian Wilson – outproducing most of your LB’s. Admit it.


Gerald Hayes – still solid even with the return of Dansby.


Strong starts – Karlos Dansby – You can tell he still isn’t 100%, but he is getting better by the week. This could be one of his silly multiple sack games against the Raiders.


Antrel Rolle – great start in a CB required league


Bert Berry – was great vs a massively better Bears line last week. Imagine what he can do to Oakland’s line.


Gut checks – Chike Okeafor – might be a nice bye week filler vs this group. Sacks all around! Wheeeee!! Kill me now!!


Stay away – Calvin Pace – Karlos Dansby took ur job!!






Studs – Kirk Morrison – good news for Kirk’s owners, Edge gets the ball a lot but cant seem to exceed 3 yards past the LOS. Good news indeed.


Strong starts – Thomas Howard- there should be plenty for him as well.


Stuart Schweigart – off week last week, should rebound nicely vs Leinart and Boldin.


Derrick Burgess – did you see that blindside shot Matt took from Mark Anderson?? Burgess is licking his chops.


Gut checks – Michael Huff – just not ready to bestow IDP goodness upon you yet.


Stay away – Fabian Washington – might start, but I don’t trust his hammy after this long of a layoff.





Minnesota @ Seattle Sunday 1:15pm PST





Studs – Antoine Winfield – big, big day here. Seattle cant run and loves to pass. Dream matchup for Winfield, as Hass is not shy about going after any CB’s, no matter how talented they are.


Strong starts – Fred Smoot – this all bodes well for Mr. Smoot as well.


E.J. Henderson – should be able to knock Mo and Strong down enough to be IDP worthy.


Gut checks – Ray Edwards – another young situational pass rusher that could make some noise in the IDP world for those of you in DL required leagues. Keep your eyes on him.


Stay away – Udeze – just not living up to his promise.





Studs – Lofa Tatupu – now the last 2 weeks he has produced like his owners were expecting him to. Should be another big game for Lofa.


Strong starts – Michael Boulware – I think the Hawks will get a nice dose of Chester, which means Boulware will be involved plenty.


Hill/Peterson – LB’s seem to do well in general vs the conservative Vikings offense. Expect that to continue.


Gut checks – Marcus Trufant – will Brad Johnson actually throw it? Will Troy Williamson be able to actually hold onto the ball long enough to give Trufant the opportunity to get a tackle?


Ken Hamlin – seems to do better against teams that pass well. That eliminates Minnesota.


Stay away – Hawk’s DL’s – not against this line.




Washington @ Indianapolis Sunday 1:15pm PST





Studs – Sean Taylor – has been up and down, but against Manning with all the CB’s injured seems like a good time for an up week from him.


Strong starts – Adam Archuleta – Cant cover and Indy cant run, but should stumble his way into enough tackles to help you out this week.


Gut checks – Lemar Marshall – is listed as probable, but has been in a walking boot all week and hasn’t been practicing at full speed. He says it is better than it looks and that he will play, but I am hesitant to recommend him this week.


Shawn Springs – back, but still not 100%.


Stay away – Carlos Rogers – out this week with a broken thumb.






Studs – Brackett/June – I love these two this week, both of them on Portis and June also in coverage on Cooley. I think these two blow up big time in week 7.


Strong starts – Robert Mathis – normally up above in the Stud file, the Skins are actually good at protecting the QB. You pretty much have to start this guy in DL required leagues, but temper your expectations.


Gut checks – Colt’s DB’s – Bob Sanders is still hurting, Doss sucks, Harper has been gimpy, and to top it off my grandpa is playing QB for the Redskins and he cant throw for more than 140 yards in any given game or he loses control of his bowels. Sad, sad story, but that nice Joe Gibbs keeps letting him play.


Stay away – Booger McFarland – isn’t intended to assist your fantasy team in his new home.





New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys Monday night 5:30pm PST



New York


Studs – Antonio Pierce – don’t count on Short taking Pierce’s stats every week. Vs JJ and Barber there should be enough for everyone.


Osi/Strahan – well Osi is finally on track, and you pretty much have to start ol Strahan this week. Bledsoe is a flippin statue and Strahan is due. Plus its MNF, I think both of these guys go nutty this week.


Strong starts – Brandon Short – Did great for me last week, but see if Emmons practices all out on Friday before you cement Short in your lineup.


Gut checks – Sam Madison – could have a decent week in a CB required league if you are desperate.


Stay away – Lavar Arrington – when Brandon Short is making you look like poo its time to take a long hard look in the mirror.


Gibril Wilson – might not play because he had a toenail removed. FYI Gibril, Ronnie Lott called, you make him sick.





Studs – Bradie James – James should be in on plenty with Tiki and Jacobs coming to town.


Strong starts – Terrance Newman/Anthony Henry – Eli will try to air it out as well, I think both of these guys are strong starts in CB required leagues.


Roy Williams – he usually does well in prime time.


Gut checks – Akin Ayodele – the way Tiki is running he deserves some consideration this week.


Demarcus Ware – a permanent member of the gut check club.


Stay away – Jason Hatcher – the promising rookie is gimpy





Well that about wraps it up for this week folks, good luck in all your IDP matchups in week 7 and we hope to see you here again next Friday!

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