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The Hive – week 8 edition

The Hive – Week 8 Edition


Well everyone, we have passed the halfway point of the fantasy regular season. Week 7 was an interesting week indeed, as some players who had stunk up the joint finally paid off for their owners, guys like Aaron Schobel, Michael Strahan, and even Donnie Edwards stumbled into a solid week. Are these emerging trends, or are these performances proof that the sun even shines on a dog’s backside sometimes? We will examine this conundrum and many others this week in The Hive. Lets get to it!





Arizona @ Green Bay Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Adrian Wilson – keep your eyes on the injury reports, but he is probable right now, and if he plays is a must start as always.


Strong starts – Gerald Hayes – hadn’t fallen off even with the return of Dansby, and now Dansby is hurt again.


Antrel Rolle – Favre will pass a ton and Rolle should be on Driver with Jennings out. Big game here.


Bert Berry – on fire, and in a DL required league he is almost back up to stud status.


Gut checks – Eric Green – I think Rolle gets most of the IDP love out of the 2 CB’s, but Green could put up solid stats as well.


Robert Griffith – normally not a fantasy option, but could be a decent bye week filler vs this air-it-out attack.


Stay away – Karlos Dansby – probably wont even suit up this week.


Gabe Watkins – got his 1st sack last week in his 1st start (for the injured Clancy), but this kid is not intended to go get you IDP numbers, he is a space eater. Good for the Cards D as a whole, but most weeks he will not be an IDP factor.




Green Bay


Studs – Nick Barnett – should be busy vs Edge, who will likely continue to have issues getting more than 2 or 3 yards past the LOS. Good news for all LB’s that play him.


Aaron Kampman – Should eat this line alive. The Bears and Raiders DL’s have had field days vs this unit the last 2 weeks.


Strong starts – A.J. Hawk – finally had a bust out game last week, but I am not ready to put him in stud status til he can do it a couple weeks in a row.


Charles Woodson – Should have another good week because the Cards throw a lot, but keep in mind that CWood hadn’t had a pick return for a TD since 1999 and hadn’t had a sack in over 2 seasons, so don’t expect a carbon copy of last week again.


Nick Collins – should be a good week for the young safety.


Gut checks – Kabeer Gbaja-Biamilia – even KGB could get some vs the Cards o-line.


Stay away – Will Blackmon – his recent activation should not result in an invitation onto your fantasy team unless you are in a deep IDP dyno format.





Atlanta @ Cincinnati Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Keith Brooking – should get 6-10 solos easy vs Rudi.


Strong starts – Deangelo Hall – will be very busy vs Ocho Cinco and/or Housh.


Edgerton Hartwell – played through the whole game last week with no reported setbacks, I would feel good about starting him this week. Keep in mind that even at his best Hartwell is an Al Wilson type, and isn’t going to get you more than piles of solo tackles. Don’t expect sacks and picks from him.


Gut checks – Michael Boley – Has been up and down after a solid start.


Stay away – John Abraham – as depressing as this is for his owners, the time is now to cut this guy. They are saying he will be out a month, but he very well might not be the same this season.





Studs – Justin Smith – has been a beast for those of you in DL required leagues. Keep him in your lineup.


Strong starts – Ahmad Brooks – I am going bold and spicy here. Some sites are reporting that Simmons will take his job back this week, but I am of the opinion that Simmons will start at WILL this week and they will leave the young buck Brooks in at MLB. Whoever starts at MLB vs the Falcons will be IDP gold. Keep your eyes peeled for further reports.


Robert Geathers – has been tearing it up, and is definitely an option in DL required leagues.


Gut checks – Madieu Williams – up and down, much to the dismay of his owners.


Brian Simmons – I think he will start this week, but not sure where.


Stay away – Caleb Miller – looks to be the big loser in the return of Brian Simmons. I expect Landon Johnson to shift to SAM sending Miller to the bench.




Baltimore @ New Orleans Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Ray Ray – always


Strong starts – Bart Scott/Adalius Thomas – both have been a little up and down, but I expect a nice week from both of these guys…….


Terrell Suggs – should be good for a sack or two vs an inexperienced line.


Gut checks – Ed Reed – streaky as they get


Kelly Gregg – gets more legitimate consideration in a DT required league


Stay away – Dawan Landry – gimpy



New Orleans


Studs – Scott Fujita – I give, start the guy. I still don’t think he is any more of a top 15 LB than I am, but he keeps producing so unless you are stacked at LB he probably belongs in your lineup.


Strong starts – Charles Grant – was a man possessed vs the Eagles before the bye. If he keeps this up he will be in the stud category real soon.


Scott Shanle – Up and down, but still a fine start in deep leagues.


Gut checks – Will Smith – Hasn’t lived up to the top 10 DE billing that myself along with a lot of other IDP junkies had bestowed upon him. I still would start the kid in a DL required league, but I’ve also been sticking with Aaron Schobel, so I am a glutton for punishment.


Stay away – Bryan Scott- has been out with a bad hammy all season, but the former Falcons safety should take Omar Stoutmire’s spot in the next couple of weeks. Someone to keep your eye on in deep IDP leagues.




Houston @ Tennessee Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Demeco Ryans – pretty much an every week guy at this point.


Strong starts – Morlon Greenwood – I think the Titans will run a lot this week with VY and Henry, so this should be an up week for Greenwood.


Gut checks – Mario Williams – FYI Leftwich fell down on Mario’s “sack” last week, so I wouldn’t get too happy about it.


Glen Earl – listed as questionable, if it becomes certain that he will play he should have a real nice game.


Stay away – Texans corners – I don’t like Dunta or Sanders vs a team that cant throw efficiently. If you had to play one of the two, play Dunta, as he is more likely to get involved in run support.





Studs – Keith Bulluck – the man. The best in the world of IDP.


Chris Hope – Should be busy vs the run and the pass.


Strong starts – David Thornton – gets no love from the media because of who he plays with in the Titans LB corp, but Thornton has made some friends in IDP leagues this season.


Gut checks – Kyle Vanden Bosch – not performing up to last years standards, but if you are going to trot him out the Texans aren’t a bad choice of opponent.


Stay away – Peter Sirmon – probably the most worthless MLB in the game as far as IDP leagues go.




Jacksonville @ Philadelphia Sunday 10am PST





Studs – none – there is no one on this defense that I consider a MUST start.


Strong starts – Daryl Smith – fine game in his 1st as the starting MLB, I’ll take 7 solos a week all day long from this kid.


Donovan Darius – has actually been playing quite well lately, after a couple years of IDP invisibility. I like this matchup vs McNasty and the Eagles potent passing attack.


Rashean Mathis – this vanishing act stuff is already getting old, but I think he will bounce back this week.


Gut checks – Clint Ingram – the rookie has been playing well, but I don’t know that he is worthy of IDP consideration at this point.


Stay away – Jags’ DL’s – nary an IDP stud in this lot, plus they play against a darn solid o line. Ungood. Henderson maybe in a DT required league, outside of that run for your lives.





Studs – Jeremiah Trotter – Beastly. Should be a fun battle between old man Trotter and old man Taylor.


Strong starts – Brian Dawkins – don’t be concerned with his zero last week, he will bounce back vs Jacksonville.


Trent Cole – is good news for him if Leftwich tries to gimp this one out. No way can Gary Coleman’s giant nephew get away from the lightning quick Cole. He might even fall down and give Cole a gimme sack like in last week’s game.


Gut checks- Darren Howard- probable this week, but really has only had one good game since Kearse went out.


Lito Sheppard – so how did all that “start the hot hand” advice from other sites work out the last couple weeks with Sheppard? It was only a matter of time before teams stopped throwing at the stud corner and started throwing at the crap corner. 3 or 4 tackles is what you will normally get from this guy. Enjoy.


Sean Considine – a decent play if you need bye week assistance, but don’t expect massive numbers.


Stay away – Rod Hood – even if he plays this week I would be concerned about starting a CB coming off injury against a sorry passing attack.


Michael Lewis – benched. Hold onto him in dyno leagues though.





Seattle @ Kansas City Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Lofa Tatupu – stunk it up last week. In fact he cost me a game with his suckitude. He should be a lot better vs LJ.


Strong starts – Julian Peterson – the patience of his owners has been tested at times, but those that started him last week were rewarded with a MASSIVE game. That’s what he used to do on the regular when he was in San Fran.


Leroy Hill – normally more of a gut check type under normal circumstances, but LB’s vs LJ are usually golden.


Ken Hamlin – lets see who he can give a concussion to this week! I’ll vote Kennison!


Gut checks – Jordan Babineaux – Takes over for Boulware. Keep your eyes on him if you need DB help.


Seattle CB’s – I don’t think the Chiefs WR’s will see enough balls to make them relevant.


Stay away – Seattle DL’s – none are consistent enough to start, if I HAD to start any of them it would be Bryce Fisher.


Michael Boulware – benched! Feel free to cut him……



Kansas City


Studs – Jared Allen – the big drunken redneck should get to Wallace at least once.


Strong starts – Derrick Johnson – a little iffy with Mo Morris still “running” the ball.


Greg Wesley – Is doing his usual mid season heat up routine……probably on your wire and is a fine play this week.


Tamba Hali – is getting hot, and deserves serious consideration in DL required leagues.


Gut checks – Ty Law – has been up and down, but I consider him to be on the stronger side of the gut check column, as I expect him to be on DJax, and I also expect the Seabags to be playing from behind.


Kawicka Mitchell – I’d feel better about him this week if Morris was playing better than he is. Proceed with caution here.


Stay away – Sammy Knight – losing snaps and just isn’t what he used to be.




San Francisco at Chicago Sunday 10am PST



San Fran


Studs – none


Strong starts – Smith/Lawson – both should have good games this week, as I expect the Bears offense to be on the field all day long.


Gut checks – Walt Harris – questionable with a bad hammy.


Stay away – 49’ers safeties – Roman in for Parrish, Keith Lewis getting snaps, this situation is a bloody mess right now, don’t bother with any of them.





Studs – Briggs/Urlacher – poor Alex Smith. Stop laughing at him! Send him a card or something you heartless bastards!! If you enjoy watching animals being slaughtered this is the game of the week for you. Sicko.


Strong starts – Tillman/Vasher – I don’t care how bad Tillman has been in IDP this year, if there was a week to play these guys this is it. The Niners will be down 20 by the end of the 1st quarter, and poor Alex will have to air it out vs these two in between repeated shots to the head.


Alex Brown/Mark Anderson – Will eat this line for lunch. Again, poor Alex Smith. I’m starting a telethon.


Tommie Harris – a strong start in DT required leagues.


Gut checks – Adewale Ogunleye – Questionable, but all signs point to him playing. The Niners are a great matchup for any DL worth his salt, but O Gun’s hammy makes him a gut check with nice upside.


Stay away – Mike Brown – in case you didn’t know, Brown was put on I.R. prior to the bye week. FYI.





Tampa Bay at N.Y. Giants Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Ronde Barber – would you really sit him after last week?


Derrick Brooks – Not jumping off the stat sheet, but still solid. Gets a boost with the NFL rushing leader on the menu.


Strong starts – Jermaine Phillips – seems to have outlasted Gruden’s whim to bench him, I think he is safe to play for now.


Gut checks – Shelton Quarles – if you owne him hope for a Friday injury upgrade, as he is questionable right now. If he is upgraded to probable bump him to strong start, and if for some reason he cant go Barrett Ruud would make a fantastic fill in LB.


Stay away – Brian Kelly – was put on I.R. this week, ending his season. The oft-burnt Juran Bolden takes his place.



New York


Studs – Michael Strahan – I’m sure a lot of you were wondering why I kept listing him as a stud or a strong start, last week is why. He is liable to blow up at any time, and his next sack breaks the Giants team record, so he will be after it this week.


Antonio Pierce – Will be slapping Caddy around all day long


Strong starts – Mathias Kiwanuka – should fill in admirably for Osi this week.


Brandon Short – the injury to Arrington means Short will continue to start at WILL and Carlos Emmons and Reggie Torbor will split Lavar’s former duties at SAM. Good news for short owners.


Gut checks – Gibril Wilson – that big fat zero Dawkins got last week vs Gradkowski and the boys could repeat itself this week. I don’t see the Bucs getting the ball downfield much.


Stay away – Osi Umenyiora – Injured and likely out til week 9 at the earliest.


Lavar Arrington – done for the season with a ruptured Achilles tendon.




St Louis @ San Diego Sunday 1:05pm PST



St Louis


Studs – Will Witherspoon – vs LT? Yes please.


Strong starts – Leonard Little – I don’t like this matchup, but he is pretty much an every week guy in DL required leagues.


Pino Tinoisamoa – this should be a good week for the inconsistent OLB


O.J. Atogwe – run supporting safeties usually do well vs San Diego


Gut checks – Corey Chaveous – however safeties that suck against the run and rely on picks and passes defended to be relevant are not good plays vs this offense, as Rivers has been surprisingly smart with the ball.


Fakhir Brown – back after missing time with the dreaded high ankle sprain. Could be busy now that Marty has loosened the leash on Rivers, but I’d wait a week to see how his ankle does.


Stay away – Tye Hill – with Brown back and the way he was getting burnt, I’d imagine he will be back to nickel corner duties this week.



San Diego


Studs – Donnie Edwards – this old fart should be able to replicate last weeks numbers vs SJax. If not I start the “Free Stephen Cooper” movement again.


Strong starts – Quentin Jammer – should be on Holt, which should translate to solid IDP numbers.


Gut checks – Roid Boy – I wont use this scumball’s name, but I think he will get abused by Orlando Pace just like he got abused a few weeks back vs Jonathan Ogden. Even “supplements” cant make him strong enough to beat the best left tackles in the game. Friggin cheater.


Stay away – Shaun Phillips – out at least 2 weeks, and up to 6 depending on who you ask. Reports indicate special teamer Marques Harris will take his spot, but I don’t think he will be playing at the level Phillips had been.




Indianapolis @ Denver Sunday 1:15pm PST





Studs –  Cato June – on fire and set to have an absolutely massive game this week.


Gary Brackett – has been outproduced by June, but I think this is a studly week for him too.


Strong starts – Robert Mathis – normally in the “stud” file, but the Donkeys have a heck of an o line. Don’t expect a huge game here, but you still probably aren’t stacked enough at DL to sit him.


Gut checks – Colt’s DB’s – They all make me nervous against an offense that has been pretty damn vanilla to date.


Stay away – Mike Doss – on I.R.





Studs – Champ Bailey – Peyton wont be able to avoid him, and probably wont try to.


Strong starts – Darrent Williams – will be busy in his own right.


Al Wilson – some tackles, nothing to do cartwheels over.


Ian Gold – ditto


Gut checks – Elvis Dumervil – you know you want to have a guy named Elvis on your fantasy team. Admit it. The fact that he has 5 sacks in his 1st 2 games should make you want him a little more. Don’t expect the world vs one of the best o lines in football, but if this kid gets even one sack vs this group he will be a serious contender for the “stud” category from here on out.


Stay away – Gerard Warren – has a nasty toe problem, the only Donkey DL worth considering this week is Elvis!




N.Y. Jets @ Cleveland Sunday 1:15pm PST



New York


Studs – Jonathan Vilma – Steady if not spectacular, a lot of people are down on him this week, but like the Chicago LB’s Vilma often does better vs pathetic offenses. The Browns fall into that category.


Kerry Rhodes – don’t trip on his bad week last week, he was due for one and is still an every week stud. Even the best IDP’s on our planet have put up 1 or 2 points a time or two.


Strong starts – Eric Barton – slipping a tiny bit from his early season numbers, but still worth a start


Erik Coleman – seems to have taken his job back. And is probably on your wire right now.


Bryan Thomas – the Browns o line isn’t very good.


Gut checks – Andre Dyson – has been solid, but I don’t like him this week.


Stay away – Victor Hobson – there is a guy in one of my Sandbox leagues who is still starting this guy and Chris Mccallister after their early season defensive TD’s. He is 1-6. He makes me giggle.





Studs – Andra Davis – will be playing a rousing game of “find Leon among the 300 pound lineman” this week. Fun!


Sean Jones – will bounce back this week vs the pass-happy Jets.


Strong starts – None – I don’t like anyone except Davis and Jones on this defense this week.


Gut checks – Dqwell Jackson – up and down, and I think this is a down week.


Stay away – Gary Baxter – might never play again after tearing up both knees last week.




Pittsburgh @ Oakland Sunday 1:15pm PST





Studs – James Farrior – Even against the Raiders “offense” he should produce.


Troy Polamalu – Will put on a show, hopefully Huff learns something watching from the sidelines.


Strong starts – Ike Taylor – if he could catch he’d probably get a pick or two this week. Should at least put up nice tackle and pass defended numbers on Randy Moss all day.


Ryan Clark – I see a nice game here.


Gut checks – Clark Haggans – makes his yearly trip to the injury report. Be afraid.


Stay away – Joey Porter – still overrated, still gimpy, still overpaid. Why isn’t this turd on the Raiders yet? I demand answers!!





Studs – Derrick Burgess – has gotten very hot. The Steelers line is quite good, but you likely have to start this guy in a DL required league.


Strong starts- Morrison/Howard – both should be towards the top of the tackle report vs FWP, but these guys don’t seem to get anything but solo tackles. Bump them up a bit if your league is tackle heavy, bump them down a bit if your league gives huge turnover and sack bonuses.


Gut checks- Schweigart/Huff – Could be busy, could give you zip. That’s why it’s a gut check!


Stay away – Raiders CB’s – I don’t think the Steelers will have to pass much to beat my boys. This group isn’t full of IDP starters anyways.  Or even half full. Shoot me.




Dallas @ Carolina Sunday 5:15pm PST





Studs none. Roy hasn’t lived up to his draft status and Bradie is being hindered from what I thought he would accomplish by the 3-4 scheme.


Strong starts – Anthony Henry – a sneaky play here, I think he will be on Steve Smith while Newman gets Keyshawn, if that’s the case Henry will be huge this week.


Bradie James – would be a top 15 LB all day long if he were in a 4-3. Stupid 3-4 defense.


Roy Williams – I hope you were conscious of some of the waiver wire DB’s who have popped up over the season, because if you are reliant on Roy you probably aren’t doing that well right now. Always has the potential to explode, but you can only wait so long.


Gut checks – Ellis/Ware – both are getting to the QB lately and the Panthers o line has its issues. Ware is a strong gut check IMO, Ellis is a little bit weaker of a play.


Stay away – Jason Hatcher – still gimpy


Pat Watkins – I think we will see Coleman or Keith Davis completely take this kid’s job this week, he has been burnt repeatedly.





Studs – Julius Peppers – I hope Romo is real fast.


Strong starts – Chris Draft – should improve on last week’s numbers


Chris Gamble – the best of the Panther’s DB’s. both in real life and IDP.


Gut checks – Shaun Williams – seems to be healthy, and was tearing it up prior to injury. If you need DB help check your wire for this guy.


Lucas/Marshall – I don’t see them being as active as normal, as Romo only seems to acknowledge the existence of T.O. Which I’m sure T.O. is thrilled with!


Stay away – Any Panther’s DL’s not named Peppers. Rucker is done, and the interior lineman aren’t supposed to score IDP points in their scheme.





New England @ Minnesota Monday 5:30pm PST



New England


Studs – Rodney Harrison – should have a good game regardless of the Vikings game plan.


Strong starts – Asante Samuel – about the only other guy on this D I would consider.


Gut checks- Ty Warren – not a good play vs Hutch and Mt. McKinnee.


Eugene Wilson – came back last week, then got hurt again.


Patriots LB’s – if you are into getting 3 solos and 4 assists from your starting LB then this is the group for you!!


Stay away – Richard Seymour – injured elbow, not likely to play this week.





Studs – E.J. Henderson – on fire lately, hopefully he stays away from Brady’s knees. I expect lots of Dillon and Maroney this week, so Henderson should be busy.


Antoine Winfield – every week starter


Strong starts – Kevin Williams – in a DT required league he should definitely be in your lineup.


Gut checks – Scott/Edwards – probably not going to be ringing up sacks vs the 5 layers of Visa protection.


Napoleon Harris – up and down.


Cedric Griffin – had his 1st pick last week, but that was vs Seneca Wallace.


Stay away – Fred Smoot – losing snaps to Griffin, and the Pats spread the ball around too much to feel good about any Vikings DB with the exception of Winfield.





Well that’s about it for The Hive this week. Please excuse the relative brevity compared to a normal week in The Hive, I have a vicious case of the flu. Don’t be like me, get your flu shot now! And good luck in all your IDP matchups in this pivotal week 8!

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