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The Hive – Week 9

The Hive – Week 9 Edition



Welcome back to The Hive everyone! This is a rough bye week for a lot of you who play IDP, as we are missing some IDP superstars. So if you are an Adrian Wilson, Julius Peppers, Jonathan Vilma, or Kerry Rhodes owner, I might be able to help you out with a nice fill in you can find on your wire. We have lots to cover, so let’s get to it!!




Atlanta @ Detroit Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Keith Brooking – about the only sure thing on this defense these days. Might move back to the middle with Hartwell hurting (again), but will produce at either spot.


Strong starts – Deangelo Hall – Kitna should be winging it this week, and I would think Hall will be on Roy. Nice match up.


Gut checks – Boley/Hartwell/Williams – Hartwell is questionable, Boley is streaky, and Demorrio only has value if Hartwell sits. Play at your own risk here.


Pat Kerney/Rod Coleman – normally I wouldn’t give these two much thought, but the Lions give up plenty of sacks.


Stay away – John Abraham – OUT this week





Studs – Ernie Sims – I like starting LB’s vs. this run attack.


Strong starts – Teddy Lehman – this is a “huevos grandes” call right here, the Lions are moving Boss Bailey to SAM and plugging Lehman in the middle, where he should be able to produce plenty of tackles. He is probably on your wire, and could be a nice bye week filler.


Gut checks – Holt/Bullocks – Both have been up and down, but if the Falcons keep up the downfield passing, one or both of these guys could have solid games.


Stay away – Boss Bailey – As if he wasn’t maddening enough at MLB, go ahead and play him at SAM, which is usually the least consistent IDP LB position. Go ahead, start him. I dare you.




Cincinnati @ Baltimore Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Justin Smith – on fire lately, but gets Ogden this week. Start him, but don’t be stunned if he gets shut down.


Strong starts – Caleb Miller/Ahmad Brooks – looks like Landon Johnson was the big loser in the Bengals LB shakeup. Miller and Brooks should both do nice things this week.


Robert Geathers – in a DL required league.


Gut checks – Madieu Williams – one of the most frustrating players in IDP this season, too up and down for my taste.


Stay away – Bengals CB’s – I don’t see the Ravens WR’s being involved enough to make this group relevant.





Studs – Ray Ray – always.


Strong starts – Bart Scott/Adalius Thomas – no reason to sit these two this week.


Ed Reed – up and down, but vs. the Bengals is a good time to start him.


Terrell Suggs – vs. a banged up line, yes please!


Gut checks – Dawan Landry – has had a pretty good rookie year, and isn’t a bad start this week, but this is just a friendly reminder that the defensive TD is the most overrated stat in IDP. Don’t expect numbers like last week this week.


Stay away – Haloti Ngata – has also had a fine rookie season thus far, but is not an IDP contributor.




Dallas @ Washington Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Bradie James – hasn’t been performing up to stud levels, and could very well be on your wire, but I see a very nice game from him this week.


Strong starts – Roy Williams – has been terrible in IDP this year. But I expect the Deadskins to get run over by the Tony Romo express, so they should have to chuck the rock a lot (in the 2nd half especially) which should result in opportunities for Roy.


Gut checks – Demarcus Ware/ Greg Ellis – both have been solid lately, but about the only thing the Skins have been consistently good at is protecting the QB.


Stay away – Jason Hatcher- Doubtful this week.





Studs – Shawn Springs – Will be on T.O. and very busy this week. Is probably on your wire and would be a fine DB filler this week.


Strong starts – Taylor/Archuleta – Both had solid games vs. the Cowboys earlier this season, and the `Boys passing attack has improved greatly since then.


Gut checks – Washington LB’s – Washington is streaky and Lemar is gimpy. I have no confidence in either one this week.


Stay away – Andre Carter – is he on your team? Slap yourself now if the answer is yes.




Green Bay @ Buffalo Sunday 10am PST



Green Bay


Studs – Aaron Kampman – Losman is going to get slapped around this week. Some newb in my work league actually cut this guy, so I have Kampman as my Peppers fill in this week. Score!


Strong starts – Nick Barnett – should be solid vs. Willis.


Nick Collins – a fine young IDP DB.


Gut checks – A.J. Hawk – Up and down, this could be a big week for him. But he has been too streaky to earn a solid recommendation.


Kabeer Gbaja-Biamilia – If he was going to have a big week, this could be it.


Stay away – Charles Woodson – doubtful with a knee injury





Studs – Aaron Schobel – had a terrible start to the season, but is coming around and should get to Favre a couple times on Sunday.


London Fletcher-Baker – Studly. Don’t even think about benching this guy.


Strong starts – McGee/Clements – you know Father Time will be chucking the rock this week.


Angelo Crowell – as well as Green has been running I don’t have a problem ignoring Crowell’s recent skid for this week.


Takeo Spikes – Has had a couple of decent weeks. Could be a nice fill in type, but isn’t what he once was.


Gut checks – Ryan Denney – questionable this week, monitor the practice reports.


Donte Whitner – up and down, like you would expect from a normal rookie.


Stay away – Ko Simpson – I don’t see him doing much this week.





Houston @ New York Giants Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Demeco Ryans – should have a huge week this week vs. Tiki and Jacobs.


Strong starts – Morlon Greenwood – another guy you might find on your wire depending on the depth of your league, he could be a great fill in type this week.


Glen Earl – off the injury report, safe to play.


Gut checks – Mario Williams – A permanent resident of the gut check file. Use at your own risk.


Robinson/Sanders – I don’t think the Giants will have to throw a lot, which makes these two spotty plays.


Stay away – Any other Texan’s DL – not the most productive group. I’m being polite.



New York


Studs – Antonio Pierce – Had a couple of bad week recently, but is off the skids.


Michael Strahan – DL’s vs. the Texans are still golden.


Strong starts – Gibril Wilson – Now that his lil owie toe-toe doesn’t have a boo-boo anymore he can go play! Everyone clap for Gibril! YAY!!


Gut checks – Osi/Kiwanuka – Osi is saying he might play, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Even if he does he could be limited. As an Osi owner I hope he sits a week so he can get to 100%. If it is certain that Osi will be out move the rookie to the strong start list.


Sam Madison – could put up numbers on AJ, but is questionable this week.


Stay away – Brandon Short – the dream is over, he is nursing a quad injury, rookie Gerris Wilkinson played well while he was out, and they Giants signed former Lion and Ram Chris Claiborne. None of these things bode well for Short.




Kansas City @ St Louis Sunday 10am PST




Kansas City


Studs – Jared Allen – gets Orlando Pace this week, but ASYS applies to IDP’s too.


Strong starts – Derrick Johnson – should be busy this week vs. SJax.


Tamba Hali – doesn’t get Orlando Pace, should be productive.


Greg Wesley – I think he will have a good week this week.


Gut checks – Kawicka Mitchell – up and down, considering how well this defense has played overall this season I am a little surprised he hasn’t been more of an IDP factor.


Law/Surtain – Whoever gets Holt should have a good week.


Stay away – Sammy Knight – should be coaching some DB’s, not trying to play DB.



St Louis


Studs – Will Witherspoon – you never sit this guy, and that goes double for the week he gets LJ.


Strong starts – Pino Tinoisamoa – listed as questionable, but reports are that he will try to give it a go. If he plays he should get 6-8 tackles by default vs. LJ.


O.J. Atogwe – will be busy trying to catch LJ on the runs where he gets past the front seven. If you have seen the Rams defend the run you know that will not just be a small sample group of plays.


Gut checks – Leonard Little – streaky, but still a good option in DL required leagues


Stay away – Rams’ CB’s – nothing to see here.




Miami @ Chicago Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Zach Thomas – Should be HUGE this week, especially in the 2nd half when the Bears are grinding down the clock.


Jason Taylor – never sit him.


Strong starts – Channing Crowder – keep an eye on the injury report, if Crowder plays he will have a big game. He is listed as questionable but has been practicing this week.


Gut checks – Vonnie Holiday – has had some good games, but Taylor is the only member of this D line that deserves consideration IMO.


Stay away – Dolphins’ DB’s – worthless in IDP, worthless in real life.





Studs – Lance Briggs – the best LB on the team.


Strong starts – Brian Urlacher. That’s right, Briggs is the best LB on the team. Chew on that for a hot second, Mr Overrated.


Tillman/Vasher – so I hear this Harrington guy has thrown a pick or two in his day…….


Bears DL’s – in this order: Brown, Anderson, Harris, Ogunleye


Gut checks – Danieal Manning – could be a fill in against Joey and the inept Dolphins offense.


Stay away – Hunter Hillenmeyer- Wont be enough to go around for all 3 LB’s.




New Orleans @ Tampa Bay Sunday 10am PST



New Orleans


Studs – Charles Grant – on fire, should be in all DL required lineups this week.


Strong starts – Will Smith – has been steadily out-produced by Grant, but against a shoddy o line and a rookie QB I like the match up.


Scott Fujita – could get back in the sack column this week.


Scott Shanle – has been steady.


Gut checks – Saints DB’s – if you are starting any of these guys you have a stronger stomach than me.


Stay away – Everyone else on the team – not an IDP hotbed here.



Tampa Bay


Studs – Ronde Barber – vs. Horn and Colston, should be a busy week.


Strong starts – Derrick Brooks – old reliable.


Juran Bolden – here is a sleeper for those of you in need of a DB fill in. Bolden is starting now and has a reputation for getting beat by WR’s. That usually translates to high tackle numbers.


Simeon Rice – if last week is any indication, I think he is feeling better.


Shelton Quarles – enough tackles to be a worthy start


Gut checks – Jermaine Phillips – kept his job, but is gracing us with 4 and 5 tackle outings instead of his early season numbers. We will see if he can bounce back.


Stay away – Any Bucs DL not named Simeon Rice- nothing worthy of your roster here.




Tennessee @ Jacksonville Sunday 10am PST





Studs – Keith Bulluck – ho hum, just another studly performance for Bulluck.


Chris Hope – still a top DB option.


Strong starts – David Thornton – I expect another 40+ rushes from the Jags this week.


Kyle Vanden Bosch – I’m sure most don’t have the depth to bench him in a DL required leagues, but realize that Garrard is a little harder to sack than Fatboy was, as proven by the normally sack-happy Eagles coming up with exactly one sack last week.


Gut checks – Titans CB’s – the Jags probably wont pass a lot.


Stay away – Pacman Jones – the little dirtball got suspended for spitting in a woman’s face at a club. Real class act here. Between him and Haynesworth the Titans should be really pleased with themselves.





Studs – Daryl Smith – has earned his way here. Has been stellar since taking over for the injured Mike Peterson.


Strong starts –  Donovan Darius – I think he will be busy vs. the run this week.


Gut checks – Clint Ingram – has been pretty good since coming into the starting lineup. But is “pretty good” good enough to be a starter for you?


Rashean Mathis – VY hasn’t been throwing much, and when he is throwing he isn’t throwing picks. Ungood for Mathis.


Stay away – Brian Williams – will have even less to do than Mathis.




Minnesota @ San Francisco Sunday 1:05pm PST





Studs – E.J. Henderson – has earned his way into the stud file with a sick October. I think he will keep it up vs. Gore this week.


Antoine Winfield – Smith should have to pass a lot, and Winfield is a stud vs. the run. Can’t go wrong here.


Strong starts – Kevin Williams- the 49’ers line is still a sieve. Williams could have a field day.


Gut checks – Leber/Thomas – both have potential, especially with Harris hurting, but I don’t think I’d be too excited to start either one.


Stay away – Fred Smoot – worthless these days in IDP circles.



San Francisco


Studs – none


Strong starts – Derek Smith – should get up close and personal with Chester this week.


Gut checks – Manny Lawson – a potential fill in if you are desperate for LB help, Lawson has been playing pretty well.


Stay away – the rest of the Niners IDP’s – a veritable toilet of IDP nothingness.




Cleveland @ San Diego Sunday 1:15pm PST





Studs – Andra Davis – fun maneuver of the week, pickup Andra after some dunce cut him for his 3 tackle game last week and start him vs. LT. Next, laugh heartily at others’ expense. Good times.


Sean Jones – Will also be huge vs. LT.


Strong starts – Dqwell Jackson – up and down, but LB’s vs. LT are usually money. Probably on your wire in redraft IDP leagues if you are in need of help this week.


Gut checks – Browns DB’s (except Jones) – hard to say who will start or what they will do.


Stay away – Browns DL’s – as if this group wasn’t sad enough, the Dolts have done a fine job of keeping young Rivers’ jersey clean.



San Diego


Studs – Donnie Edwards – might salvage a solid fantasy season after all.


Strong starts – Luis Castillo – has been steady in DL required leagues.


Gut checks – Marlon McCree – remember what I said about the defensive TD earlier?


Stay away – cheating roid monster – I hate this guy. I will not call him by his given name the rest of the season. Guaranteed. Scummy McRoids will begin serving his 4 game suspension this week.


Shaun Phillips – should be back before the cheater is.




Denver @ Pittsburgh Sunday 1:15pm PST





Studs – Champ Bailey – the way Ben is passing, you bet I start Bailey this week.


Strong starts – Al Wilson – should be busy.


Ian Gold – ditto.


Elvis Dumervil – I think he gets back into the sack column this week.


Gut checks – Darrent Williams – as much as he got torched by Wayne last week you’d think he would have put up bigger numbers. Still a fine start in CB required leagues.


D.J. Williams – his owners wish Ian Gold would just go away so D.J. could play his natural WILL position. If that ever happens this kid will be a top 15 IDP LB, easy.


Stay away – Courtney Brown – if you hadn’t heard, he is done for the year.





Studs Troy Polamalu – has bounced back big time after a slow start.


James Farrior – will be crushing any Bell that comes in his general direction.


Strong starts – Ike Taylor – Plummer seems to have locked in on Javon that could translate into a huge week for Ike.


Gut checks – Clark Haggans – up and down, and the Donks have done a pretty decent job of keeping Plummer upright so he can throw picks.


Stay away – Steelers DL’s – nothing worth owning here.




Indianapolis @ New England Sunday 5:15pm PST





Studs – Brackett/June – you know the Pats are going to follow up their pass happy MNF show with about 40 runs vs. the soft Colts run D. Brackett and June will tear it up.


Robert Mathis – Brady has been eating a fair amount of turf lately, feel free to start Mathis as always.


Strong starts – Marlin Jackson – has been muy caliente lately. I think this kid could be a top safety if they decided to leave him there long term. For that to happen the Colts might have to admit Mike Doss sucks in ways few other players can suck, which they seem reticent to do for some unknown reason.


Gut checks – Bob Sanders – might play this week, but even if he does I probably wouldn’t start him.


Stay away – Booger – just because he has a funny name doesn’t mean he will produce numbers for your IDP squadron.



New England


Studs – Rodney Harrison – should be quite busy vs. a team that may throw 40-50 times this week.


Strong starts – Asante Samuel – I’d feel good about starting him this week too.


Gut checks – Pats DL’s – Manning doesn’t get sacked much.


Pats LB’s – I wouldn’t want to have to rely on these guys, and I don’t think Indy will have enough of a run game to make them relevant regardless.


Stay away – Tedi Bruschi – should just hang it up. The feel good story is over, he sucks.




Oakland @ Seattle Monday 5:30pm PST





Studs – Morrison and Howard – even with Mo Morris toting the rock these two will be busy.


Strong starts – Nnamdi Asomugua – No I don’t think last week was the beginning of some studly trend, but he will be on DJax and that should result in another solid tackle total.


Stuart Schweigart – Should also have a good week vs. the pass-happy Hawks.


Derrick Burgess – is on fire, which means you don’t even sit him when he faces Walter Jones.


Gut checks – Tyler Brayton – could do something vs. the right side of the Hawks line, the only thing holding him back is that he is a terrible football player.


Stay away – Chris Carr – I’m still stunned he was on the field with the defense at all last week.






Studs – Lofa Tatupu – as soon as I figure out which week he will be good and which week he will drag my IDP dynasty team down I am off to Vegas! Until then I will just leave him in my lineup and forget about him.


Julian Peterson – should be huge this week. Sacks and tackles galore!


Ken Hamlin – you just can’t sit a guy who is this hot.


Strong starts – Rocky Bernard – the Raiders give up sacks up the middle on a more regular basis than a lot of teams, Bernard could revisit some of his sick stat lines from 05 this week.


Leroy Hill – should be good for some tackles and a sack as well.


Gut checks – Marcus Trufant – you’d like to think he could muster up a fantasy relevant game vs. Randy Moss, but remember this “offense” was held under 100 yards last week by a Steelers team that had been torched through the air by the Falcons the week before that. A true gut check.


Stay away – Marcus Tubbs – not likely to be in uniform this week.



Well everyone, that about wraps it up for week 9 of The Hive. May you dominate all your IDP match ups in this critical week of the fantasy season!


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