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The Icebox – Holding Pattern?

Is Drew Rosenhaus on drugs? It sure seemed that way to me when I read about his contract negotiations on behalf of Grady Jackson of the Green Bay Packers. He wants the Packers to renegotiate Grady Jackson’s contract because he is a “premier player” at nose tackle.

Grady Jackson, who dislocated a kneecap and didn’t play the first month of the 2004 season.

Grady Jackson, who has had knee surgery after each of the last two seasons.

Grady Jackson, who often couldn’t finish a game because his fat frame was too tired to chase down football players.

Jackson was previously represented by James Cook, the same agent Brett Favre uses. For some reason, he decided in his zen-like wisdom to drop Cook and retain the services of Drew “I need to make my mortgage payment” Rosenhaus. Is there such a thing as agent tampering? Probably not, since that would be an ethical issue and ethics are not exactly part of the professional player agent’s creed. If there is, it sure would be nice to see someone displaying that lost art, ethics.

Sounds more likely that Rosie is looking for a payday. He doesn’t get any cha-ching if he doesn’t get a new deal for his new client, does he?

The Packers are smart not to renegotiate. Grady has peaked at best, and with the injuries, is physically more likely on the decline.

So Rosenhaus has his client threaten a hold out. Funny, by all reports I’ve been reading, Rosie isn’t doing so well with that worn out tactic.

Terrell Owens – Reported to Camp

Javon Walker – Reported to Camp

Grady Jackson – Ok, who really cares?

This is getting old.


Rosenhaus said he talked to Packers executives, and they indicated they wanted Jackson to play out his contract and would evaluate him after the season ends.

“We may need to look at a trade or potentially a holdout until the team changes their position,” Rosenhaus said.

Jackson has had arthroscopic knee surgery each of the past two offseasons. Last season, he dislocated a kneecap in the opening game and missed more than a month before returning to action. He finished with 23 tackles and one sack. Not exactly stats that are going to make a team jump up and grab their check book, that is unless they are digging for a deposit slip.

With Terrell Owens, Rosenhaus had the unmitigated gall to compare what his clients do with the risks our armed forces take. On HBO, Rosenhaus ranted “It’s OK for Tom Cruise to make $50 million for a movie. But a guy who risks his life can’t get paid a decent wage?” said Rosenhaus. “B.S. I’m not standing for it. I don’t care what system it is. I don’t care who agreed to it. It’s wrong. If you don’t agree with it, too bad.”

Risk their lives? Hell, I risk my life walking across the frigging street. My kids risk their lives jumping in the pool, or tubing down the river. How about negotiating a sweet deal for us while your at it Drew? Better yet, why don’t you go lobby Congress to do something about the abysmal pay and treatment our fighting forces recieve for putting their butts on the line every day on foreign soil instead of pouting and blowing up on national television because some spoiled brat athlete who lives a life the average Joe can only dream of for PLAYING A FREAKING GAME can’t manage his money!!! You can’t compare movie stars to athletes pay structures anymore than you can compare athletes to soldiers pay.

As Troy Aikman says….Get Real!

Drew Rosenhaus and people like him disgust me. They don’t really want to see the contract system change, at least not in a way that is truly beneficial to the players. I also think the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) needs to be revamped, but the agents, for all their posturing, don’t want that. No guarantees give them the ability to whisper dark rumors of consipiracy, telling players they need to “get theirs” before an injury ends their career. They feed on the ego and fear of their clients, but it isn’t the client they really care about. It’s a payday. Rosenhaus made a chunk negotiating TO’s last contract. Just last year it was. Now he wants more.

TO has made over $22 million dollars to date playing football. He got a signing bonus of almost $10 million dollars last year. He makes $3.25 million this year and in March receives a $5 million roster bonus. Sure, the Eagles can get out of the roster bonus by cutting him loose, but if he has another stellar season someone else with a fat wallet will have Rosie over for cocktails and cigars to negotiate a deal. If Owens stinks up the joint, he doesn’t deserve to be on an NFL roster.

If you want to change the CBA, and they really should, then set up a pay scale for years of service in the league. Add bonuses for 1000 yard seasons, number of touchdowns, Pro Bowl selections, all those things that are already built into current contracts. Give some kind of guarantee, so if a player is cut the team is on the hook for a percentage of his salary. Have an injury rate. I know there are injury settlements, but set some real standards. Add a standard of living rate, or even better, a sliding scale based on profitability. After all, the players are why the game prospers, but what if the revenues dip for some unforeseen reason? Shared risk, shared reward.

There should be a rookie scale as well. Why should Alex Smith get $4 million more in bonus money than Eli Manning did last year? He hasn’t proven anything. Neither for that matter did Manning. Many of these guys never make it, but the teams, and via pass-through the fans, are the ones who foot those bills.


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