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The Icebox – What’s in your…community?

Welcome to the Icebox.  Sit back, grab a cold one and let’s wax philosophic about football, fantasy or otherwise.   I’d like to hear your stories…maybe write about them.  Whaddya say?

“If it were not for fantasy football, I would not be playing fantasy football today.”

Ok, so I changed a word from the old commercial.  Twice.

Thing is, I’ve been playing fantasy football forever it seems, and every season I am even more excited and impatient for it to get here.  Like many who come to, I am the FAN in fan-tasy. 

I remember waiting hungrily for the USA Today or the local paper, which ever one came out earliest, for the scores on Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday we’d calc stats, provide lineups, handle waiver wire and free agent pickups. Now we do it all by computer.

This past Sunday I had a live draft, sort of, with my office keeper league.  We have one guy in Boston, and two in the Atlanta area.  Atlanta was representing, Boston wasn’t.  Even a couple of the local yokels didn’t show, but we had a blast.

We had a draft board, with all the player names printed and positions color coded.  We had wings, nachos and a large cooler full of Corona Lite.  The three delinquents drafted by speaker phone while we gave them grief about not showing up. The guys from Atlanta were strangers before the draft started.  We met on a Yahoo league three years ago.  Changed it to a keeper league and moved it to Sportsline last year.

This year we met for the first time. Now they are buds.

We played in a golf tournament, shotgun start, best ball, 8am.  We talked smack and trash all day, about fantasy football, not golf.  We competed for prizes, like longest drive, closest to the pin, etc., but we discussed the draft coming up at 3pm after golf, not whose handicap was probably the most bogus.

We had barbecue, drank beer, drafted our teams, then played poker.  Texas Hold’em.  It’s a sweet game that you can play with a bunch of guys and a single deck of cards.

And we dissected the draft.  Who got the best team.  Who was reading our minds and taking our picks out from under us. One of the rookies bragged about how great his team was.

He took Ituli Mili in the 7th round.

Need I say more?

We smoked cigars, and we played poker, and we drank more beer, and we ate wings and barbecue and played golf.  With two guys we’d never met before, some office buddies, and a couple of their buddies.

All because of fantasy football.

Fantasy football transcends all.  Even Sex.  True, a lot of wives will say it replaces sex during football season, but I think that’s an over statement.  Unless of course THEY are playing.  Then the excuse changes from “I’ve got a headache” to “Not now honey, I’ve got a VBD analysis.”

Just ask The Bomb.

She writes for FantasySharks.  Yup, I said she. And she is good.  So is CinammonGirl.  And probably more ladies lurking about.  It’s ok…you can come out now. You’ve earned the right.

Won’t some of the guys be embarrased when they see the ladies who kicked their butts. That’s what the fantasy world has come too.  Everyone wants to play. 

And every day I log on, the number keeps changing.  My good friend and keeper league buddy, Ashley Sutton (a guy, so he has to be tough or he catches all manner of smack talk) was the 10,000 registered member of a couple months ago.  As I finish editing this, its up to 13,491 and climbing every single day.

Feels like my kinda place.

Fantasy Football. 

Life is good

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