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The Last of the Mohicans


Danny Woodhead

The move to San Diego will do him a whole lot of good in terms of fantasy value.
Ryan Mathews
is a joke at this point and needs to do some major damage control to revive his fantasy value and his NFL career. The guy just can’t stay healthy. So when he gets hurt, who will be there to pick up the pieces? Woodhead will. But more importantly, the San Diego Chargers are going to be down in a ton of games this year, which means they will be throwing the football, a lot. So whether or not Mathews decides to show up on a weekly basis, I expect to see a lot of Woodhead in that offense, especially on third down. The kid is scrappy, and earns every second he’s on the field along with every yard he gains. He’s an obvious handcuff to
Ryan Mathews
owners, but if I would pull the trigger before that owner gets the chance to handcuff.

Michael Floyd

In his second year in the NFL, I expect a nice leap forward from last year. We all know how terrible the Arizona Cardinals were last year, but they’ve had a few major upgrades to that offense in the off season. First and foremost, they brought in the Coach of the Year in Bruce Arians, who absolutely loves to air it out. The Indianapolis Colts went from the first overall pick to back in the playoffs. Secondly,
Carson Palmer
is not the same quarterback he was a few years ago, but he is light years ahead of any quarterback that was on that roster last year. He also knows how to get rid of the football quickly, which will help in another way they have improved in the offseason – the offensive line. Drafting Jonathan Cooper with the ninth overall pick will help give Palmer a little more time to make better decisions and help in the run game, which, in return, will help open up the pass game. And we all know
Larry Fitzgerald
deservingly so, will be getting a lot of attention from defenses leaving
Michael Floyd
1-on-1 all day. I like his chance of having a solid year in Arizona.

Jay Cutler
and Alshon Jeffery:

Poor Cutler has been running for his life since he got to Chicago. Finally, the Bears have at least attempted to address the problem with their offensive line by signing left tackle Jermon Bushrod and drafting Kyle Long. Hopefully we won’t have to see Cutler physically abusing any of his offensive lineman this year. It’s not a good look. The Bears also have a new coach. Marc Trestman’s offense will call for a lot of short routes, which means
Brandon Marshall
will be the beneficiary of most of those with his ability to get yards after the catch.

With Marshall and
Matt Forte
receiving the majority of attention from the defense, I expect to see some longs balls and big games for Jeffery this year. He has the speed to blow by corners, and, with his 6-foot-3 frame, can go up and get the ball. I’m not expecting huge things from Jeffery in his sophomore year, but, after
Brandon Marshall
’s third hip surgery, if he were to go down, Jeffery would get a huge leap in value. And when it comes to Cutler, he has the talent to be a top-10 fantasy quarterback. The only questions for me is if the offensive line can keep him upright, and will he minimize the mistakes and keep the interceptions down to a respectable level? This is the year he breaks 30 touchdowns while hopefully staying around 15-20 interceptions.

Aaron Dobson

Why not take a chance on a rookie wide receiver in a
Tom Brady
-led offense?
Danny Amendola
has plenty of talent but has yet to prove that he can stay on the field week-in and week-out. Who knows if Rob Gronkowski will return to form? We all know that
Aaron Hernandez
is gone.
Brandon Lloyd
, gone. All Brady needs is time, and wide receivers who get it. So the real question here is if Dobson can pick up the offense enough to earn himself a starting position and targets from Brady. He has the physical ability, but in a Bill Belichick offense, that could all go to the waste side if he can’t figure things out.


Justin Blackmon

Let’s see here. Where do I even begin? He’s suspended for the first four games due to being an idiot. There are recent reports that he just had groin surgery and hopefully will be ready by training camp. This is a guy with all the physical gifts with nothing going on upstairs. He lacks heart and the desire to improve his NFL career. My guess is he will be out of the NFL within the next three years. Let someone else make that terrible draft pick. Oh, and I forget to mention who’s throwing him the football. Blaine Gabbert? Chad Henne? Mike Kafka? Oh, who cares … stay away!

Jacoby Jones

The one-trick pony is what I like to call him. He may have a trick up his sleeve one game but then you won’t hear from him for six games. I know that
Anquan Boldin
is gone, but Jones is not filling that void. Word is
Deonte Thompson
, an undrafted second-year wide receiver, has a chance to become the starter opposite
Torrey Smith
. What does that say about Baltimore’s faith in Jones to become the No. 2? Jones is a talented return man, with the ability to stretch the field on occasion. He had an amazing playoff run to help the Ravens win the Super Bowl, but let’s leave it at that. He’s not a very good route runner and is better off as a third wide receiver. Take a chance on
Deonte Thompson

DeAndre Hopkins

A lot of hype surrounding this rookie, and you can’t deny his talent and the fact that he is very gifted. But he is no
A.J. Green
, and the last time I checked the Houston Texans are in love with running the football.
Andre Johnson
finished the year with 1,598 yards but only four touchdowns. They pound the football in the red zone. And why wouldn’t you when you have
Arian Foster
? Will he have some games where he gets to showcase his talent? Absolutely. The only way I can see him having a fantasy impact this year is if
Andre Johnson
has a season-ending injury. You never know what could happen, though. In dynasty and keeper leagues, he is definitely worth taking the chance on.

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