Wednesday - Jan 27, 2021
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The Market

Edgerrin James – buy low

Now’s finally the time to buy into The Edge. It was unfortunate that he had to hit pay dirt against the Squeelers because that may have slightly raised his going rate. The schedule really softens up at this point. In the Cards’ new found ground dominated offense I would be expecting 20-25 touches from here on out and any rumors of him losing goal line carries have been proven false over the first few weeks of the season. I still can’t believe there was even talk of Marcel Shiff whoring some of his goal line touches, dude touched the ball 550+ times in a row at one point in his career without hitting pay dirt!

DeShaun Foster – sell high

There are a few items that have always dogged Mr. Foster; fumbles and staying healthy. He’s managed to stay healthy early in the season, but the fumble problems are still present. Per Coach Fox’s press conference this week I’m getting the feeling that the leash is tightening on Foster. If the fumble issues continue we’re going to see a lot more of DeAng going forward… if he even stays healthy. That is compounded by the fact that with David Carr under center defenses are going to be zeroing in on shutting down the running game and make Carolina beat them through the air. This has never been an issue with Delhomme under center because defenses focused primarily on shutting down

Steve Smith and making the Panthers beat them via the run game. Find that owner who only looks at “what have you done for me lately” and get Foster off your roster for upgrades elsewhere.

Chad Johnson – buy low

What is this guy? Crazy? Chad Johnson, buy low you’ve got to be kidding me. Hear me out. Look for the Chad Johnson owner in your league. What’s his record? 3-1? 4-0? Ok, I’m not talking to you. 1-3? 0-4? Ok, I am talking to you! This is a great time to take advantage of someone on bye. This owner is one loss away from possibly giving up on the season any may be desperate. Add to that Ocho’s off game on Monday night football and talk of him tweaking an ankle and you’ve got yourself an Ocho Cinco with the lowest value he’ll likely be at for the rest of the season. I’ll admit, pre-season I was a hater for Ocho. I look at his production over 14 of last season’s 16 game slate and see mediocre production, not an elite fantasy WR. I was wrong, the Chad Johnson of 2005 is the one to expect. If you can exploit an owner on the break of collapse drop his name and see what he considered offering. Whatever it is will be the best you’ll see for him the rest of the season.

Santonio Holmes – sell high

He’s had games against some weak pass D’s and took advantage of a good situation [with Hines Ward not playing against Arizona] in producing solid WR2 numbers thus far. While I expect a nice year from him I would not expect his current pace to continue. The defenses get tougher, the weather’s going to get colder, and Hines Ward should be back soon [if not this week]. He’ll revert back to his deep threat role once Ward returns and won’t be nearly as reliable of a start from then on. Test the waters, see who’ll bite.

Matt Leinart – buy low

He’s been dropped in many leagues so you may not even have to try to work a deal rather you just have to make your waiver claim. If he is still owned in your league now may be the time to see if you can buy him on the $1 menu. I do not know what Wisenhut is thinking with this QB situation, but like all of the other QBBC experiments in the past this one will fail and he will turn to his young QB to right the ship at some point. When? I don’t know, but it’s going to happen at some point. Those late season matchups are still very nice if he can get his act together. The reward would be very well worth the limited risk you’d have to take in.

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