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The New Tiers: QB and RB

If you look at a fantasy football magazine, from only a few short months ago, the tiers for all the major skill positions would seem significantly flawed.  We’re past the midpoint of the season now so it’s time for owners to readjust their thinking of the fantasy football landscape.  Let’s take a long look at the new tiers for fantasy football for quarterbacks and running backs.


1st Tier

Peyton Manning

:  The quarterback position is like the receiver position now, there’s the top guy and then there’s everybody else.  Manning’s had a season for the ages and he has so many weapons that there’s no reason to think that he can’t continue this production now and for the future.  He’s a mid-1st round pick in 2014 drafts.

2nd Tier

Drew Brees

:  On pace for another 5,000+ passing yard season, Brees’ brilliance was on full display last weekend when he threw for five touchdowns. 

Tony Romo

: A good way to figure out if someone plays fantasy football or not is to see what their feelings on
Tony Romo

are.  If they think of him as a choker and overrated, they’re probably just watching football.  If they look at him as an elite quarterback who always pays dividends for his owners, they’re probably a gamer.  Romo’s had a spectacular season, ranking

in QB scoring.  He’s another QB like Manning, who has a multitude of weapons.  Next season in drafts he might finally get the respect he deserves.

Aaron Rodgers

:  Rodgers’ numbers are a little down this season but this is understandable because like
Tom Brady

, he’s had a multitude of injuries in his receiving corps.  Unlike Brady, he’s still managed to produce, good enough for a top-six QB ranking in scoring.  I expect Rodgers to rise in the rankings as his receiving corps gets healthier.

Matthew Stafford

:  I would have Stafford ranked higher but his value is intricately tied to one player:
Calvin Johnson

.  The Detroit Lions brain trust just hasn’t given Stafford any other receiving weapons to throw to besides Calvin so when Calvin is hurting, Stafford’s numbers suffer.  All of the rest of the QBs on this list have tons of targets to choose from, while Stafford basically has just one.  Nevertheless, Stafford’s been sensational this year and is a young star, who has a bright future ahead of him.

And this is it, my friends.  These are your remaining elite QBs.  These are the QBs, who are true difference makers and can win games for you, all by themselves.  The rest of the QBs out there are too inconsistent and have their own set of issues that prevent them from being called elite.  Let’s now look at the new tiers for running backs.

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