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The NFL’s biggest little man.

Brian Westbrook: An indepth look at one of the NFL’s biggest little men.



     812 rush yards

   3 TD’s

     73 receptions

  703 yards

  6 TD’s


     617 rush yards

   3 TD’s

     61 receptions

  616 yards

  4 TD’s


   1217 rush yards

   7 TD’s

     77 receptions

  699 yards

  4 TD’S



The success of the Philadelphia Eagles doesn’t just go hand in hand with the health of Donovan McNabb only, it also follows in the footsteps of Brian Westbrook.

The 5′ 10″ running back from Villanova has been a sparkplug for the Eagles offense since the 2003 season, when HC Andy Reid started to use Westbrook more as an offensive weapon.

  The off season loss of Donte Stallworth should only increase the need for Westbrook to perform at a high level along with McNabb, who is recovering from off-season knee surgery.

McNabb’s primary target will still be Brian Westbrook even with the addition of Kevin Curtis to their lineup.

Early reports from training camp have McNabb looking good in and out of the pocket and showing good signs of mobility.

Although I do believe Westbrook will be a solid RB1 in any format, his overall value does follow the health of his fellow teammate Donovan McNabb.

Andy Reid has also stated that Marty Morningweig will continue to call the plays for the offense. 

Morningweig will continue to use Westbrook in every key situation the Eagle’s offense will face this year.



Westbrook has the uncanny ability to score from anywhere on the field at anytime.

  This makes him one if the most dangerous players in all of football.

He catches the ball as well, if not better then some receivers in the league, and the Eagles even use Westbrook for key situations in the return game.

His rushing skills are no laughing matter as he can run up the middle or break it to the outside, he uses his ability to take what the defense gives him and exploit it’s weakness. 

He is also one of the few running backs who works without a RBBC setup which in today’s game is a major plus.

His ability to run and catch makes him an even greater commodity in a league that gives you a point per reception (PPR). 

Westbrook also has the good fortune to run behind one of the best offensive lines in the league.

A line which is led by big John Runyan and Pro Bowler Shaun Andrews as well as a plethora of good linemen and some up and coming younger players as well.

Reggie Brown, Kevin Curtis and LJ Smith will play a big part in Westbrook’s game this year.

Their ability to spread the field and keep the defense honest will give him more room to work with when his number gets called.


In the last 3 seasons he’s missed a total of 6 games due to injury. 

That being said, be forewarned that drafting him high in the first round does come with some added risk.

  There are some who believe the return of McNabb will limit the use of Westbrook.

If you look at his numbers last year thru 9 games with McNabb he had totals of 613 yards rushing, 41 receptions, 438 receiving yards, and 7 total TDs. Last year he had 3 games in which he scored under 20 points and that’s using PPR without his receptions those 3 weeks he scored 12.6, 10.0 and 10.2 total fantasy points.

Based on his previous years you may have to concede the fact he will miss at least 1 game this year and maybe even 2.



His play last season with and without McNabb was stellar and there is no reason he cannot repeat his performance from 2006 or even surpass it in 2007.

He will continue to be the focal point of this high powered offense and with his abilities he should see plenty of opportunity to shine again this year.

I have a feeling McNabb and Westbrook will lean on each other from time to time to help lead this team to another NFC East title and what they hope to be a Super Bowl.

He should see a lot of open space to work with thanks in part to the hard work of Reggie Brown, Kevin Curtis and

  LJ Smith.

The only thing that could slow down this man is an injury.

In my opinion if Westbrook plays in 14 or more games he is a lock, I repeat “A LOCK” top 5 RB.

In conclusion I believe that drafting Westbrook in the 1st round is a solid pick that could end up in leading your team to its League Championship this year.

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