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The Nuthouse — Week 7

I just traded Peyton Manning. I’m not going to tell you who I traded him for, only to explain that it was a desperate move as my team hovers near the cellar of my auction league. The more interesting point is that Manning has been traded in this particular league for the

third consecutive year. Paying $20+ for a QB – even a sure thing like Peyton – just isn’t worth it in an auction league. Does this — and the performances of several mid-tier quarterbacks — add more credence to my $10 QB theory? Perhaps. Does it make me an idiot for getting caught bidding up Manning and thus violating my own auction draft rules? Absolutely.


Otherwise, the Auction Nuthouse rules have panned out so far. Romo, Eli Manning and Brett Favre as sub-$10 QBs; proven wideouts before flashes in the pan. The running backs have played games with us due to injury and RBBC, so we’ll have to look at the season as a whole before making a ruling. If any of you auction nuts out there have an idea for a rule for next year’s draft guide, post a topic in the Article Discussions section of the Tank.


Thoughts on the Chris Chambers and Michael Bennett trades: the Chambers trade is a boom-or-bust move. I doubt he takes that many targets away from Antonio Gates, and even if he serves as an Alvin Harper to Gates’ Michael Irvin in the Norv Turner offense, does Phillip Rivers have the arm to be throwing bombs and successful fades/jump balls? I don’t know. I envision Chambers becoming more of a possession receiver, like Keenan McCardell in the SD offense before him, while Gates still gets the deeper and high-quality targets.


Michael Bennett’s benefit will come in PPR leagues. He may not be tough enough to be a straight-ahead chain-mover, but he can slash and catch passes out of the backfield in the same manner that Jon Gruden used Charlie Garner with the Raiders. And Garner had some pretty decent fantasy years. This means Earnest Graham would fill the Tyrone Wheatley role. The division still has to shake out, but with that schedule, Bennett could be a decent flex player down the road.


The Drew Brees Renaissance Watch is on red alert this week. If he has another game like last week, then many will have missed a chance to buy low on a potential season-changer. Now only if his receivers could catch. Hand-in-hand with Brees’ resurgence is the Reggie Bush comeback. Last week against Seattle, the plan was run with Bush, throw to Bush. A higher completion percentage for Brees and more opportunities for Bush.


Javon Walker = DONE. The Broncos aren’t saying that, but it sure looks like it. Brandon Marshall owners are happy – or are they? Walker took coverage away from Marshall. Now what? The Broncos offense appears to be in for a season-long sputter.


On that note, how many offenses as a whole have been busts this year? St. Louis, Denver (minus Travis Henry), Atlanta, Baltimore, Buffalo, San Francisco, Houston (injuries) Chicago, Tennessee and Miami. That’s almost a third of the league! No wonder so many fantasy teams are in dire straits.


If you’re in such a situation, try your best to trade and buy low with other bottom-feeding teams. At this point, why not take the shot? Onto some quick selections:


David Patten WR NO

: The young Saints WRs can’t catch and Marques Colston is doing his best Michael Clayton impersonation. Patten is a solid veteran who runs good routes and is strong enough to make tough catches. Somebody’s got to make the plays other than Bush, don’t they?


Frank Gore RB SF

: Yes, he’s a stud, but he hasn’t played like one. For those who put Frank on the bench, I get a sneaking suspicion that the Giants will try to lay an egg in Sunday’s contest. The Giants can be run on the edges, as Jerious Norwood proved last wek. I’d rather be wrong in a column than have my beloved Giants lose.


Kevin Faulk RB NE

: Even if Laurence Maroney comes back this week, Faulk will catch the majority of RB passes and get some looks inside the goal-line. If you’re short on flex players, here you go.


Owen Daniels TE HOU

: This is Houston’s leading receiver, and he’s still available in more than 20% of CBSSportsline leagues.


Finding these under-the-radar guys is becoming tougher to come by each week. This is the fantasy football world we live in this year.


If you have questions or comments, feel free to start a topic in the Article Discussion section of the Fantasy Sharks forum.

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