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The Observation Deck

Some observations of this past weekend’s games…

NFL Jam!! Jam Lewis that is…

The title is a tribute to one of the greatest games in video game history, NBA Jam. Boom shakalaka!! How fitting that the greatest video game is the lead-in to the greatest performance by a running back in NFL history. Unless you were under a rock all day on Sunday, you saw the NFL’s version of Nostradamus break the NFL’s single-season rushing record with a 295-yard performance against the Browns. Lewis told Browns linebacker Andra Davis that if he got 30 carries, it would be a career day. Had Marcus Robinson not been called for a holding penalty, Jam’s numbers would have surpassed the 350-yard mark. Wow. That’s a CAREER for some running backs in the NFL. The scary thing about Lewis’ performance is the Browns were gearing to stop the run. If I’m the Chargers coaching staff, I’m posting a memo that no one under any circumstances is to have a phone conversation with Mr. Lewis between this week and next Sunday’s matchup.


J-E-T-S, lose, lose, lose!

After beating Miami nine times in the previous ten meetings including five straight in the Meadowlands, the Dolphins exorcised their demons with a 21-10 victory on Sunday. The voodoo doll Miami used to break the curse has dread locks and looks as dominate as ever. Ricky Williams dropped weight in the offseason to become more involved in the passing attack and it’s already paying dividends with nine catches for 97 yards after the first two games. As solid as Williams and the offense looked against the Jets, things aren’t all sunshine for the Fins. The highly-touted defense of Miami gave up 373 passing yards to 68-year old Vinny Testaverde on Sunday. This happened just one week after allowing 21 points to the lowly Texans when David Carr threw for 266 yards and did not get sacked! Before the fans in Miami start standing in line for Super Bowl tickets, the defense better get their act together and fast. The Miami D has one sack in two games with the undefeated Buffalo Bills and their high-powered offense heading down south next week. Don’t get comfortable yet, Mr. Wannstedt.


The Panthers have Gramatica’s number

Seeing the final score of the Bucs/Panthers game at 12-9 and you would think that the kickers were the lead story since they posted all the points in the game. Take a closer look. The Bucs scored a TD with no time on the clock to tie the score at 9-9 with the extra point forthcoming. So much for the undefeated Panthers you say? So what if the Panthers had already blocked two field goal attempts on the day, I mean Gramatica has NEVER missed an extra point in 129 career attempts! Well, make that 129 for 130. The Panthers did the unthinkable and blocked the extra points to send the game into overtime. At this point, was overtime even necessary? I mean with that type of momentum, you know who is going to win the game. Sure enough, on the Panthers second possession in overtime thanks to a 52-yard punt return by Steve Smith, the Panthers John Kasay booted his fourth field goal to win the game and keep the hopes of matching the ’72 Dolphins undefeated season for the Panthers. Okay, that may be stretching it a bit, but don’t expect a replay of Carolina’s nose dive of a year ago after a 3-0 start.


So much for the high-powered Cardinals offense

My how quickly one week can make a difference. Last week against the Lions the Blake to Boldin connection looked to be the surprise of the ’03 season and sent many a fantasy owner scrambling to get their paws on either of the red-hot red birds. Boldin may still be a decent pickup for the season, but Jeff Blake left the game with a bruised heel towards the end of the first quarter and the Seahawks never looked back. Don’t look now, but Coach Holmgren finally has a solid defensive coordinator in Ray Rhodes and the Seahawks are the only undefeated team left in the NFC West. Speaking of the Seahawks, I know they are 2-0, but do you think they could let Matt Hasselbeck throw for more than 200 yards once this season? Not that I own him or anything, I’m just thinking of the best interest of the team. Yeah, that’s the ticket.


Some other passing thoughts….

Is there anything better than catching 3 1/2 points in a game that heads into overtime?

How many of you passed on Priest Holmes with the 1st, 2nd or 3rd pick in your NFL draft? How’s Tomlinson looking right now? Marshall Faulk, anyone? Yikes.

Who else saw Anthony Thomas take off on that 34-yard gain on Sunday night and think, “here it comes! Here’s the big game I was waiting for!”. Only to be disappointed by the “A-Tinker Truck” once again.

Is it me, or does anyone else root for the Vikings to throw to anyone but Randy Moss?

Let me get this straight, the Broncos are 2-0, they scored 30 and 38 points the first two weeks, and Jake Plummer has thrown for a combined 209 yards in two games?

Even though I had the Raiders in my pool, it would have been worth the loss to see the freaks of Raider Nation weep over losing to the Bungals.

With Antonio Freeman returning to the Packers this week, who’s next? Reggie White? I’m sure his congregation won’t miss him for a week or two…or twelve.

Could Donovan McNabb have possibly looked more miserable than he did on Sunday? It looked like the folks at Chunky soup told him his Mom can’t act or something. Donovan, get it together, man.


Until next week…

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