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The Observation Deck

Some observations of this past weekend’s games…

Nevermind Heads or Tails. How about Rock, Paper, and Scissors?

AFC East games are always close and this week’s Dolphins-Patriots game was no different. Turnovers were the story early. Miami gave New England the ball twice via turnovers in the first quarter (a Jay Fielder INT and a Chris Chambers fumble), but New England could only muster a field goal. Miami’s first score came after a Tom Brady fumble and their second score came after a Kevin Faulk fumble. The refs were certainly “letting them play” in this game. Translation: The men in stripes were VERY late with the whistle. Both Kevin Faulk and Chris Chambers had fumbles that occurred after their forward momentum had seemed to have been stopped. The Dolphins had their chances to win but a blocked field goal in the fourth quarter followed by a missed 35-yard field goal in overtime kept the Pats in the game. Immediately following the missed field goal in overtime, Brady went up top to Troy Brown for the game-winning 82-yard TD pass. It seemed that justice was served after a very strange coin toss to begin overtime. Who knows where the confusion came from, but the Football Gods stepped in and made sure the Pats got their chance and they did not relinquish it. Coach Wannstedt better start praying to the Almighty (Vince Lombardi, of course) as his seat is about to start getting hot once again.


The Freak does his thing keeping the Vikes undefeated

We all know Randy Moss can play WR like nobody’s business. What we didn’t know was that Moss is also a part-time magician. Moss posted his standard 10-catch 151-yard numbers but it was the play at the end of the half that had the whole NFL world buzzing. Culpepper faded back as the first half clock was going to run out and threw a pass about 40 yards to a well-covered Moss. Moss came back to the ball which created some space between himself and the defenders. As he made the catch and starting heading up field, the Broncos defenders converged to ensure Moss didn’t get any closer to the end zone than the 20 yard line where he stood. Rather than trying to make three defenders miss, Moss flips the ball over his shoulder to a sprinting Moe Williams who took the lateral the rest of the way for the score. Simply an amazing play which is why it deserved it’s own section this week. I can guarantee you won’t see that happen again in a long, long time. Oh yeah, the Vikings won and are still undefeated at 6-0 while the Broncos will have Danny Kanell calling the plays next week. Yikes.


Titans treat Panthers more like Kittens

Even though the Panthers were undefeated heading into this past week’s game with the Titans, many of the pundits were predicting a Titans victory. No one thought that the Titans would jump out to a 20-0 lead off of four fumbles to pound the Panthers 37-17. McNair not only continues to torch his opponents in the air, but he also got his legs working this week rushing for 30 yards including a 7-yard TD to start the scoring for Tennessee. This game was out of hand early as 10 of the Panthers 17 points came in garbage time as Tennessee led 30-3 in the fourth quarter with just over ten minutes to play. Stephen Davis struggled against the Titans and as he goes, so go the Panthers. Carolina looks to be get on the winning track next week against the Saints. The Panthers faithful hope this loss isn’t the beginning of another long losing streak similar to last year when Carolina won their first three and then proceeded to lose the next eight straight games.


Tons of injuries worth noting this week

Be sure to check your team health as a bunch of fantasy players went down to an injury this past week. Here’s a quick summary of those players to keep an eye on and who their backups are in case of a jam:

Patrick Ramsey – Bruised right hand. Expected to play after next week’s bye. Rob Johnson is Ramsey’s backup.

Ladell Betts – Broken Left forearm. If Canidate is out Chad Morton and Rock Cartwright may split carries after bye.

Steve Beuerlein – Dislocated pinkie finger. Out 3-5 weeks. Danny Kanell should get the starting nod.

Jay Fiedler – Injured left knee. Brian Griese will split time with the first team offense in practice this week.

Lamar Gordon – Left ankle injury. Check his status but if he can’t go, Arlen Harris gets the nod.

William Green – Shoulder injury. Had x-rays on Monday. If serious, Jamel White may see extra work.

Donte’ Stallworth – Strained quadricep. Has nagged him for a while. Jerome Pathon would move up to #2 WR.


Some other passing thoughts….

Just when you think you got the AFC East figured out, the Dolphins lose to the injury-riddled Patriots, the Bills win to stay within one game of the division-leading Pats and the Jets win their second straight game. This is the same division where three teams finished 9-7 and the other team was 8-8 last year. Deja vu, anyone?

Wonder how the Vikes are 6-0? Don’t overlook head coach Mike Tice. Tice showed up to a Vikings practice this past week in full gear (pads and all!) wearing his old Vikings uniform. With the majority of the NFL coaches being well into their golden years, it’s good to see a younger coach willing to mix it up with the young boys.

Trap game, this! That’s what the Cowboys are saying after their 38-7 victory which was sandwiched between Philly two weeks ago and Tampa Bay next week. Parcells (Tuna), Philly (Cheese Steak), there’s got to be a food joke there somewhere but I’m too busy wiping the drool from my mouth to find it.

CHARGERS WIN!! The last of the winless teams came threw this past week as LaDanian Tomlinson rushed for 200 yards and a San Diego victory. The Browns have now allowed two different running backs to rush for 200 yards in a single game against them this year. I guess they didn’t practice too many run defenses down there at the University of Miami.

Who needs Brian Mitchell? The Eagles got Westbrook. Westbrook’s game-winning punt return was the only highlight play from an ugly Giants-Eagles game. The Progno was on the money with that one.

Do you think if Tim Couch was able to wear his road uniform at Browns stadium, he would play better?

The anti-Couch is Marc Bulger who ran his home record to 9-0 in his career after beating the Packers this week.

Is it me, or is it just plain weird to see the Seahawks atop the NFC West? I don’t know if it’s the 5-1 record or that fact that I think they still belong in the AFC West.

Waiver Wire Alert: Domanick Davis – 27 carries, 129 yards. 9 receptions, 70 yards. ‘Nuff said.

Everyone that heard of Arlen Harris before this week, raise your hand…you liars!!

Until next week…

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