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The Prognosticator – Championship Weekend

This will be a fight, make no mistake about it.  Thomas Jones,
Shonn Greene and a stout Jets D vs. Peyton Manning
heads up. Trouble for the Colts creeps in because they don’t have a
prayer of stopping the Jets rushing attack. They’re built for speed, a
lot of it, they’re one of the fastest D’s on the circuit and that works
well against finesse teams but against a team like the Jets, which like
to pound it up the middle with two hulking angry runningbacks, behind
guys like Nick Mangold, Damien Woody, Alan Faneca, Brickshaw Ferguson
and Brandon Moore. It’s a talented group that can run block for two
very good runners and they will beat the Colts down on the ground.
Braylon Edwards will drop his customary potential game winning or game
changing pass and there’s the Jets gameplan.

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