Friday - Sep 25, 2020

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The Prognosticator – Super Bowl Edition

A quick look back at the Playoff Progno series reveals some decent
results year over year but this predicting thing is funny business
sometimes. The Titans/Giants Superbowl prediction before the playoffs
started didn’t pan out but for the playoffs we are a solid 6-4 in
predicting the winner and a stellar 8-2 against the spread. I like to
credit a wonderfully organized genome for my continued year over year
success. The key to predicting is to ignore what “should” happen and
look at what “could” happen. It’s not easy, as sometimes even I can’t
believe I’m picking the Cardinals all the way through the playoffs to
end up in the big game and scratch my head when I see such quotes like
the Cardinals “shocked the world” since I guess they didn’t read The

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