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The Prognosticator – Week 10

Welcome by fantasy brethren to another edition of The Prognosticator. May it be slightly tangy with a hint of smoke.

Week 10 Fantasy Forecast 

Team Rushing Team Passing
ATL 156 IND 258
JAX 146 STL 258
DEN 141 PHI 252
SEA 135 MIA 250
NYG 132 PIT 248
BAL 131 DET 243
BUF 130 NO 227
SF 129 CIN 227
PHI 127 CAR 227
WAS 125 SD 224
NE 124 DAL 223
SD 123 CLE 220
IND 118 GB 218
DAL 117 NE 204
TEN 116 SEA 203
DET 116 OAK 196
PIT 114 BAL 195
KC 114 KC 195
STL 110 ARI 195
MIN 110 MIN 186
CLE 109 TB 184
TB 108 TEN 183
MIA 108 NYJ 180
HOU 106 ATL 178
CHI 104 HOU 178
GB 103 CHI 177
NYJ 97 DEN 165
CAR 95 NYG 162
OAK 93 WAS 159
NO 93 SF 157
CIN 90 BUF 142
ARI 78 JAX 131



Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles Sunday 1:00p

The Redskins can run on the Eagles and run well. Look for the Redskins to want to bang this one out in the trenches and try to hit the Eagles in the mouth. The only problem with the Redskins on the ground scenario is if the Eagles get up on them fast, which is entirely possible as it depends on which Redskins D shows up. Just a word of warning, but I’d be worried about your Redskins RB as it’s more likely the Redskins will be forced to the air to keep up.

The Eagles will run well and shred the Redskins secondary. That just about sums it up.

Eagles 28 – Redskins 17

Chicago Bears at New York Giants Sunday 1:00p

I would hate to be the team that plays the Bears this week as they will be a swarming bee’s nest. Expect a lot of hard hits, especially from the Bears D. The Bears offense won’t do anything big against the Giants with Bernard Berrian likely not to play. That really hurts everyone on this offense as the Bears can’t stretch the field. Watch the Giants capitalize with run blitzes and the Giants strong safety spending a lot of time at the line and underneath though Thomas Jones will still get his as will Mushin Muhammad.

Tiki Barber will have a big day, especially if Brian Urlacher is out for the Bears. I do not like Eli Manning and company in this as the loss of Amani Toomer, while not a huge one, will still effect the chemistry for a game or two.

Bears 30 – Giants 27

San Diego Chargers at Cincinnati Bengals Sunday 1:00p

The Chargers offense will be rocking and rolling as LaDainian Tomlinson, Philip Rivers and a smattering of Chargers receivers get jiggy with it.

The Bengals will have a very difficult time on the ground which will force them up top. Expect a very high number of attempts for Carson Palmer this Sunday along with the Chad Johnson break out game we’ve been chatting about. #85, welcome back. Look for RB Chris Perry to be a good play in a points per reception league.

Chargers 31 – Bengals 24

Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans Sunday 1:00p

Remember that I picked the 49’ers to beat the Vikings last week? Well just to prove I’m not only daft but stupid as well, the Titans will squeak past the Ravens. You heard me.

Ray Lewis will be fine and makes a great play here. Ahem .. Musa Smith. That ends this weeks pitch for Musa – now back to our regularly scheduled Progno. Steve McNair even makes a serviceable start though don’t expect miracles.

The Titans won’t really do much that’s special except for play hard. They all could be used in a pinch though they will spread the ball around a lot to keep the Ravens off balance so you are better off leaving them on your bench.

Blue plate upset special of the week!

Titans 24 – Ravens 23

New Orleans Saints at Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday 1:00p

I really like the way Drew Brees and Marques Colston are playing right now. Expect a lot of one-on-one time against the Steelers. Funny, but who would have guessed the best rookie player to date wouldn’t have been Reggie Bush? Not even my crystal ball goes that deep.

I’m not a huge fan of Willie Parker against the Saints front but I do like the Steelers to air it out and do it well. Expect a solid day from Hines Ward. The Steelers still have problems though and they will rear their ugly head on special teams.

Steelers 28 – Saints 27

San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions Sunday 1:00p

I like Frank Gore to make some noise here as the 49’ers do not match up well in the air and Alex Smith will struggle all day.

The Lions will be fine on the ground with Kevin Jones but it is in the air that they will shine. Expect a solid day from Jon Kitna, Roy Williams and in a points per reception league, Mike Furrey.

Lions 30 – 49’ers 23

Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts Sunday 1:00p

I’ve read a few places that think this is a trap game for the Colts. The only trap you’ll be seeing is a Joseph Addai trap play followed by another TD strike to Marvin Harrison.

The Bills can run on the Colts and could have made this interesting with Willis McGahee but as he is not expected to go with Anthony Thomas filling in, expect reduced production and the Bills finally imploding. I know the A-Train is this weeks waiver wire darling but here is the problem. Willis McGahee is one of the best RB’s in football but on a garbage team which masks him. If it weren’t for Willis McGahee the Bills would score zero every week, they are that pitiful. Removing the aluminum highly tuned engine from your car and replacing it with a big old diesel does not get you back on the road again passing cars.

Colts 33 – Bills 20

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings Sunday 1:00p

Ahman Green is in for a quieter day against the Vikings solid run stop defense. In a pinch of a pinch you can use him but look for other options. The Packers will make their noise in the air and will put together a good game up top. Expect some vintage Brett Favre as his cast of receivers are starting to gel.

The Vikings won’t play poorly nor will they play well. Chester Taylor has been the attempted focal point of the offense and teams are simply keying in on Taylor, daring the Vikings to beat them in the air. Thus far, it has been working.

Packers 23 – Vikings 21

New York Jets at New England Patriots Sunday 1:00p

Chad Pennington and Laveranues Coles will take their shots at the Patriots and sometimes succeed. The rest, stash on your bench as the Jets will try to throw the kitchen sink at the Patriots on the ground and still fail. Fantasy wise though, there’ll be a number of different guys touching the ball.

The Patriots will do their talking with the running game as both Corey Dillon and Laurence Maroney get in on the action. They’ve been waiting to get back to the running game to hammer a team and this is a good opportunity. Do not interpret this as meaning the Patriots won’t have a fine day in the air, to the contrary, Tom Brady makes a fine start this week as does TE Ben Watson.

Patriots 33 – Jets 20

Cleveland Browns at Atlanta Falcons Sunday 1:00p

The Browns are going to be able to score some points on the Falcons. Reuben Droughns will move the chains but more importantly, Charlie Frye will put together a productive, solid game and put together his best of the year so far.

The Falcons will shred the Browns defense to dust as Warrick Dunn runs wild and single handedly wins fantasy football games this weekend. If you have him, oh my god play him.

Falcons 34 – Browns 23

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday 1:00p

The Texans won’t be completely inept though the only real play is Andre Johnson in this one. Be a little leery of Wali Lundy as the Jaguars will hold him down.

The Jags will do one thing, run and both Fred Taylor and Maurice Two Names will rack up the points. Enjoy. This could be the first NFL game in modern history where the QB doesn’t throw a pass! Though don’t read me wrong, I like David Garrard for the Jaguars, just not in this game as they don’t need him.

Jaguars 28 – Texans 14

Kansas City Chiefs at Miami Dolphins Sunday 1:00p

The Chiefs have a terrific offense and like I’ve mentioned before, you really don’t want to mess with it and plug Trent Green back in. The Dolphins have been playing extremely well on D and will be able to contain, somewhat, the Chiefs offense. You still play your Chiefs, just expect an off day this Sunday.

The Dolphins will make a game of this primarily on the arm of Joey Harrington and their ability to keep up with a couple of turnovers by the same Joey Harrington. Ronnie Brown while not matched up well for success in the running game, will have success anyway and that will be what will keep them in the game.

Chiefs 27 – Dolphins 24

Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders Sunday 4:05p

It doesn’t sound like Tatum Bell will be 100% so I expect to see Mike Bell running strong for the Broncos. It’s not that Mike Bell is better because if it were Tatum Bell, he’d be running just as strong. Of the two, my favorite is still Tatum.

The Raiders will get stuffed on the ground rendering LaMont Jordan practically useless but will have an above average day in the air with Randy Moss catching a few. Andrew Walters really has a nice arm and seems to have a decent head for the game. I like his chances to make it as a bona fide solid starter in this league and you’re advised to stash him away on your dynasty teams.

Broncos 24 – Raiders 17

St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks Sunday 4:15p

This will be a shoot out as the Rams can bring it, as can the Seahawks. The Rams will be rolling the yards up in bunches with Marc Bulger to Tory Holt and Steven Jackson catching a few as well adding to his fantasy start. Without the receiving for Jackson, he would make just a fair start this week but combined, he will perform nicely.

The Seahawks are going to run Maurice Morris and the Rams won’t be able to do much about it. When they get tired of running it, Seneca Wallace will find some receivers open in stride.

Seahawks 27 – Rams 23

Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals Sunday 4:15p

Don’t let this game fool you. The Cardinals always play Dallas tough in Dallas and the Cowboys have not been looking like a good football team. The Cardinals D doesn’t pose much of a threat and Julius Jones will run well but not produce a huge day. The Cowboys passing game will be clicking, with this the week we see a big Terrell Owens score on the leader board. Tony Romo, if available for whatever reason, should be on your side. It remains to be seen whether Edgerrin James can have a productive day or not. On the field he won’t but fantasy wise may. While the knocks on Edgerrin James have been frequent this year he’s actually scoring a lot of fantasy points, he just can’t get it going on the field. If he does, watch out, as you hopefully get him just in time for your playoffs.

Cowboys 27 – Cardinals 24

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers Monday 8:30p

The Buccaneers will play salty. They won’t put up any big scores but everyone will play well and can be used in a pinch. Carnell Williams, Bruce Gradkowski and Joey Galloway can be used if you need them.

The Panthers are the better team and are at home. The Panthers running game will struggle as DeShaun Foster has a hard time getting on track in this one. That just leaves a big day for Jake Delhomme, Steve Smith and Keyshawn Johnson catching one in the end zone.

Panthers 23 – Buccaneers 17

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