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The Prognosticator – Week 12


is one cocky gun slinger. Yes he has an arm but the Bears are asking
him to make all the wrong throws for his style of play. He is not a
touch throw QB and I think what’s happened here is that the Bears want
to take advantage of his big arm, which he has, by going down field
with Johnny
but that’s not Jay
game. He’s a quick, hard release type QB that can hit anyone in a blink
of an eye 10 yards out. If the Bears ever recognize it, the team will
get better. Right now, they’re calling all the wrong plays for the
personnel they have on the field. They’re making the age old mistake of
trying to tailor personnel to the playbook instead of tailoring the
playbook to the personnel. The great teams do the latter, the Bears do
the former. Cutler also has an arrogant streak in him and hasn’t
endeared himself to teammates, he points fingers at the wrong guys, his
guys don’t even pay attention to him it’s so bad. It’s not something
that’s come out in the media but it’s quite obvious when Jay

is going over a play with his receivers on the side line and to a man,
they’re all looking somewhere else while Jay is talking, that’s a
warning sign that personally, things are not right with the Bears. They
need clubhouse leaders that can step up and take control of the team in
the locker room whether Jay

wants them to or not. With that said, the Vikings can be thrown on and
if the Bears continue to make play calls that don’t match what Cutler
can bring to the field, there’s little hope.

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