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The Prognosticator – Week 13

The Hines

story is a non-issue, non-story, silly it made it into the press at
all. The Steelers are fine, they aren’t a team divided, they lost a few
games yes, some they shouldn’t have, and there is frustration there but
nothing that’s going to cause a collapse. There’s nothing like the
Raiders to get things right back on track again but here’s an early
warning for you Steelers fans. This losing stretch of games hurt their
chances for the playoffs and the loss to the Ravens last week means
they lost that tie break and that will be the reason they miss the
playoffs while the Ravens sneak in as the final seed. Don’t say I
didn’t warn you. Rashard

will run very well, the Steelers passing game will just be a complement
to the running game so get Mendenhall in your lineup if you have him.

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