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The Prognosticator – Week 13

Can we blow the Bengals up now? I think it’s obvious that the TO Band-Aid hasn’t worked. Yes, TO is having a terrific season but it’s not at all what the team needed to shine them up into a winning football team. The Bengals are one of three owner operated franchises in the NFL. The Cowboys and Raiders the other two. At the heart and soul of the matter, and I’ve said this before, is that owner operators can’t work. There’s no chain of accountability at the top and that ultimately is a model for failure. The Bengals have a great coach, and some talent here and there, but what they so desperately need is a talented GM, with some free reign, that’s accountable for making the team better. They need a rebuilding plan, contact me directly if you’d like one, and they need to start implementing it today.

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