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The Prognosticator – Week 14


Team Rushing Team Passing
JAX 166 NO 270
CHI 157 DET 240
WAS 156 PIT 238
SF 141 NE 233
NYJ 141 BAL 233
PHI 139 IND 229
DAL 136 SD 226
SD 136 HOU 225
SEA 135 DAL 220
MIN 134 ARI 211
ATL 134 DEN 210
KC 124 CIN 210
TEN 123 PHI 210
HOU 121 SEA 209
STL 119 GB 209
DEN 117 MIA 206
GB 116 CAR 203
ARI 115 MIN 202
CIN 114 KC 199
CAR 112 OAK 198
OAK 110 STL 197
PIT 109 TB 196
BUF 107 NYJ 194
NYG 106 CLE 188
CLE 106 ATL 187
TB 103 TEN 182
IND 102 NYG 177
NE 102 BUF 176
BAL 102 JAX 165
NO 98 CHI 162
MIA 94 WAS 156
DET 59 SF 154



Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers Thursday 8:00p

There is NOTHING to be had for reliable fantasy stats on the Browns.  Stay away. 

I like Ben Roethlisberger and Willie Parker to a certain degree in this.

Prediction: Steelers 27 – Browns 21

Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins Sunday 1:00p

Brian Westbrook should run well here.  Expect a nice day from him.  The Eagles will be able to move the ball in the air too, they just won’t be flashy about it.  Jeff Garcia makes an OK spot start if you have to.

The Redskins will run Ladell Betts till the cows come home and run him well. 

Prediction: Eagles 21 – Redskins 17

New York Giants at Carolina Panthers Sunday 1:00p

Giants = Trouble.

The Panthers will be OK with Steve Smith and Keyshawn Johnson doing their thing but worry about the news that Chris Weinke will be taking over the banged up Jake Delhomme, particularly if you were getting attached to the Panthers passing game.

Prediction: Panthers 24 – Giants 20

Oakland Raiders at Cincinnati Bengals Sunday 1:00p

The Raiders have little areas of talent.  Their defense is top notch.  Expect a few more flares from Aaron Brooks this week as the Raiders throw the ball more against the Bengals.

Cincinnati will be doing their thing.  The Bengals will crack the Raiders secondary, a very difficult feat, but they won’t blow it wide apart.  Just an average to above average day for your standard set of Bengals receivers.  Worry about Rudi Johnson this week, I know I am.

Prediction: Bengals 28 – Raiders 17

Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs Sunday 1:00p

The Ravens are going to have a tough time running the ball on the front seven of the Chiefs so expect them to counter with a lot of passing.  Derek Mason will be in line for a solid day this time. 

The Chiefs will run and LJ will be LJ, Ravens defense or not.

Prediction: Ravens 27 – Chiefs 24

Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday 1:00p

The Falcons are often tops in rushing but they will have a tougher go of it against the Buccaneers who have been playing better defense.  It will still be their bread and butter though.  This week, we see a little less Warrick Dunn and a little more Jerious Norwood.

The Bucs offense is struggling and that won’t change here.

Prediction: Falcons 20 – Buccaneers 14

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions Sunday 1:00p

Nothing to worry about here.  Chester Taylor will be rumbling and stumbling but if for some strange reason you are relying on Brad Johnson to win one for you, put down the whacky juice and back away slowly.

The Lions will do absolutely nothing on the ground but expect Roy Williams and Mike Furrey to check in with some nice days.

Prediction: Lions 21 – Vikings 20

Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans Sunday 1:00p

Travis Henry makes a solid #2/#3 RB this week.  Don’t neglect him. 

The Texans however will check-in with a nice day from Wali Lundy and Uber receiver, Andre Johnson.

Prediction: Texans 24 – Titans 23

New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins Sunday 1:00p

Tom Brady will light the Dolphins up, along with Reche Caldwell and a cast of characters.  Unfortunately for the Patriots, the Dolphins will bottle up their running game.

The Dolphins too will not be able to run the ball well, stay away.  Joey Harrington however makes a decent start as the Dolphins get one the old fashioned way by winning ugly.

Prediction: Dolphins 27 – Patriots 24

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday 1:00p

The Colts aren’t what you think they are.  Sure their passing game will be clicking, and that’s about it, but they have a lot of holes to plug.  Too many for a deep run into the playoffs.

The Jaguars have the Colts figured out just like the Titans and some other teams do.  Expect the Jaguars to keep the ball on the ground and run at the Colts all day long.  Fred Taylor in for a nice day.

Prediction: Jaguars 27 – Colts 23

Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Sunday 4:05p

Shaun Alexander is just too much running back for Arizona to handle and it will show.  The Seahawks will throw here and there to Darrell Jackson but this day is owned by the Madden cursed one.

The Cardinals will fight back with Edgerrin James, Matt Leinart and his receiving crew, all will do well on Sunday.  But the Seahawks power running game will be just too much to stop.

Prediction: Seahawks 30 – Cardinals 24

Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers Sunday 4:05p

The Packers stink.  That’s for sure.  Though fantasy wise there will be a bang here and there.  Ahman Green, Brett Favre and Donald Driver all make decent starts. 

The 49’ers have exactly one weapon, Frank Gore.  He will be used early and often and will put in a nice day for you.

Prediction: 49’ers 20 – Packers 17

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets Sunday 4:15p

A tale of two running games as that is what this will be.  The Bills will run Willis McGahee and the Jets will run the kitchen sink.  The Jets will have the greater success fantasy wise but the Bills will squeek one out.

Prediction: Bills 28 – Jets 27

Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers Sunday 4:15p

Both teams will play well.  The Broncos will run and pass with authority.  Do not worry about starting Jay Cutler as he’ll produce for you as will the rest of your usual Bronco suspects.  The problem?  They’re playing the Chargers who will be even better on the ground with LaDainian Tomlinson and even better in the air with Phil Rivers

Prediction: Chargers 38 – Broncos 24

New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys Sunday 8:15p

The Saints are going to have a tough time of it on the ground, though film of Reggie Bush will have the Cowboys coaches shaking their heads when preparing for this game.  There was some nasty juke running last week by Reggie.  Look instead for the Saints to air it out and try to roll up the points on the Cowboys quickly. 

The Cowboys are on a roll and they will play with extreme balance here.  They will be able to run the ball with Julius Jones and Tony Romo to Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn will be alive and well.

Prediction: Cowboys 30 – Saints 23

Chicago Bears at St. Louis Rams Monday 8:30p

Thomas Jones is about to showcase his skills on Monday Night and showcase he will.  At this point, even I think Brian Griese, the QB I’ve voted most likely to flop from the day he started his pro career, is an upgrade to Rex 1.3 Grossman.

The Rams will run Steven Jackson in retaliation and while Jackson won’t be running North to South with authority like Thomas Jones, he’ll get his.  Look for the Rams to struggle a little in the air.  The secret to their success will be finding a way to get their running game rolling.  That’s a tall order against the Bears.

Prediction: Bears 30 – Rams 21


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