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The Prognosticator – Week 14

See, the Eagles, as stated last week, are going to march to the
division lead as the Giants win a wildcard berth due to their tie break
advantage over the Cowboys. The Eagles demolished the Giants 40-17 in
Week 8 and while they won’t have the same success here, they will get
by a Giants team that has been playing better football. It’s going to be a
hard fought game, I’d be shy to start too many from this as this will
be a chess match with both teams making adjustments to counter each
other and in games like this, where there’s no set superiority
advantage, anything can happen individually. Donovan
makes a comfortable start, as does Eli
but from there it gets tricky with the Eagles WR
health woes and LeSean
trying to hammer down a brick wall that is the Giants
Defense. Brandon

too will struggle against a very solid and active Eagles defensive
front. Make no mistake, this will be a tough, divisional, playoff
implication game and neither team will give an inch. A fantasy haven it
isn’t, a great game of football, it is.

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