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The Prognosticator – Week 15

Both the Colts and the Saints are going to roll undefeated through the
regular season and set another bar in history. The Colts are just being
sneaky about it by managing PR with their statements from the front
office. Make no mistake, they want to go undefeated, they’ll play their
players to try and make that happen, but they want the back door cover
in case someone goes down trying. If someone goes down trying, then
that will ultimately send the wrong message to the fans and the image
that the Colts want to project for their brand. So to manage it, they
came up with the little tale they’re telling. They’ll be smart about
it, rest the guys that are hurt and get them ready for the stretch run,
but to think Peyton
will be coming out of a game that’s close, with a 0
in the loss column, is just lunacy to me.

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