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The Prognosticator – Week 2

The problem with the Cardinals is that leadership is letting them down
and I place the blame firmly on Ken Whisenhunt. He did this with Matt
two years ago when he and Kurt
were sharing time which pushed Leinart’s development
back. He allowed the Anquan
situation to get messy, Chris
is the superior runner yet Tim
is in bouncing off the backs of his lineman and

looks like he can’t throw the ball 20 yards. Stop messing with players
minds, pick a direction, stop promising things you can’t deliver and
win some games. Winning solves everything and putting stock in your
best players and letting them deliver for you is the key. I’m going to
start the mantra now, give Chris
the ball.  Take the pressure off the QB
position so that big plays open up down field. Defenses can’t let Larry
, Anquan
and Steve

run free which means running lanes will be open. Give the ball to
Beanie! Give the ball to Beanie! Then toss some daggers in the 3rd
quarter with more Beanie grinding out the clock in the 4th. Try it, I
think you’ll like it.

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