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The Prognosticator – Week 2

The Colts are obviously going to struggle in 2011 but there will be games, like this, that they have a solid chance in. There are a lot of proud football players on the Colts and after the beating they took last week, they’re all ready to stand up and show that they aren’t ready to roll over quite yet. Will the Colts struggle against the elite? Yes, they will without Peyton Manning. Do they have the talent to get past the Browns, especially in Indy? Yes, yes they do. What the Colts sorely missed last week was a power running game. It hasn’t been their approach to the game since they’ve had the brilliant one under center for so long, but they realize now that they have to develop a solid run game which includes better run blocking. The silent benefactor to the Peyton Manning injury ultimately will be Joseph Addai and you can get him today for less than he’ll be worth a couple of weeks from now.

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