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The Prognosticator – Week 4

returns and Fred

owners mumble an expletive under their breath. The Bills say they will
split time between the two and the progno agrees, that’s exactly how it
will play out. If Marshawn
struggles, and this offensive line may indeed be a
better fit for Fred
, there is a chance. The biggest obstacle is the
business fact that the Bills have a lot invested in Marshawn
. Two years ago he signed a 6-year, $19M deal. Fred

signed a 4-year, $7M deal this past spring, which was a great deal for
Jackson taking into account that he’s 28. That’s $3.2M a year for Lynch
to Jackson’s $1.75M. Jackson is being paid well too, by NFL standards,
but Lynch at 23 is still considered the franchise back, Fred
will ultimately be second fiddle but he will still be
active in the offense and will make decent flex plays some weeks.

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