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The Prognosticator – Week 5

Let’s start with the Lions.  First, Yeah!  Nothing personal against Matt Millen, he may be a great guy to hang out with and enjoy a platter of buffalo wings and some frosties but it’s long passed time.  Before you Lion’s fans get too excited realize that there’s no guarantee that the next phase is going to be any better.  You know I’ve been pounding the table for years to make a change not on the field but in the office and that day has arrived.  It’s a good day people, it’s a necessary step to move the Lions in the right direction and they start by sliding rookie Kevin Smith to a backup role and Rudi Johnson into the starting role.  In some ways, the move is brilliant.  It affords the rookie a little more time to learn on the job and motivates him to play at an even higher level next time he’s given the chance.  Rudi Johnson is still just keeping the seat warm so don’t over react.  By the way, Rudi Johnson will struggle and the Lions will throw the ball till the cows come home.  A very big day on tap for Calvin Johnson and Jon Kitna.  All you folks that aren’t rolling with Roy Williams will end up staring at those bench points for a long time.

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