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The Prognosticator – Week 7

I know I wouldn’t want to be the guy that had to bring Jerry Jones his morning newspaper, Bran Flakes and O.J. Monday morning — no matter what face he put on in front of the team. Jones encouraged his team this week and publicly is saying the team is playing well and the message, across the team, is keep doing what you’re doing, the wins will come, we’re going in the right direction. But yet the Cowboys, the 1-4 Cowboys, still get flagged for penalties due to excessive celebrations in the endzone, that’s the
1-4 Cowboys folks, celebrating. This week, they tried to address the issue by practicing with officials on the field. That’s not the problem guys. Practicing with officials gives the appearance that the coaching staff is trying to be creative in their approach to a solution, but they’re not addressing the core of the issue where it needs to be addressed.

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