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The Prognosticator – Week 8

I’m not sure if I’ve brought this up before but it bears repeating.
There are to my knowledge (and please correct me if I’m wrong) three
teams where the owner is also the GM. The Cowboys, Raiders and Bengals.
I understand the allure of acquiring your own players for the coaching
staff but there are so many things wrong with that set up it doesn’t
make sense. It’s like your neighbor drafting your fantasy team and then
you run it from Week 1 except you aren’t allowed to trade anyone or
pick any one up from free agency, it just isn’t going to work all that
well as you would have done something completely different to match the
way you run a team. There’s also no accountability for the GM since if
the GM messes up what’s the owner going to do? Fire himself? No
accountability in the GM spot is a big organizational issue. It’s why
the Bengals are as bad as they are. There are disconnects all through
the organization, communication isn’t as strong as it needs to be as
people will have a tough time being open and honest in such a structure
and many people will get fired when it wasn’t their fault to begin
with. It all starts at the top and it’s no way to run a football team.

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