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The Seadog Report

  Greetings Sharkfans, welcome to the latest installment of the Seadog Report!


  Did any of you happen to catch the Green Bay/Minnesota game this weekend? Well out of all the plays that occurred in that game, offensive and defensive, my favorite play had to have been that huge “whiff” of a tackle that Antoine Winfield tried to put on William Henderson of the Packers. If you didn’t see it, Henderson caught a little screen pass out in the flat and turned to go upfield. As soon as he turned around, Winfield went after him and just launched himself flat out in the air to try to take Henderson out. Henderson did his best Renaldo Nehemiah impersonation and hurdled over the stretched out, air-born Winfield. How Henderson got up that high is beyond me. Not only is he ancient, but he’s a fullback for crying out loud. Give it up to him, though, it was a great move; Antoine got nothing but air.

   Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not making fun of Winfield’s tackling techniques. He is an awesome cornerback and is by far one of the best tacklers in the game today. I mean, come on, the guy looks like he weighs about 150 pounds soaking wet, and yet, incredibly he’s able to bring down guys a lot bigger. He’s good at it. But that was an awesome “whiff”; simply classic.


This past week’s Top Dawgs


DL Bert Berry ARI  Well, I’ve been up and down in calling IDPs this year, but I’ve gotta say that I had Berry tabbed last week. 7 tackles and 4 sacks is a huge performance for a DL.


LB Shelton Quarles TB  There were several double-digit tackle efforts last week, but I’m going to give it up for Quarles’ 12 tackles and 2 sacks performance against Atlanta.


DB Ed Reed BAL  Mr Ball-hawk came through again this week! His 7 tackles, 1 assist, and 1 pass-defensed  fit very nicely with his 78 yard int. Nice!


Seadog’s picks of the week


Obviously a lot of these players mentioned here are worthy of “stud” consideration, but taking into account the various IDP schemes that are being used out there, sometimes it becomes choosing between the good and the better on your IDP roster.


DL Atlanta DL’s vs. New York Giants  The Giants are giving up a ton of sacks lately and Atlanta’s front four looks like they are back on track. Keep an eye on Brady Smith in this one.


DL Robert Mathis IND vs. Chicago  He’s kind of come out of the woodwork the past few weeks, but he’s on fire. I’d play him this week against the rookie QB in Chi-town.


DL Kelly Gregg BAL vs. Dallas  I keep waiting for Gregg to bust out and get back on track to his last-year’s form. Last week may have been just that.


LB Tedy Bruschi NE vs. Kansas City  One way or the other, Bruschi will be very active versus the Chiefs this week.


LB Keith Bullock TEN vs. Jacksonville  Bullock has been doing great these past few weeks. I’d stick with him this week.


LB Zack Thomas MIA vs. Seattle This guy is all-world. He should have a field day against the Seahawks this week.


LB Jeremiah Trotter PHI vs. Washington Trotter had a pretty good game this week, and I’m sure he’ll turn it up a notch against his former team.


DB Greg Wesley KC vs. New England Wesley will be pretty active trying to corral the Pats this week


DB Jay Bellamy NO vs. Denver  Bellamy has had a pretty solid year IDP-wise and I think he’ll be putting up some points trying to contain Denver’s offense.


DB Troy Polamalu PIT vs. Cincinnati  Troy is another one of those guys having a pretty good IDP year. He had 2 int’s last week and I like his chances this week against Carson Palmer and the Bungles.


  Okay, a little break from the norm here. One thing that I’ve been noticing this time of year in regards to IDPs (in particular the shark tank forums) is the need to determine who to play out of a bunch of guys, or who to pick-up off of the waiver wire. I have a few things that I check when I’m in similar situations:


1)  When trying to evaluate players at this time of year, one of the things that I try to do is to see how the players are performing over the past 3-6 weeks. Some guys will have great stats during the beginning of the year, but not so great now. Yet their overall scoring for the year will be up. I’d rather play guys who are increasing their points or holding steady – don’t get fooled by early season success!


2)  At this point in the season, a lot of the teams will be playing divisional foes for the 2nd time. See how they did the first time around. Can you expect a similar performance this time?


3)  Try to track trends that may be occurring. For example, I mentioned playing Brady Smith against the Giants this week. During the past 2 weeks, the Giants have given up 4 sacks per week to the opposing right defensive end. Brady Smith is supposed to be Atlanta’s RDE, so naturally it makes sense to give him a shot this week. I don’t mean to necessarily start him over one of your studs, but if you are looking for some help this week, he might be a good waiver wire grab.


That’s it for now. Thanks for reading – see ya next week!


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