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The Seadog Report

Greetings Sharkfans, welcome to the latest installment of the Seadog Report. About this time each week during the football season, I will be attempting to provide you with a little bit of insight as to which IDPs are performing well. This list is by no means exhaustive. Since IDP scoring emphasis varies a bit from league to league, I’m going to base this weeks list a little heavier on the tackle stats.


(t=tackle, a=assist, s=sack, i=int, pd=pass defensed, ff=forced fumble, fr=fumble recovery)


This week’s Top Dawgs


DL James Hall DET (5t-1a-2.5s-1pd-1ff)


LB Marcus Washington WAS (11t-1a)


DB Jay Bellamy NO (11t-1a-1ff-1fr)


The Kennel Club


DL Grant Wistrom SEA (6t-1a-2s-1ff)

DL Julius Peppers CAR (6t-2s-1ff)

DL Tyler Brayton OAK (6t-1a-1.5s)

DL Bert Berry ARI (5t-2a-1s-1fr)

DL Charles Grant NO (5t-1a-1s-1pd)

DL Ebenezer Ekuban (5t-1s-1ff-1fr)

DL Will Smith NO (5t-1s-1ff)

DL Charles Grant NO (5t-1a-1s-1pd)

DL Marcus Stroud JAX (5t-1a)


LB Monty Beisel KC (10t-2a)

LB David Thornton IND (9t-3a)

LB Danny Clark OAK (9t-2a-1s)

LB Zack Thomas MIA (8t-4a-1s-1pd)

LB Nick Barnett GB (8t-3a)

LB London Fletcher BUF (8t-2a)

LB Dan Morgan CAR (8t-1a-1s-1pd)

LB Pisa Tinoisamoa StL (8t-1a-1s)

LB Julian Peterson SF (8t-1s)

LB Rob Morris IND (7t-6a)

LB Nate Webster CIN (7t-3a-1s-2pd)

LB Brian Urlacher CHI (7t-2a-1ff)

LB Nate Wayne PHI (7t-1a-1s-2ff)

LB Donnie Edwards SD (7t-1a)

LB Earl Holmes DET (7t-1a)

LB Keith Brooking ATL (7t)

LB Antonio Pierce WAS (6t-4a-2pd)





DB Adrian Wilson ARI (10t-1a-2pd)

DB Sheldon Brown PHI (9t-4a-1s)

DB Charles Tillman CHI (9t-2a)

DB Cory Bird IND (9t-1a)

DB Aeneas Williams StL (8t-1a)

DB DeWayne Washington JAX (8t-1pd)

DB Marcus Trufant SEA (7t-1a-1pd-1int)

DB Robert Griffith CLE (7t-1a-1pd-1int)

DB Will Peterson NYG (7t-1a-1pd-1ff)

DB Rodney Harrison NE (7t-2s-1pd-1ff)

DB Daylon McCutcheon CLE (7t-2pd-1int)

DB Darren Sharper GB (7t-1pd-1int)

DB Shaun Williams NYG (7t-1pd-1ff)

DB Robert Tate ARI (7t-1ff)


As I mentioned previously, this weekly article is going to be a work in progress. Instead of listing a few dogs that rolled over and played dead this week, I thought I might interject a few players who might be on the rise.


DL  James Hall DET – This guy is smokin’ hot right now. As long as he stays a starter he will pay great dividends.


DL  Tyler Brayton OAK – He’s reaping the rewards of being opposite Sapp and Washington.


DL  N.O. Saints – Pick a lineman; any lineman.


LB  Monty Beisel KC – Not sure if he is for real, but he’s put up pretty good numbers the first two weeks.


LB  Kailee Wong HOU – Steady Eddie; not great numbers, but consistent. Plus, you gotta like the sack per week so far.


LB  Jonathan Vilma NYJ – Heir apparent to Cowart. With Cowart out, he’s going to show us why he was a first round pick.


DB  Eugene Wilson NE – Hard-hitting and aggressive, he’s learning well from jedi master Harrison.


DB  Sheldon Brown PHI – The Eagles have got this kid playing aggressively on the corner and his numbers show it.



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