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The Seadog Report

Greetings Sharkfans, welcome to the latest installment of the Seadog Report! Week #8 has come and gone, and while last week seemed to be the week of the DL, this week appeared to be the week of the DB as several came up big. Does that mean we are destined to have LB’s rule for week #9?


And speaking of LBs, I was very heartened and encouraged by Tedy Bruschi’s emotional return to the field Sunday night, but what was up with all the slobbering mush that ESPN kept driving down our throats. Way too dramatic, guys. It’s a great story, but in my humble opinion they went a little overboard with it.


This past week’s Top Dawgs


DL Warren Sapp OAK 5 tackles, 1 assist, 2.5 sacks, and 1 forced fumble.


LB Mike Vrabel NE 9 tackles, 5 assists, 1 sack, and 1 pass-defensed.


DB Ryan Clark WAS  11 tackles, 1 pass-defensed, and 1 int.




Seadog’s picks of the week


DL Patrick Kerney ATL vs. Miami Kerney is the heart and soul of the Atlanta defense. I expect a sack or two from him this week.


DL Pat Williams MIN vs. Detroit Williams has been putting in some solid weeks recently. Detroit is a team in disarray. Williams should be a good play this week.


DL John Abraham NYJ vs. San Diego Abraham has been doing pretty well this year, and typically he’s an every week player. However, if you have to choose a DL this week, I think Abraham will be a good pick.




LB Mike Vrabel NE vs Indianapolis Vrabel has been hot and cold all year. All the talk right now revolves around Bruschi’s return, but by Bruschi coming back, it allows Vrabel more room to make plays. Let’s see if he does it again this week against the Colts.


LB Tommy Polley BAL vs. Cincinnati Polley has moved over to the middle while Ray-Lew is out. His numbers were pretty good last week. I expect him to continue with a solid effort while he’s at the MLB slot for the Ravens.


LB Chaun Thompson CLE vs. Tennessee I’ve been kind of waiting for Thompson to start putting up some decent numbers. He had 8 tackles last week. If you are in need of finding some talent on the waiver wire, this guy might be worth a shot this week.



DB Ike Taylor PIT vs. Green Bay Taylor has been putting up some very good numbers as of late. Favre is coming off a 5 INT performance last week. He’ll be throwing more this week, so INTs or not, Taylor should be in for another good week.


DB Rashean Mathis JAX vs. Houston Mathis is hot right now. Play him if you’ve got him. If he’s available on waivers, now might be a good time to pick him up.


DB Michael Boulware SEA vs. Arizona Boulware has been a bit of a disappointment this year. However, it’s only his 2nd year playing safety having converted from a linebacker, so I think my expectations may have been too high to start with. His numbers have been slowly improving the past couple of games. I think he’ll be a decent play this week.



Well, that wraps up this segment of the Seadog Report. Now I’d like to introduce a new feature that we are going to bring you this year. As you may or may not know, a twelve team IDP-only league has been started this year in the Sharktank. We call it “The Wall”. It is comprised of some IDP veterans as well as some IDP “newbies”. Regardless as to IDP background, these guys all know their way around fantasy football and are showing it in this league. We’d like for you to follow along with us this year to perhaps glean some insight into the wonderful world of IDPs (plus, it will give you a good chance to make fun of yours truly).


The Wall Report


After a bunch of waiver wire moves and a little bit of trash talking, week #8 is in the books with several close games and a couple of convincing wins. SJSwarm and Paddler became the first 6 game winners, while at the bottom of the pack there’s a log jam at the 3-5 mark.   



Weapons of Mass Destruction, Paddler 162

Not-so-Snazzy Panachevitz, Panachevitz 122

-Paddler is not to be stopped as he wins again in convincing fashion. Nick Barnett paved the way for Paddler’s team, while Danny Clark was the star for Team Panachevitz.


BEARS (3-5) @ HAS A KILLER D (5-3)

1985 Bears, SoCalIrishSports 146.5

Andre the Giant Has A Killer D, Dgack  156
-Anytime there’s a win of 10 points or less, I would consider that a close game. There were several close ones in week #8 and this was one of them. Dgack’s team recorded their 4th win in a row and took a 2 game lead in their conference. Mike Peterson led the way for the Bears while Aaron Schobel and Lemar Marshall were the standouts for Dgack.


CHARGERS (3-5) @ WRECKS (3-5)

lt1800’s Chargers, lt1800 156.5

Deck’s Wrecks, Decktard 152.5   

-This was the closest game of the week, and lt1800 managed to pull off the victory. Ike Taylor and Andra Davis were the two big guns for the Chargers, while Darren Howard and Jeremiah Trotter led the way for Team Decktard.



Geriatric Feceflingers, SJSwarm  116

Team GBalls, Gballs1  74.5 (91.5)
-The mighty Feceflinger team keeps trucking and even though they posted the 2nd lowest score of the week, Team Gballs posted the lowest score of the week. So, chalk up another victory for SJSwarm’s crew. (In all fairness, Gballs has been experiencing some line-up discrepancies the past couple of weeks, but according to my calculations, his team still would have lost this week – oh, how the mighty have fallen). Greg Wesley and Josh Bullocks helped the Feceflingers, while Antonio Pierce and Donnie Edwards led for Gballs.


LARCENY (3-4-1) @ ROUGHNESS #42 (3-5)

Brooklyn Larceny, CleffedUp 158.5

Necessary Roughness #42, Johnnyballgame 145.5

-Cleffed got solid production throughout his line-up and came up with a nice victory this week over the Roughness crew who lost their unprecedented 4th in a row. Anthony Henry and Charles Tillman carried the day for Larceny, while Warren Sapp came up huge for JBG.


BUS (3-5) @ SEADOG (5-3)

The Hussy Bus, Hussy Bus 120

Team Seadog, Seadog 157

-The very overconfident Bus team hit a speed bump this week and got a flat tire as Team Seadog kept their win streak alive with a solid win this week. (Thank you, waiver wire!) Mike Vrabel put up big points for the Seadog, while Rashean Mathis and Adrian Wilson led the way for Team Hussy Bus. 


That’s all for now – Thanks for reading – see ya next week!



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