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The Seadog Report

Greetings Sharkfans, welcome to the latest installment of the Seadog Report! For many of us, the fantasy football regular season has ended (or is close to ending) and playoffs are either upon us or just around the corner. I hope you are all experiencing success at this stage in the game. Personally, I’m in the playoffs in one league, have been in and out of the playoffs in another league, and need a win this week in The Wall to make the playoffs for that league. It’s crazy, I tell ya! But enough about me, let’s take a look towards week 14.



This past week’s Top Dawgs


DL Orpheus Roye CLE 7 tackles, 3 assists, and 2 sacks.


DL Michael Strahan NYG 5 tackles, 2 assists, 2 sacks and 1 pass-defensed.



LB London Fletcher BUF 10 tackles, 2 assists, 2 sacks (one for a safety), and 1 pass-defensed.


LB Terrell Suggs BAL 6 tackles, 3 sacks, and 1 forced fumble.



DB Rhonde Barber TB  5 tackles, 3 assists, 3 passes-defensed, and 3 int’s.


DB Andre Dyson SEA  1 passes-defensed, 1 fumble recovery and 1 int – TWO TD’s!




Seadog’s picks of the week


DL Rocky Bernard SEA vs. San Francisco Bernard had 2 sacks against the 49ers a couple of weeks ago. I expect more of the same this time around.


DL Aaron Kampman GB vs. Detroit Kampman should have a good match-up this week vs. the Lions.


DL Patrick Kerney ATL vs. New Orleans Kerney is a little banged up, but I expect him to do pretty well going against the Saints this week.


DL Kyle Vanden Bosch TEN vs. Houston You cannot pass up this matchup against the lowly Texans.



LB Bart Scott BAL vs. Denver Ray-Ray is out, so play him for the rest of the year. (Even if you have the urge to play Tedy Bruschi instead, definitely play Scott – every week).


LB Demorrio Williams ATL vs. New Orleans Williams should be a wrecking ball on defense this week. This is a good match-up.


LB London Fletcher BUF vs. New England Fletcher has been huge! He has become the Buffalo defense. Jump on his back and ride him the rest of the year.



DB Carlos Rogers WAS vs. Arizona The Cards will be throwing a lot. Being a rookie, I expect Rogers to be picked on quite a bit and he should be very active chasing the Arizona WRs all day on Sunday.


DB Gibril Wilson NYG vs. Philadelphia After watching the Seahawks dismantle the Eagles on Monday night, I’ve got to figure that a ballhawk like Wilson is in store for a good game this week.



DB Greg Wesley KC vs. Denver Wesley has been a solid play for most of the year, stick with him this week.





Well, that wraps up this segment of the Seadog Report. Now I’d like to introduce a new feature that we are going to bring you this year. As you may or may not know, a twelve team IDP-only league has been started this year in the Sharktank. We call it “The Wall”. It is comprised of some IDP veterans as well as some IDP “newbies”. Regardless as to IDP background, these guys all know their way around fantasy football and are showing it in this league. We’d like for you to follow along with us this year to perhaps glean some insight into the wonderful world of IDPs (plus, it will give you a good chance to make fun of yours truly)


The Wall Report


Here’s the rundown from week #13:


ROUGHNESS #42 (7-6) @ PANACHEVITZ (3-10)

Necessary Roughness #42, Johnnyballgame 172

Not-so-Snazzy Panachevitz, Panachevitz 145

– Huge points for Urlacher and Barber for JBG as he rolled to victory this week over Panachevitz. Hope and Brackett led the way for Panachevitz.


BUS (8-5) @ CHARGERS (4-9)

The Hussy Bus, Hussy Bus 205

lt1800’s Chargers, lt1800 147.5

– The Hussy Bus is on a roll and their core of Fletcher, A Wilson and Roye helped to pave the way for an easy victory over the Chargers who got a strong effort from Bart Scott and Andra Davis.


LARCENY (6-6-1) @ GBALLS (4-9)

Brooklyn Larceny, CleffedUp 165.5

Team GBalls, Gballs1  115

– Tillman and Derek Smith were the main cogs in Cleffed’s victory over the once mighty Team Gballs who were paced by “the Quiet Man” Antonio Pierce.



The London Gentlemen, SJSwarm 175

Weapons of Mass Destruction, Paddler 164

Both teams were able to take advantage of the waiver wire this week, but it was Swarm’s London Gentlemen who emerged as the winner in this clash of the Titans. Thurman and E Coleman were the stars for Swarm, while Strahan and Brooks paced Paddler’s Destruction team.


HAS A KILLER D (9-4) @ WRECKS (6-7)

Andre the Giant Has A Killer D, Dgack  160

Deck’s Wrecks, Decktard 141

Dgack continues to dominate and used big points from Lance Briggs to propel him to the win over Deck’s Wrecks who were led by Ian Gold and N Clements.


SEADOG (8-5) @ BEARS (6-7)

Team Seadog, Seadog 153

1985 Bears, SoCalIrishSports 177

M Peterson was the star for SoCal’s team as they gave Team Seadog a thrashing this week. Lofa Tatupu came up big for Seadog in the losing effort.


Well, I appreciate all of you who have faithfully followed our escapades in the Wall this year. This league has really been a lot of fun and extremely competitive. Hopefully we’ve been able to help shed light on some of the more prominent IDPs on our teams as well as to help make the use of IDPs in fantasy football a little less intimidating.


The Wall’s regular season is winding down this week and here’s the status for the teams that are still in the playoff hunt.


SJSwarm has already qualified for the playoffs with a 9-3-1 record.


Dgack has already qualified for the playoffs with a 9-4 record


Paddler is in the playoffs with a win this week, or a loss by Decktard.

If Paddler loses and Decktard wins, Decktard would have to outscore Paddler by 100+ points this week to get in the playoffs. The deck is certainly stacked in Paddler’s favor. It will take a miracle for Decktard to knock him out this week.


The 4th and final playoff spot comes down to the game of the year between the Hussy Bus and Team Seadog. The winner is in and the loser is out. Hussy Bus is the hottest team in the league right now with a 5-game winning streak. Their last loss came in week #8 at the hands of (you guessed it) Team Seadog. This is what it’s all about – may the best team win!




Thanks for reading everyone – see ya next week!


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