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The Seadog Report

Greetings Sharkfans! This time around, I’m taking a look at the DLs that I think will be at the top of the ranks for 2006. Keep in mind that DLs tend to generate most of their points through sacks, tackles, and forced fumbles. Because of that, expect a lot more ups and downs in point scoring by these IDPs as compared to LBs and DBs.




  1. Jason Taylor – It amazes me the fantasy points this guy produces each year. You can’t go wrong with him as your number one pick.
  2. Osi Umenyiora – Osi has been one of my personal favorites the past year and a half. I’m vaulting him ahead of Strahan as the top dog on the Giant’s defense.
  3. John Abraham – A bit scary jumping him up to the number 3 slot, but I’m predicting big things for him this year.
  4. Michael Strahan – Some off-field domestic issues might affect him, but just a little. The Giant’s defensive should be a powerhouse and both he and Umenyiora will reap the rewards.
  5. Will Smith – This will be a breakout year for Mr. Smith.
  6. Aaron Schobel – Vastly underrated, Schobel has a motor that never stops. He’s definitely worthy of this slot.
  7. Jared Allen – I wasn’t that high on Allen, but his numbers warrant placement here.
  8. Derrick Burgess – Another guy I wasn’t too high on last year, but he was huge for Oakland and I don’t anticipate him doing much less this year.
  9. Aaron Kampman – Kampman is an excellent top-10 guy and should be a solid pick here.
  10. Kyle Vanden Bosch – I was able to pick up Vanden Bosch in a couple of leagues last year and he didn’t disappoint. Another high motor guy, just be wary of the injury bug with him.
  11. Terrell Suggs – Suggs just keeps getting better every year. If your league is big on sacks, move him up in your ranks. *(please note that I had Sugg’s teammate Adalius Thomas on my LB list. If for some reason you can play Thomas as a DL, definitely grab him because he put up huge numbers last year).
  12. Julius Peppers – I had Peppers at the top of my list last year and what a disappointment he was – not that he was awful, but he didn’t live up to expectations. I think the Panther’s defense is going to be even better this year and with the return of Jenkins in the middle, Peppers should dominate. This could be a steal at this spot this year.
  13. Bert Berry – Another of my personal favorites, Berry was hurt a lot last year. He’s the real deal when he’s healthy.
  14. Leonard Little – Besides the fact that I can’t figure out how come Little isn’t in jail, he’s a potent force as a DE. I may have him a little low here because I think the Ram’s defense will be much improved this year.
  15. Robert Mathis/Dwight Freeney – Freeney is a monster and his numbers suffer from the double and triple teams he seems to constantly get. Mathis had better numbers last year. One of these two should be top-15. With some reshuffling of the Colt’s defensive line personnel, I might be reaching here.
  16. Justin Smith – Never seem to get the great numbers from this guy, but his numbers are solid and I’m taking him at this slot.
  17. Simeon Rice – I was looking at some of Rice’s numbers last year. He was incredibly consistent week to week. I like this pick a lot.
  18. James Hall – Hall is not very consistent, but his overall point production is good. He’s worth a top-20 selection
  19. Patrick Kerney – Kerney will benefit from the Falcon’s revamped defensive line. I’m predicting a resurgence for him this year.
  20. Richard Seymour – He is the premier defensive lineman in the NFL, but not a high point producing IDP guy. I’m predicting the points show up this year.
  21. Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila – KGB is a sack guy, but not much else. I’ve always thought he’s been overrated from an IDP standpoint.
  22. Adewale Ogunleye – I think “Wally” will do better this year as he won’t be coming off an injury like last year. Chicago’s defense should be a good one.
  23. Phillip Daniels – Is he still playing? If not cross him off this list. The guy is ancient, but his numbers were excellent last year.
  24. Bryce Fisher – Not the greatest of numbers, but Fisher will be a serviceable pick this year.
  25. Jevon Kearse – Ever since his rookie year, Kearse has been a bust from an IDP standpoint, at least from my point of view. I’m giving him one last shot. I like the Eagle’s defensive line this year, so I’m going to give Kearse one last shot here.





      1.   Orpheus Roye – Roye was an absolute stud last year at the DT position. He’s really a DE in the 3-4. I see him keeping pace this year as well.

      2.   John Henderson – A solid pick at this spot. Henderson is remarkably consistent.

  1. Rod Coleman – Always produces a lot of sacks for an inside guy.
  2. Rocky Bernard – I’m putting Bernard here based on his potential. Presently he’s coming off of some surgery so watch this situation closely this preseason.
  3. Luis Castillo – He is listed in many places as a DT, but he can really be considered as a DE in the Bolt’s 3-4. I’m moving him up this year in rankings.
  4. Mike Patterson – I’m putting Patterson here because I like the Eagle’s defensive line this year. Might be a little reach here.
  5. Tommy Kelly – Played well last year. Put up solid numbers. A good top-10 pick.
  6. Bryant Young – Another guy that will be a DE in the 3-4. He’s still listed in a lot of places as a DT. This is a solid pick.
  7. Alvin McKinley – McKinley had a great year playing next to Roye. Can’t knock his production from last year.
  8. Shaun Rogers – Rogers is a decent pick. I think he makes a good top-10 DT pick.



That’s it for now – thanks for reading! DB rankings will be coming soon!

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