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The Seadog Report

Greetings Sharkfans! I’m straying a little from one of my normal write-ups to share a little about Fantasyshark’s new showcase league we affectionately call “the Wall”. The Wall is an IDP-only league and it is starting on a second year here.

Using only individual defensive players in a fantasy football format is not a new concept, but up until now it hasn’t been all that well-known. Those of us that participate in the Wall had such a great experience last year we are aiming to change that trend. There has already been a “Wall2” spin-off this year, and we are going to do our best to help contribute to the IDP information this great site has to offer.

The Wall is made up of a group of grizzled fantasy football veterans, some with many years of IDP experience and some with only a few. However, there is a definite intensity that can be seen from the draft to the weekly head-to-head match-ups; there are no “gimmes” in this league. We have a lot of fun, though too. That’s what makes it such a great league to be a part of. Here’s a list of Sharks (teams) that makeup the Wall:

CleffedUp – CleffedUp’s Brooklyn Larceny
Fantasy Hussy/the Bus – The Hussy Bus
Paddler/Agenda42 – Weapons of Mass Destruction
SJSwarm – The London Gentlemen
Gballs1 – Team Gballs
Seadog – Team Seadog
Dgack – Andre the Giant has a Killer D (Last year’s Champion)
JohnnyBallgame – Jesus in Kleetz
Decktard – Deck’s Wrecks
Lt1800 – Say OW! Express by lt1800
Panachevitz – Panny’s Panzers
SoCalIrishSports – 1985 Bears

The Wall Rosters

We recently completed our 2006 draft and we’d like to share some of the results with you as well as some of our draft analysis. Linebackers dominated the beginning of our draft. Check it out:

The Wall 2006 Draft Report
We are also incorporating a brand new draft analysis tool that should bring a unique perspective to our draft. This will be slowly updated by the Wall participants over the next week.

The Wall Draft Analysis

I encourage everyone to check it out as it offers a unique perspective on the evaluation and selection of some of the defensive talent out there. I also encourage everyone to follow along with this league this year as it may prove to be very helpful for those of you participating in IDP related fantasy football leagues. Thanks for checking us out and look for some more input from the Wall and it’s members as the year progresses.

The Wall 2006 Home Page

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