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The Seadog Report

Greetings Sharkfans, welcome to the latest installment of the Seadog Report! The bye weeks are over and the contenders are starting to make their run for the playoffs. The 2nd half of the season is upon us, so let’s get to it.


Seadog’s picks of the week


DLs  I can’t believe KGB. Don’t ever use him for IDP again. Even if he’s the only DL on your roster, just leave that line-up spot blank and take a zero. You know if you play him you’re bound to get a negative score. Sheesh.


Uh let’s see, play Peppers, Justin Smith; Strahan is hurt so don’t play him; Kampman is good so play him; Jason Taylor – yeah, he’s good too; Will Smith he’ll do okay…. I give up….


Hey, Tommie Kelly put up some excellent numbers last week for the DT position Maybe he’ll continue the point production this week.


LB Mike Vrabel NE vs. NY Jets I’ve come to learn that you should usually look elsewhere for IDP points than from Patriot LBs. However, this is a pretty good match up this week and Vrabel wasn’t too shabby the first time these teams met in week#2. Every once in a while Vrabel has a blow up game – this could be it.


LB Brandon Moore SF vs. Detroit I’ve got to put this guy on my list this week just due to his big performance last week. The 49ers have kind of created a particular role for him on their defense. If they stick to it with him, this could be a good waiver pick-up at this stage in the game.


LBs Keith Brooking ATL vs. Cleveland The Demorrio Williams / Ed Hartwell soap opera is a mess right now. Brooking is staying the course though, and he’s the one grabbing the IDP points. The Falcon LB situation will be a mess again this week, but keep on playing Brooking.


LB Kirk Morrison OAK vs. Denver Kirk has been on fire as of late. This is a good match up this week as Denver will probably end up running the ball a lot.


Keep an eye on the Baltimore / Tennessee game. It’s always pretty cool when you get a game with two IDP studs going at it on both sides of the ball. Ray vs. Keith; kind of an interesting twist when you think about it that way.


DB Erik Coleman NYJ vs. New England Rhodes is getting the fanfare, but Coleman has been picking it up as of late. I like him (and Rhodes) as a solid play this week against the Pats.


DB Madieu Williams CIN vs. San Diego Williams is playing very well and this is a good match up this week. You gotta play him against the Bolts.


DB Jermaine Phillips TB vs. Carolina It looks like Jermaine is back in the saddle for good in Tampa. Get this guy off your bench and start playing him again!


Keep an eye on the New England DB situation. This could be an IDP oasis right now or it could be a nightmare. Harrison is hurt and my money says he’s out for a long time. Eugene Wilson is fighting a hamstring problem. So, that means guys like Chad Scott, Artrell Hawkins, and Asante Samuel may have great value from here on out. Tough to say, but worth keeping tabs on.



 Well, that wraps up this week’s Seadog Report.  Thanks for reading!


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