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The Seadog report

Greetings Sharkfans, welcome to the latest installment of the Seadog Report! More Thursday games are being thrown into the mix – just what I need. Oh well. I’d like to take a moment and give a big shout out to Fantasyshark’s HAFAX team which pulled off a stunning three week winning streak to win our respective division. Not only did we win the division, but we actually took the #1 seed in our conference. This is either the 4th or 5th year this “expert” league has been in existence and amazingly our Shark team has been in the playoffs every single year. Hopefully, we’ll go the distance with this one. Kudos to Tony, Doug Coutts, Mike Rumsey, Pat Smith, and Greg Allen; you guys are awesome, and it’s been a pleasure to work with you again this year. Go Sharks!


Seadog’s picks of the week


DLs  In case you are just tuning in, my track record with DLs has been less than stellar this year. So, I’ve decided to go with my “who’s hot” theme. Here’s my top 5 DLs (based on last 3 weeks performance)

  1. Leonard Little STL
  2. Jared Allen KC
  3. Brett Keisel PIT
  4. Vonnie Holiday MIA
  5. Robert Mathis IND


LB Chris Draft CAR vs. Philadelphia Draft is my hero right now. This looks like the makings of a very good match up this week.


LB Al Wilson DEN vs. Seattle Looks like Shaun Alex is finding his groove. Wilson and the other Denver LBs should make some decent IDP points against the Hawks.


LB Gary Brackett IND vs. Tennessee Brackett should be an every week starter, but he’s been battling some injuries as of late. Don’t hesitate to get him back into your line-up this week.


LB Angelo Crowell BUF vs. San Diego  Crowell and London-Fletcher-Baker-whatever should get plenty of opportunities to corral LT this week.


LB Jeremiah Trotter PHI vs. Carolina Jeremiah “was a bullfrog” (sorry used that one last week too) should have a good match up against the Panthers this week.


LB Daryl Smith JAX vs. Miami Smith has picked it up for the absence of Mike Peterson. If you need waiver help he’s probably available.


Here are some DBs I was looking at on waivers for one of the leagues that I’m in. I thought they’d be good to add to this article this week.


DB Carlos Rogers WAS vs. Atlanta Rogers is a steady point producer. He gets good tackle numbers for a CB.


DB Kevin Kaesviharn CIN vs. Baltimore Kaesviharn (I just like typing that name) is now the league leader in INTs. This may not be the best match up, but KK is on fire!

DB Pacman Jones TEN vs. Indianapolis I’m not a big fan of Jones, but he’s starting to bring it. And I think Peyton will be bringing it against him this week.


DB Will Demps NYG vs. Dallas I get a little nervous recommending Giant DBS not named “Gibril.” Demps is putting up solid numbers these days though…



Well, that wraps up this week’s Seadog Report. Don’t forget to checkout yours truly and a bunch of other stand-up Fantasyshark competitors in our IDP-only league that we affectionately call The Wall. Only a couple more weeks until the playoffs, and I have a death match this week with Gary “SJSwarm” Chamberlain a.k.a. “The London Gentlemen”. It should be a good one.


Thanks for reading! 


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