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The Seadog Report

Greetings Sharkfans, welcome to the latest installment of the Seadog Report! I’m going to throw out a quick week #17 IDP-related “synopsis”. By the way, from a fantasy football perspective, I hate week #17. There is way too much of the “luck factor” taking hold in the last week of the regular season. Some games get out of reach and 2nd half play becomes meaningless. Afternoon games can become meaningless in an instant. Predictability gets all messed up. I realize that defensive players may not be affected as much as offensive guys, but still…week #17 is the pits. 


Seadog’s picks of the week


No names this week from me, but I’ll try to point out some teams and games that might have some meaning. I would advise sticking with the teams fighting for something this week and stay away from the teams that don’t have much to play for. It is a tough call, but that’s the direction I’d focus on. For players on teams that are out of everything at this point I’d say you might as well keep on going with what got you to where you’re at. Or you could just flip a coin – that might work too. 




Teams fighting for a playoff spot this week:

NY Jets, Cincinnatti, Tennessee, Jacksonville, Denver, Kansas City


Jacksonville vs. Kansas City – should be a lot of IDP points out of this game

Cincinnatti vs. Pittsburgh – regardless of playoff implications, this is always a battle between these two teams

Tennessee vs. New England – Tennessee will be going all out to win this one

Denver vs. San Francisco – San Fran will battle Denver even though they have nothing to play for.

NY Jets vs. Oakland – I don’t like this game from an IDP perspective, but NYJ will be busting it to win this one.




Teams fighting for a playoff spot this week (or division title):

Dallas, Philadelphia, NY Giants, Green Bay, Carolina, Atlanta, St. Louis


Philadelphia vs. Atlanta – Both teams need this win. Should be a great match up

NY Giants vs. Washington – This would be a battle even if the Giants weren’t playing for anything

St Louis vs. Minnesota – Could be a wild one this week

Dallas vs. Detroit – Cowboys need to win and there defense will do it for them

Carolina vs. New Orleans – At least the first half should be a good one

Green Bay vs. Chicago – The Bears will probably take it easy, but the Packers need to win this one for a shot


A quick “Wall” report:

Well, after a nerve-wracking battle with SoCal’s ’85 Bears, Team Seadog was able to come away with the championship. Thanks everyone for a great year. The Wall is one of the most fun as well as one of the most challenging leagues that I participate in.



That’s probably going to do it for the Seadog Report for 2006. It’s really been a privilege to represent Fantasysharks with this article every week. I’d like to mention a heartfelt thanks to Tony, Rob and the rest of the crew that continue to keep the website flourishing each and every week. I’m a little biased but it is the best fantasy football site in the business. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank my beautiful wife and my four great kids for allowing me the time to participate in this great hobby – thanks Honey!



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